I think, maybe

You know where this is going

Though I do wish I could do this

When it wasn’t snowing

Your hair in your face

The wind furiously blowing

And don’t look at me like that

With tears in your eyes

We already know

The difficulty of goodbyes

Maybe we can just realize

That it’s just

See you soon

And who cares if we’ll only be lying 

Might save some of the tears

The nonstop crying

Don’t act like I won’t miss you too

I’ll deny it

But without you

Without you, I’ll be like

A spoon








Don’t point out the colors of the sky

Don’t use your arms to reach up so high

Don’t ask silly questions like


I need you to look straight at me

You know what they say, eye contact is key

It’s harder for me than it is for you

You’re putting the blame on me, 

though it might be sorta true

Stop saying you have somewhere to go

Stop saying you’re cold and tired-

I know

Yes, I have everything

No, I didn’t forget

Yes I still feel the cold

I know I’m caked with sweat

You’re making this harder than it needs to be

With all your questions, 

You won’t be able to change anything

With your suggestions

You’re hungry?

Then fine


Maybe this is a sign

Just don’t expect me to call

Or forget this at all

I know this is hard

But for once, I’m letting down my guard

Yes, I see the birds too

Thankfully my eyes work

Or else I wouldn’t have a clue

That you were hiding your face 

In your hands

Having some sort of race

With time


We don’t have a lot of time

I know you want me to stay

But not like this

The watch on my hand is ever ticking

The little non-stop clicking, clicking

Don’t remind me that you gave me the watch

Don’t tell me about the store it’s from

Your long hair is blowing everywhere

And, people are starting to stare

If you don’t let me say this now

I’m afraid it’ll go unsaid

I’ll think about it all night in bed

Focusing in on this feeling of dread

You’ll be fine without me, 

This I know

But me without you...

Well maybe I’ll grow

I don’t care if my shoe is untied

Stay level with me, 

Eye to eye

Stop staring at my hands on your shoulders

They went there on their own

Stop staring at the watch

And down at your phone

Please just stop

And let me start

There's lots to say

All the secrets in my heart

Mainly three words

Eight letters

And mainly one

That's seven on its own

The details aren’t important

None of that fluff

Don’t tell me to be gentle,

I’m not being rough

Just promise me this-

You won’t hate me for leaving

I won’t blame you for grieving

Just don’t think of me badly

Try to limit the sadly

Remember the gladly

Good times we had

Over our bedtimes

Oh, the secrets we shared

Don’t forget those

But maybe you should

You can’t be plagued by my memory

Everything we have is a gift to me

I can’t think of a time you didn’t mean something to me

Leaving you wasn’t part of the plan

Onto a train to see you never again

Visiting doesn’t really seem possible

Even though I’d obviously for you do the impossible

You are everything to me

Only you can see

Underneath my mask of reality

If I don’t go now, the train will go without me

I’m afraid I’ll have to leave without saying anything more


April 13, 2021 14:57

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01:01 Apr 14, 2021

Firstly, this is a beautiful poem! I really loved your idea and it was really heartfelt I also started writing a poem for this same prompt but never submitted it because it was only around 400 words. - Rachel


Amany Sayed
17:01 Apr 15, 2021

Thank you so much!


23:03 Apr 15, 2021

no problem


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Riya 🌺
18:02 Apr 13, 2021

This has so much emotion in it! I loved reading this, it was very creative


Amany Sayed
17:00 Apr 15, 2021

Thank you :D


Riya 🌺
17:34 Apr 15, 2021

No problem!


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Cookie Carla🍪
15:22 Apr 13, 2021

Your poem is very beautiful and held so much emotion. I loved it!!


Amany Sayed
16:09 Apr 13, 2021

Thank you!


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Zatoichi Mifune
09:14 May 30, 2023

I love the way you've done the poetry style! I think if I'd read this all in one go I would be cried. The title is perfect, how did you come up with that?! The rhyming feels like it would be impossible but because you wrote it it isn't, and it's amazing how you kept it going for so long. You're a great writer! 💖 Keep going!


Amany Sayed
02:30 Jun 12, 2023

Thanks so much! <3 I actually titled it that way because, I'm not sure if you noticed, but in the second to last 4 stanzas, the begining letter of each line spell out "goodbye, i love you", so I thought it was a funny play on the words like that. rhymezone.com is my secret! Thank you so much, it means a lot :)


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16:44 Apr 24, 2021

Happy Birthday Amanyyy!! (I saw it on your bio when you posted it!) I hope you have a great dayyy! And I hope this new year in your life treats you well! 🎉💖


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22:24 Apr 15, 2021

This was beautiful! And so well written. The ending caught me off guard but it was still really nice how you just ended the moment with "HOLD THE DOOR" The rhyming was perfect! I see you use Rhymezone too haha! I love Rhymezone! The story was heartbreaking but it showed someone leaving something in the past so that he can face the future- thats what I got from this! This was great! I loved it, keep writing!


Amany Sayed
02:32 Apr 20, 2021

Thank you so much!


02:52 Apr 20, 2021

Of course!


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Jasey Lovegood
06:54 Apr 15, 2021

Why is your poetry so beautiful- my gosh. The depth was amazing, and I loved the emotions laced throughout the words. Great work :)


Amany Sayed
17:01 Apr 15, 2021

Why are you so sweet?? :) Thank you so much Jasey!


Jasey Lovegood
23:58 Apr 15, 2021

It’s the truth! I love ur work :D


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SIS SIIIIIS I’M IN SCHOOL RN (I’m supposed to be reading but I forgot my book so....hello, Reedsy!) SO I CAN’T GIVE A TON OF FEEDBACK BUT EEP YOU ARE SUCH AN AMAZING POET I’M GENUINELY MAD ONLY A HANDFUL OF YOUR STORIES HAVE BEEN POETRYYYYYYY This was so sweet! And the rhymes are so flowing and natural! And you somehow kept my attention for 1000 words, which is impressive cuz I hate long poetry. Awesome jobbb <333


Amany Sayed
17:01 Apr 15, 2021

Awwww, thank you!


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Sunny 🌼
23:43 Apr 13, 2021

Ahhhhh, I love when you write poe-stories (that's what I'm calling them now). They just flow so well. I feel like poetry can just naturally portray emotion better than normal stories can, but that might just be me.


Amany Sayed
17:01 Apr 15, 2021

Thank youuu, I like that :) Poetry is definitely more emotional than prose. Thanks for reading!


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15:21 Apr 13, 2021

This is so heartfelt and beautiful! I absolutely loved reading this...and the verse format really suited this prompt. You have a way with words as well; I don't know how you could rhyme all those verses🤩. The title is perfect, and all the emotion conveyed through these lines made this one amazing piece of poetry. Great job with this Amany!


Amany Sayed
16:10 Apr 13, 2021

Aw, thank you! I thought so too! Aww, rhymezone.com is my best friend lol. Glad you thought so! Thanks for reading!


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Anes Nia
06:07 May 17, 2021

Such a beautiful poem! It is overflowing with emotions, spilling over. I love it!


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