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Ello mates of all shapes, sizes, colors, species, races, genders, sexualities, and religions (or non-religious). Welcome to my reedsyprompts page. Just call me Ace. *Currently active* I'm growing up to be a character focus design animator. I want to make stories for other people to enjoy. Lucky for you, I'm doing just that. Current mood: If y'all have any questions about the characters in any of my stories, feel free to ask. I'd gladly tell you all about them! I am a Hufflepuff (Harry Potter) An Amity (Peaceful) A spawn of Ares (Percy Jackson) From District 2 (Hunger Games) An Inflictor (Keeper of the Lost Cities) I'm into a lot of different fandoms so just ask. Favorite animal: (Exotic)Mongooses, (Domestic)cats, and (Fantasy)dragons. Favorite colors: Purple of any shade, black, gray, white, and green of any shade. Favorite foods: Popcorn, garlic bread (or any bread), anything that is chocolate, any type or kind of cheese. Favorite song: Anything by AJR, Alec Benjamin, NF, Mxmtoon, etc... Favorite book: Go the distance-Twisted tale (By Jen Calonita) Favorite book series: The N.E.R.D.S Favorite movie: The Greatest Showman. (Or any musical to be honest) Zodiac: Virgo MBTI type: ENFP-A Chaotic neutral Aesthetic: Any Academia Pronouns: They/them Questioning & qenderqueer On hiatus, but will be commenting on others' stories.