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Ok, so you’re wondering how I got here? Why in the world I’m here back into an organization that I ran from years ago and they finally caught me.  So how did I get here? Let me tell you. 

It all started when I was on a mission for said organization a.k.a The Society Of The Graceful Crest.  We were created by the Sun King in order to take down the neighboring kingdom, The Moon Kingdom. A few days ago the daughters of The Queen, Luna, and Twilight, convinced the King’s Daughter, Rose, to go over to their land. Now begin a sun person going into the moon part of the world be dangerous. You might turn into one of the foul people they are if you stay there long enough.  The same goes for them if they stay in the sun too long they would turn into one of us. So you understand why the king wanted his daughter back so desperately. 

Now my goal was to enter the Moon Kingdom and get Rose back. Hopefully by will but if I have to it will be forceful. Now to get into it we had no idea. There’s a huge wall spreading across the world separating the world. It is magically enforced so that neither side can get through. This was established with our last war that happened ten years ago. The Moon people were always cheating though so it wouldn’t be a surprise that they made sure that they can get back in. All we had to do was find that way and fast before poor Rose turned.

After what seemed like forever of scanning the wall for anything that seemed like a door, or a way. We found one. It was a door that was moon-shaped, eye roll, but it seemed only moon people could open it. Someone had somehow found a way, it was a bit suspicious how but we didn’t care. 

I went through, in disguise of course. I went alone. It would be easier to manage and easier to break into the castle. My heart bleeds for what could have been happening to Rose. These people were barbaric. The world was so different here. The sky was plunged in permanent darkness and the moon and stars shown, beautiful may I add.  Everyone was so pale and dressed in black, blue, whites, purples and few had flashes of a deep red. It was nothing but stone and brick buildings, roads. They had dimly lit light poles scattered about the streets. The atmosphere was so different, everyone there was cold and unforgiving. Nothing like the welcoming warmth of the Sun Kingdom.

I walked carefully not wanting to bump into anyone, didn’t want to piss someone off, and blow my cover.  I slowly made my way to the castle. Guards were around it, hundreds of guards were. I realized breaking into it was going to be so much harder than I thought. 

I walked to the back and saw a window. I climbed through it and was welcomed by the maids of the castle. I was of course automatically captured. Not checking the window for a real mature movie. 

I half expected to be questioned by the guard, a person who could be easily fooled and I would be on my way. The Queen came herself. She was as terrifying as they say. She was tall, had great posture, and a death glare that still haunts my dreams. She was pale, had a sharp jaw, black iris in her eyes, a pointed nose, and full lips. Her black hair was in a side braid that reached to her waist. She was wearing a purple gown, with long bell sleeves, and a skirt that reached the flow and trailed a bit behind her. It had gold trimming around it, a new color, and a sun color… she truly was beautiful.

“Now drink this or I will chop off your fingers.” The Queen said, her voice cold and sharp. She handed me a drink. I drank it and I had quite nice hands.

“What did you give me?” I asked.

“A truth potion. It’s permanent you’ll have it for the rest of your life... however long that would be.” The Queen sits down across from me. “Now shall we begin?” 

I nod my head yes.

“Wow, so cooperative, that’s new. So what is your name.”

Now at this point, I didn’t believe a truth potion exists and I didn’t think it would work. I had a fake name “Zuzia Golden.” As I was saying it my name popped out. I was taken aback.

“Alba Ray...and what are you doing here Miss. Alba Ray,” The Queen asked me.

“I came to take back princess Rose and return her to her rightful kingdom,” I say. I feel my face scrunch into a confused disgusted look. The queen smirked at me. She was amused.

“Trying to fight it I see, good luck it’s some strong stuff. A sun person trying to get her princess back is so cute.” The Queen says

“You don’t think I could?” I was taken back again since I didn’t want to ask that.

“No. I mean here you are in my dungeon getting questioned and foiled by a truth potion. You already caught and I’m going to make sure you stay here.” The Queen makes fun of me.

“What if I escape,” I Say.

“Unlikely. You won’t get out if magic runs through everything, something a sun peasant does not have.”

“I’m not a peasant!” I say.

“You're not? Then why send someone of any higher rank to come here and get sacrificed. kind of a stupid move by your king.”

