Crime Horror Thriller

Warning; Light gore

I take the red velvet cookies out of the oven and put them on the counter. I have two other flavors of cookies. My chocolate chip mint cookies and my Oreo cheesecake cookies. The red velvet cookies were the last cookies that I needed to make today.  

Katie calls me and tells me that she is on the way with her cookies. Soon followed by Lauren and Cheyenne. They all were coming for a cookie exchange, which was a get-together, stuffing ourselves with fats and sweets and drinking ourselves dry. Then they will promptly leave...or so they think. 

Katie is the first one to arrive. She was holding the cookies in her hands. She had red curly hair and it was in a bun, a stupid plastered smile on her heart-shaped, big-eyed, and freckled face. 

“Oooh, I’m so excited!” Katie says in her high pitched voice and flashes a smile. I can tell the cookies she had in hand were Snickerdoodles and Sugar cookies. The easiest of cookies to make, clearly she was just here for the wine.

Lauren and Cheyenne pulled up at the same time. Cheyenne with the same fake smile that Katie had. Cheyenne pulled up with Chocolate Chip cookies and some Macadamia nut cookies, more effort than Katie but still basic. Her brown locks were also in a bun, she had eye bags and her brown eyes looked heavy, she showed in sweatpants, she was here for a break. 

Lauren was next to her. She showed me loft cookies and brownies. Clearly, they were store-bought and put into a container. Her blonde hair was curled and she was the only one with makeup. She tried to put in the effort but she too is here for the wine. I can tell. 

“Hi girls!” I say in the same high pitched voice everyone else was using. 

“Hey!!” Lauren and Cheyenne say in unison. We hugged and I walked every one in. They walked into the kitchen where Katie was sitting eating one of the cheesecake cookies. 

“Hiiii!” Lauren screamed to Katie.

“Oh my god girl hi! It’s been forever!.” Katie says and runs over and hugs Lauren. 

“Hi, girls,” Cheyenne said weekly. 

Katie’s eyes lit up. “Girl you look so tired! You need to sleep.” 

“I’m trying,” Cheyenne says. Cheyenne hasn’t been doing so well. She went through things awhile back, she won’t tell anyone she says that it’s just for her and her therapist. I don’t budge her and quite frankly I don’t care. 

 “We have to congratulate Sydney these cookies are so good!” Kaite exclaims. “You have to try it!” She hands the girls the cheesecake cookies I made earlier. 

“These are good! They put my cookies to shame!” Lauren says. 

“Ah thank you, girls. I did try.” I say. “I have more but that is for later.” 

“Ooooo. I’m so excited.” Lauren says.

We all open our cookies and pop the bottle of wine. I pour the girls a glass and we begin to chat. Life, promotions, college, and blah blah. We talk until the sun sets and the girls are on their 3rd or 4th cup. 

Cheyenne suddenly pops up and is alert. “I heard something.” She says.  

“I’m sure it’s fine,” I say and smile.

“I agree it’s probably a raccoon, nothing new,” Katie says. Cheyenne gives Kaite an uneasy smile.

 “Oh, girls! I almost forgot. The cookies!” I said and walked over to the pantry and pulled out the red velvet cookies. I hand them over and the girls take a bite out of them. I saw their faces light but then instantly recoiled and dropped the cookies and tried to spit them out.

“What’s wrong?” I asked. 

“These cookies taste off and disgusting. Did you get the salt and sugar mixed up?” Lauren asked. 

“No. I know maybe it was the blood I added. I do forget how salty it is.” I say. 

They look at me with horror. “Your kidding right?” Lauren asked me. I walk closer to her and grabbed the knife that was in my pocket. “No I’m afraid.” and I slit her throat.

The rest of them scream in unison. Lauren drops to the ground and has blood spilling everywhere. Truly a messy kill but I couldn’t resist. Katie and Cheyenne tried to run to the door.

They booked it. I didn’t try to stop them. Why would I when someone was at the door? I walk slowly behind them and see Katie try and open the door only to see a figure at the door. 

  The girls scream and run back only to see that I was behind them. The figure walked in and locked the door behind him.

