Fear the hoodie

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Drama Fantasy Fiction

A typical Californian Suburban neighborhood was filled with the usual merriment as July weekend rolled around. Sparklers in every hand and sprites in the adults. It was the American dream and now one notice the stranger. The person who stood out of place. Watching. Waiting. The only one who even noticed him was little Suzie Green. She had noticed the man an hour ago. First the man had been in her best friend Angelica’s house. Then he had been at old man Cook’s yard, blending into the crowd. The odd thing was never once did he take off his fade black hoodie. He stood at the same height as her father who was five nine. Suzie’s attention had been draw from the man and back to the festivities. Within the hour she had all but forgotten the man. However as Suzie lay in bed at just about midnight. Her thoughts began to wonder. A strange popping sound earned her attention. Curiously her six year old man raced, peering out her large bedroom window she saw the man seated on her swing set. Tapping on the glass she drew the mans attention. A small wave made her giggle. Maybe the stranger was lonly. Suzie hated to be lonely. An it seemed like everyone knew the mysterious giddies man. Maybe he was a teen like Angelica’s brother. He never Took off his sweater and always kept his head down maybe it was just a teenage thing. In the dark of the house Susie found her boots put on her jacket and made her way past her parents room.  

   The floor let off a little creek and her mother rolled over in bed. Susie giggle to herself trying to contain her voice as she made her way out of the house. It took her standing on it he tipped over glass pot to get the gate open. Determined she made her way into the backyard through the mess that was the dark. With only the light from the porch she could see the stranger sitting there swinging back-and-forth. To an adult this might have seemed strange but two her six year old mind it seemed ordinary. Waiting excitedly she greeted the stranger.

“Hi!” She greeted with enthusiasm no response came from the stranger instead he seem to be inspecting her. Slightly unnerved she continued her pursuit of the stranger. However he did not stop his creepy antics. Stalking around her as he jumped of the swing he swished around her with inhuman speed. A strange inhuman voice spoke. Suzie eyed went wide in tranced. She had never been so scared. Not once. Tears poured down he pale blue eyes.

“Please, I thought we could be friends” she whispered as the man grabbed her. Suzie could feel her energy leaving as she made an attempt to get away.

“Suzie dolls stay” the strange entities and trying to persuade her. The trance she was in dulled her mind. Unable to think she gave in stopping her struggle. 

    All was about to be lost he eyes closing until a car horn woke her up. The entry blurred taking on a human like form. The form distorted under the sound of the horn. An eerie groan left the creatures mouth resembling the sound a dying crow makes. Before the little girl could Even think and regan her sense the creature attacked with great vigor and aggression snatching her up. It bold bright green eyes struck fear into her soul. The eyes are like a void. The creature continue to drain all the energy from the surrounding area, the grass the trees and her moms award winning flower turn a disgusting black color. Suzie let out a gasp as she fought for air however non-seem to be left in the atmosphere around here had turned mucky. A chemical taste filled the backyard. The creature regained its hooded form. A whistle of wind seemed to exahale as it relaxed staring down at Suzie with its in human eyes. Fearfully she tried to regain her thoughts nothing came before the tears and pain. Her life force slipped away. Images of he childhood flooded the creatures mind giving it a satisfied feeling. Grinning under the hoodie the creature absorbed what was left of little Suzie green and disappeared out the gate which she had opened and began his quest fir his next meal. For the next moth a child a day died until people got the hint that something was wrong. Police again were heavily involved but it seemed that only kids and the occasional teen could see the hoodie man. 

     Only one little boy has ever survived. The insistent occurred on a Tuesday a play structure had been built were the old Green house once stood it happens seven years after her disappearance. Timmothoy Manson had been up in the play structure when the hoodie man had caught his attention. However Timmothy had always been told not to talk to stranger and did his best to avoid the man. He thought the hoodie man had left however as he was making his way to the bathroom the man steeped out of nowhere only offering his eerie greeting of a wave. Timmy shook his head stepping back frightened.

“Hi, my mom said not to talk to you so I have to go now” he said turning to walk away as a cold hand touched his shoulder. Shivering Timmy shrugged it of and tried to walk away as the creatures powers took hold. The boy remember his mother words mustered up the strength to scream. He let out a blood curtling high pitches cry. Which momentarily stunned the creature that feared loud sound.

    Timmy ran back to his mother sobbing the big scratch on his hand resembling a burn. His mother frantically called the cops an investigation was launched but the creature was never found. No suspect or person was charged. The madness continued. An every once in awhile the hooded strange can be seen wandering the neighborhood. Waiting, lurking targeting his next prey. So remember be vigilant and watch your kids close. They just might be next.

July 17, 2021 03:53

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