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Lexi snickered from behind the bushes, waiting for the human to fall into her trap. Much like her father, Lexi loved playing pranks however the other gods didn’t appreciate the antics. So Lexi took her mischief to the human world to get her fun in, without her father knowing of course. Just then the human, a man talking on a phone, stepped onto the banana peel and slide down the slanted walkway. Lexi burst into laughter and skipped away looking for her next victim.

That night at home the gods were having a meeting, April 1st was coming up and it would be chaotic. Lexi’s dad, the god of mischief, would be full of power; it was his favorite human holiday after all. Lexi barely heard what they were talking about; she was imagining more pranks she could play. Then she heard it, the booming voice.

“No one is to travel to the human world tomorrow, no matter what.” He said looking at Lexi who fidgeted in her seat. 

“But….” Someone started to say but was interrupted.

“Under no circumstances!” He shouted.

Everyone got up and left. Lexi just sat there waiting for everyone to leave.

“Under no circumstances, ha!” She mimicked. “I’ll go wherever I want; he is not the boss of me.” She said and walked to her room.

The next day Lexi woke with a purpose; she was so excited to get this day full of pranks started! She snuck out the door then transported herself to the human world. Lexi didn’t know where to start, so much to do, so many ideas. She decided to start it simple, small things at first, and then she would make the pranks bigger. She looked around for her first victim of the day. Then she saw her, a heavy set woman with a mean look on her face; the woman was shaking her finger at some kids. That isn’t right Lexi thought, yelling at kids for no reason, I will show her. Lexi thought of the perfect prank for the woman. Since the woman was wearing fancy clothes and shoes, why not get them dirty, that ought to do it. Lexi saw the construction zone ahead of were the woman was walking and it clicked. She moved the wet concrete sign up the walkway some and sat back to watch the show. The woman stepped in the wet cement with one foot then the other and tried to keep walking but she could not. She pulled her leg and got one out but lost her balance and fell on her face. Lexi started laughing, what was she suppose to say? Then she remembered.

“April fools!” She yelled and ran away.

That was fantastic; who else can she cause mayhem for she thought.

Back at home the gods were standing around the meeting room, watching the humans from afar with their viewing globe. Everything was normal so far, not too much damage just little pranks here and there. This is good the leader thought, not too much chaos yet.

As the day progressed so did Lexi’s pranks; the woman in the cement was just the beginning. She made a stuffy looking man in a suit spill coffee on himself by switching the push/ pull sign on a door. She got a dogcatcher caught in his own net by untying his shoes and having him trip over them. Lexi was taking a break, figuring out what to do next. It was so much fun; she loved April fool’s day! She looked around, to the left she saw it, the next trick she could play. There was a woman operating a cotton candy machine. With a flick of her wrist Lexi got the wind to blow a little more around the machine. She started laughing as the woman tried to control the swirl of the cloud of sugar. Laughing too hard Lexi lost her concentration and the wind blew harder and harder. The wind blew the container of sugar into the machine and it was mixing too fast the woman could not control it.

“Uh- oh”, Lexi said nervously.

Lexi looked around and it wasn’t too bad just a little cotton candy on the sidewalk.


“Now what could that be?” Lexi asked, and then got the answer when she saw the car crash. The cotton candy leaped into the street and got on the windshield of a car driving by. By it being sticky the driver could not wipe it away and crashed into the car in front of him.

“Oh no, oh no”, Lexi’s eyes darted left and right, “Should I just leave, no one saw me. It could just be labeled a freak accident.” Right when she went to walk away a police man and a couple people came walking up to her.

“There she is, there is the hooligan!” The woman Lexi prank with concrete said.

“Yeah she was there when the dogs got loose!” The dogcatcher stated.

“She was laughing when my coffee spilled on me.” Businessman replied.

“Now folks just because she was present at each occurrence does not mean she is the one who did them.” The police officer said.

“Well look around”, Concrete woman said, “she obviously is at it again.”

“She was nowhere near the machine, and you think she can control the wind? This is just an accident” Police officer stated.

“What about what she did to us then?” Dogcatcher replied.

“Its April fools day, they were just pranks,” Lexi replied while looking at the ground, “besides no harm was done.”

The wind had a mind of its own now; it was blowing this way and that. The cotton candy machine woman finally got it turned off, but not before the sidewalk and street had cotton candy everywhere.

“Well, I have to go take care of this mess. Like the young lady said they were harmless pranks. Have a nice day.” Police officer said as he walked away.

Back at the gods meeting room the gods were all looking at each other. This is bad, real bad. The incident could be called an accident but they all knew what really happened; they all saw Lexi cause it. He, the big boss god, would not be happy. Lexi was not even supposed to be down there today. The gods looked toward Lexi’s father and he knew he had to go fix them before it got worse.

Lexi was being yelled out by the people she pulled pranks on. They were saying she should be accountable and be punished for what she did. The sky started getting a little darker and the wind picked up again. BOOM! BOOM! BOOM!

“Oh geez, I am in trouble.” She said aloud.  

“You got that right, you…” Concrete lady started then stopped when she saw the sky.

With a flash of light and a big boom, he came down and landed right in front of the crowd. Everyone gasped and started murmuring to each other.

“L, l, Loki?” Someone asked.

He walked right up to Lexi.

“Hi, Dad. What brings you here?” She said with a grin.

“You know. Now let’s get this cleaned up before he finds out.” He said with a wink.

Everyone stood back as Loki and Lexi cleaned up the cotton candy mess and disappeared back in the clouds.

They walked laughing in the meeting room, then stopped when they saw him.

“I said no one was to go down there today. What do you have to say for yourself?” His voice boomed.

“Ah I was just having a little fun is all. Besides today is a prankster holiday, why not celebrate it?”

“Chaos, too much chaos in the human world is not a good thing. I will let it slide this time, but next time be warned.” He said and walked away.

“Those were some good pranks you pulled, but next time you have to learn to control the laughter.” Loki said.

“Aww, thanks dad.” She said while giving him a hug.

They walked out together laughing and thinking of next years pranks to be played.

April 02, 2021 17:02

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