“Oh, I missed you.” He says

“I missed you too,” I say. My voice drops an octave. I was so happy to finally get rid of the suburban mom voice. We kissed. I truly did miss my lover.

My lover sees that I had already killed Lauren, her blood was everywhere. Sadly it got on the cookies, oh well I guess more flavor was added to them. 

“Oh, you killed one without me!” He says dissonantly.

“Oh, I just had to rile them up for you. Plus she was an easy kill you would have had no fun. Plus her voice was annoying and she brought store-bought cookies.” I say.

“Store-Bought! Well, then she did deserve to die..” He says and smiles. Cheyenne looks at us with horror. Katie looks so scared. I find their faces amusing. 

“I know you..” Cheyenne says meekly. “Your Ryan Forrest...The Cookie Monster Killer here...I saw you on the news...you're suspected of the killings of the Posh Family...all died in terrible ways and you left a cookie in blood on the walls.”

“I like this one,” Ryan claims and walks to Cheyenne and touches her face. Cheyenne tenses up. “This one would be a fun one to kill.” She gulps. 

“Now ladies, I hope you know that neither of you is going to make it out of here alive. Come on Sydney let’s get started.” Ryan smiles. The girls look at each other and Katie sheds a tear. 

“Now to make this much easier on us, please refrain from screaming so loud that the neighbors call the cops and corporate we don’t wanna accidentally kill you by fighting. That would be no fun.” I say. 

“Now please put these on.” Ryan throws them chef hats. They reluctantly put them on.

“Chef hats?” I ask

“Figured it would make such a more interesting mo, drawing stuff on the wall is so cliche and I know we’re not the first killer to make someone dress up but a chef is so new. We’ve seen nurse outfits the most but chef hats,” Ryan explains. 

“Makes sense,” I say.

Ryan walked to Katie and shoved one of my red velvet cookies I made into her mouth. Katie tried not to choke. Ryan grabbed a plastic cup that was on the counter and walked back. He then slit Katie’s stomach and the blood pooled into the cup. It will be used in the next batch of cookies for our next victims. Ryan walks to the kitchen. Katie doubled down in pain and screamed. 

I slapped her. “I said no screaming,” I say. She began to whimper instead. Ryan came back from the kitchen with an electric hand mixer.

“What are you going to do with that sweetie?” I asked him.

“Mix her guts.”

“How creative!” I say

“No! No! Please!” Katie cried. She tried to block Ryan from her stomach but to no avail. Ryan was able to pin Katie down while she kept screaming “please!!!” and “No no no” over and over again. Ryan took the knife and cut the incision he made earlier making it larger. He then ripped it open more all while Katie was screaming in pain. It gave me great pleasure hearing her scream. Made me wish I didn’t kill Lauren so fast. Ryan had made a nice wide open in Katie's stomach. Katie still had some life in her but she was quickly fading. 

“Hurry up. She's fading.” I say.

“Doing it fast is no fun,” Ryan says.                       

“She's going to die before you can have your fun.”

“Oh alright.” He says and stabs the electric mixer into Katie's stomach and turns it on. Katie has this high pitch scream of terror. She tried to get free but to no avail, all of her fraling made it worse. Ryan stayed there until her insides were pretty much just a pile of bits. It too was a messy kill, her guts were everywhere and the floor had such a terrible stain. Not my forte but still fun nonetheless. He stayed there until Katie stopped screaming and moving.  

“She’s dead darling.” 

“Oh alright.”

I turned to Cheyenne who meekly stood there watching. Her hands-on with her face and a terrified look on her face. 

“What are we going to do with her?” Ryan asks. 

“Let me have her,” I say.

“But you got the other one!” He whines.

“You got the entire Posh family and I let you have fun with Katie,” I say.

“Oh alright. So how are we going to kill her.” 

“Haven’t decided,” I say.

“Haven’t decided? Why not are you out of your mind?”

“Oh relax. It's not like the cops have been called. They would have shown up ages ago.”

Cheyenne doesn’t make a peep. She happily obliged my no screaming wish. It was no fun, it was always better when they scream and beg. Since we would have no fun with an idea popped into my head.

