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You're coming to my bio to see who I am, but in reality, I don't even know. I'm fairly sure I'm human, so there's that. I'm on Reedsy for writing, so I like to write. And then my mind draws a blank. Who am I? I always feel boring. I don't have a talent. I'm average. There's nothing inherently special about me. Nothing sticks out. It sounds sad, but how many of us really have something extremely unique about us? We're all our own person sure, but I'm not one in a million. But you came here for SOMETHING, so here: I'm an ambivert. I like pastels. I like to draw and read. I write poetry. My name translates to wish. I have weird dreams. I like vintage things and sunflowers-I love sunflowers. I'm a Taurus. I think I'm a Hufflepuff. So, no, I don't really know who I am, but maybe now you do.