“I’m part of the king’s guard! I’m part of the organization called The Graceful Crest! Plotting to take you down!”. I was horrified at what I just said and yet I couldn’t stop speaking!.

In the end, I told her everything and I could not stop. I was mortified. The Queen was smiling a wicked grin by the end of it.

“Well, Miss. Alba Ray thank you for all of the information.” The Queen says.

A guard runs in all of a sudden and whispers into the Queen’s ear. Her grin grew.

“What! Has happened?” I asked the Queen.

“It seems you are too late. The Princess has streaks of white in her blonde hair, her skin is turning paler, and one eye is turning purple away from her golden eyes.”

“No,” I say.

“Well it’s the truth, it does tend to hurt sometimes.” She smiles and walks away. The door locked behind her, I’m stuck in there and I couldn’t get out.

A few hours in I realized I had to get out or I would become a person on the moon. It seemed days before a guard came down and said I was free to go. Confused, I asked him why?

“The princess is one of ours now. The Queen seems to want nothing with you. So she let you go, be grateful she doesn’t spare many, now off you go.” He says.

I ran and didn’t stop running until I made it to the wall. I opened the door and stepped back in. I was greeted with the warmth of the sun and a blue sky. I missed it. I wasn’t out yet I had to run. I was afraid of the king, I had failed the mission and didn’t want to face him. I went back to my house and began packing, I had no idea where I would go but it was not here. In my panic, I didn’t look into the mirror and when I caught a glance I stopped. 

To my horror, I did not get out scotch free. Half of my hair was white. One eye was black and purple freckles dotted my face on the same side. I turned only half-way. Then it hit me. This was the reason I was running was because of this. I would be ruined so I ran away.

Many things happened when Rose turned. I’m not going into detail about what happened. The point is I ran away from the capital and found a town miles away. I was able to put on make-up to hide my face and found contacts. I cut my hair and was able to style it to hide the white, it never went away no matter what I tried.

Things were smooth, I found a little golden cottage and had started a bakery. I had made a living and continued to live under my fake name. Which was how I found it.

So now you're all caught up, welcome to me, and interrogated by my former boss, Colonel Sunshine. 

  “My God Alba What happened to you?” He asked me.

“I was caught and forced to stay there and I turned a bit. I failed my mission.” I say.

“Yes but that doesn’t explain how the queen knew every single one of our plans and nearly took this entire kingdom down!” He screamed.

“I was given a truth potion ok. I was forced to talk against my own will. It still affects me to this day and it took some time to get used to.”

“So you almost destroyed this country in a matter of seconds.”

“It’s not like I had a choice. I couldn’t do anything and you just have to accept that.” I say.

He looked angry. “Why did you run? We looked everywhere for you, and you were nowhere, we thought you died!”

“I ran because I was scared. I failed and didn’t know what would happen to me. I turned half and half and didn’t want to put you guys in danger just in case my other side did terrible things.”

He hugs me. “Oh, Alba I’m so sorry. You would have been forgiven, you tried. Would you like to meet the rest of the team that you missed?”

“Yes, I would like that.”

January 09, 2021 21:09

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Zelda C. Thorne
08:45 Jan 21, 2021

Interesting plot. I can tell you've done some worldbuilding. Personally, this would be better as a much longer story. There's so much going on that needs to be conveyed to the reader that it felt rushed. Great potential though. Keep writing!


Annette Lovewind
18:15 Jan 21, 2021

Ya I had more words but at this point I was writing for like 2 hours and I was crashing and burning and kinda gave up on it. I agree with you! Thanks for the feedback


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Annette Lovewind
21:15 Jan 09, 2021

So you know how I have mentioned that one day I would like to post snippets of some of the long stories I have in my head? Well, this is one of them! I began this series or universe since I was in the 5th grade. I have worked on multiple re-writes on a certain series that comes after this and has attempted to write what happed with the war that caused the wall, what happened after. Altough I do focus on how Rose was Taken by Luna and TWlight and much more. So this a new turn,working on the soldiers and something I didn't consider which was a...


Laurentz Baker
11:41 Jan 17, 2021

Good world building and character building, Annette. Very visual. I like the spy plot and the pace at which you write. The name... "The Society of the Graceful Crest" adds depth and more mystery. I look forward to reading more.


Annette Lovewind
17:36 Jan 17, 2021

thank you!


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