I walk into the kitchen and come back with rat poison. A shit ton of this will make her die somehow. I poured it into one of the cups that were on the counter. A poison kill. It still Cliche and such a boring way but it's not messy. 

“Drink this.” I hand Cheyenne the cup.

“Oh, poison? Such a boring way babe.” Ryan complains

“Now you see. I wanna cause a stir. She is going to drink all of this, Call the cops to tell them there's been a terrible accident, The cookie monster killers came into her house and killed everyone. They made me drink poison, and I need an ambulance. Confirm for them that Ryan is indeed the killer but make sure they know that there’s a second one.”

“Why?” Ryan asks me.

“Because no little bitch can take credit for the kill. We are going to make her do this, leave this place, go to a town far away, put on a disguise, make a group of new friends, and kill them again. This cycle will repeat until we get caught. Understand”

“Alright, I'm down.”  

I hand Cheyenne the cup. She drinks it but with hesitation. Cheyenne gives me such a defeated look and for a moment I almost feel bad but not quite. I hand her the phone.

“Hello, 911. There has been a terrible accident...yes at 123 Sunshine drive...The Cookie Monster Killers are here...They killed my friends...They made me drink poison bring an ambulance...They're now two of them...Ryan Forrest is indeed the killer ma’am.” She says.

“Put the cookie on the wall,” I demand Ryan. Ryan quickly follows through.

“Now you're going to stay here until the cops come. We are going to leave and you better not tell them which way we went.” Cheyenne nods her head. Such a weak and pathetic girl.

` “You do know there still on the phone.” She says meekly and goes into a hunch.

“I'm fully aware. Now, let's hope they don’t make it in time.” I say.

Ryan and I walk out of the front door and go out to the car. We drive off. We have no idea where we are going but that is part of the fun.

“That was so much fun. I can’t wait to do it again.” He says.

“Oh me too,” I say.


News Updates on the Cookie Monster Killers. These sick and horrible people have slaughtered more innocent people. On December 11th police got a call saying to come quickly to a Women’s house. She claimed the killers broke into the place slaughtered her two friends. The Victims begin with Lauren Yorks and Katie Widow. The survivor of these attacks, Cheyenne Rodgers has stated that the killers made her drink poison and made her call the cops. She confirms the killers are in fact lovers. A friend she made a while back named Sydney Rodgers and her lover Ryan Forrest. We are on the lookout for them as we speak. If you have any information about where these two people are please don’t hesitate to call. As of now, we have no trace of where they could have gone.

December 12, 2020 02:28

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03:18 Dec 19, 2020

,,,that was unpleasant (as in, like, not "light gore"? very vivid and disturbing gore? i'm still liking it because i have some remnant of niceness in me but this was very painful to read and i didn't enjoy it at all.)


Annette Lovewind
05:11 Dec 19, 2020

I'm so sorry. Do you I need to change the warning and be more specific? . I hope you read something to lift your spirits have a nice day!


14:32 Dec 19, 2020

i just was rather taken aback by it - it's not the kind of thing i usually expect to read on here - so yeah, i would probably change the warning. (if this is "light gore," i'm afraid to see what you consider medium and heavy!) your other work is fine though, it's just this that was disturbing to me.


Annette Lovewind
15:46 Dec 19, 2020

oh well sorry! ill change the warning. Haha forgot you can't edit once it been approved...Ill keep it in mind for next time.


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Daelan Banks
17:57 Dec 18, 2020

This was really good!


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Llind Kam
05:32 Dec 12, 2020

I haven't read your story yet. I just saw the title and came to comment. I wrote a story for the same prompt. Guess what the title is? It's 'cookie monster'.


Llind Kam
05:44 Dec 12, 2020

I think the title suits your story better. Do you have any suggestions for mine?


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Annette Lovewind
02:31 Dec 12, 2020

Now The disturbing scene where Ryan mixed Katie's gut was inspired but what a kid in art said. I was explaining to them that I was stuck on where to go after Lauren's death and explained the story. They helped me a lot. I also did get ghost pains while writing that scene so take that as you will. I also wrote all of this on a whim, opened a doc and prayed something will happen and we got this so hope its not to bad. I know sunshine sounds like a fake as hell name of a street but there's one in my town, plus it's irnoic


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