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- i think the word “posthumously” is my new favorite- sorry, “reverberate” ;) - newest story is pretty terrible, but there’re a lot of parentheticals, so... there’s that, i suppose *shrug* - not really feeling the prompts this week :/ - if you wrote a story on the prompt- "write about a 'found family' who are finally able to get together again after a long time apart”- please let me know and i WILL read it! all right e̶v̶e̶r̶y̶o̶n̶e̶,̶ g̶i̶r̶d̶ y̶o̶u̶r̶ l̶o̶i̶n̶s̶, let's do this one last time ☺︎︎ hi, i'm nevada, she/her- you can call me ink :) this is cliche, but thanks, everyone, for 60(!)+ followers; i truly do appreciate it. this is my favorite story on reedsy--check it out, it's really well-written: (ps: please follow the author! she's super talented & deserves way recognition than she's getting.) you should follow this person, too: here's a funny video if you're bored (and no, it’s not a rickroll): i really badly need new titles for virtually all of my stories--i'm horrible at naming things. if you ever have any title suggestions, please, please let me know; it will be vastly appreciated :) i try to submit an original story for each contest--sometimes i miss one, sometimes the pieces are utter garbage, but hey, because of reedsy i've written almost 45k original words, so i consider that a win ;) i generally post once a week. i love getting asked to read stories! i'd be thrilled to take a look at your profile; just let me know in a comment :D i want to read every story from everyone i follow, so if i haven't seen yours yet, please let me know! it would make my day to meet a new friend on reedsy, so if you want to be pals, feel free to leave me a comment, drop me a pm on nanowrimo, or shoot me an email ( please let me know if you hate my stories- criticism is hard to hear, but it's better than false flattery :D also, if you need an editor, that's 100% something i'd be down to do. oof, ok, now to the difficult part- about me. i'm terrible at writing bios, but i'll give it a shot :) let's start with my favorite things: book series- the chronicles of narnia, the lord of the rings, the mysterious benedict society, percy jackson & the olympians, the giver series, the penderwicks, a series of unfortunate events (in no particular order, although narnia and lotr are my top ones). favorite singular book is circus mirandus by cassie beasley (it's beautiful, read it). movies- moana, hunt for the wilderpeople, knives out, hamilton, la la land, any marvel movie, most star wars movies, the high school musical trilogy (fight me), jojo rabbit- basically anything by taika waititi music-showtunes, the beatles, 1d, harry styles (my king), billie eilish, taylor swift, mxmtoon, black gryph0n, ashton edminster, lots of random songs here and there generic things- the color mint green, animals kiwi (which i've fed), dog & guinea pig (which i own), manatee (which i've swam with!!), quokka, narwhal, corgi. some things i enjoy: reading, writing, editing all types of media, journalism, literary stuff, photography, theatre (i've been fortunate enough to have seen newsies, aladdin, and the lightning thief on broadway, and i love dozens of other musicals), adventures, road trips, loose leaf tea, new zealand, vibes, bonfires, pillow forts, dancing in the middle of grocery stores, sarcasm, puns, animals, nature, impulsiveness, youtube, old movies. as for who i am, i'm an introverted, virgo, feminist, anxious, enneagram 6w5, pale, ravenclaw, american, in high school. i'm also a christian, and being as such, i can say with 100% confidence that i believe that Black Lives Matter, and i believe in rights for the LGBTQ+ community--it doesn't matter what your views/politics/morals are, everyone is human and deserves to be treated as such. also, i have a stuffed avocado named ava, & my favorite number is twelve. ☺︎︎ there were two movie references at the beginning of my bio, before the intro part— if you got even just one of them i will marry you okay, um-okay? i think that's it? if you made it to the end, then good job, you are a most excellent folk. i hope you have a good day. tpwk <3