Opposite Day

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“The sun is rising in the west today,” I said to my Mom. She looked out the window. It was about 5:55 am. The sun started rising from the west. 

“I knew it!” I said to myself.

  “Oh, it is, Luna,” mom looked from the window to me. I pushed my glasses up higher on my nose.

  “I wonder why,” my mom said. I looked at her green eyes through my glasses. Just like mine. 

I sighed, “Mom, it's Opposite Day.” She looked at me with disbelief and fear. 

“W-what?” she stammered. 

“Opposite Day,” I repeated.

 “A-ah,” She said looking distracted. 

“Ok?” I said as I stepped out of the room and called out, “Mom, remember I have been waiting for Opposite Day for years now.” I went upstairs to get ready. As I was brushing through my super thick brown hair, I realized I needed to flip my shirt backward and say everything opposite from what I meant. I went on my TV and watched the news. It went like this- 

The weather forecaster said, “Today is supposed to be rainy and cloudy all day! It is going to be a terrible day today! I hope that y’all have a terrible day!” I changed the channel.

 “Today is not Opposite Day, so we all have school and work today.” I shut the TV off. 

“MOM!” I scream. 

“Yes honey?” I hear her say.

 “No school!” I say. 

“Oh, really? Cool honey!” she responds. I walk up to my room and text my friend JJ. 

“Hey JJ. No school!” 

He responds with, “Ok cool… Today is Opposite day, shouldn’t we say everything backwards?” 

I say, “Well can we not? So it isn’t so confusing? Please?” 

He said, “Ok! Wanna meet up l8er?”  Oh my gosh, yay! 

“Sure!” I text back. 

“10 am my place?” 

“Yes!” I look at the time, 8:00 am.

 “Oops… I should've waited later to text him.” I go back downstairs and eat some breakfast. I went up to my room and wrote in my diary. I must admit, I like JJ. I mean, he is handsome, funny, and nice, with long hockey-hair, honey hazel soft eyes, and is super tall! Every girl’s dream! I look at my phone at 8:15 am. 

“Come on!” I exclaim! I go downstairs and I see my mom, eyes wide open, looking out the window. She is frozen in fear. 

“MOM! WHAT IS WRONG!” She looks at me and falls over. “MOM!” I grab my phone and call 911. “HELP!” I scream into the phone “My mom just passed out a second ago, please help!” I told them where I was, and they sent an ambulance over. I looked at the time and it was 9:00! I started to panic, and mom looked at me with her face super pale.

 “Don’t go outside on Opposite Day-” I freaked out! 

I instantly texted JJ, “I can’t go over today I’m… Not… Allowed too…”

He responded instantly “Well… Do you think I can come over?”

I thought about it a little bit “Sure!” 

“Ok! How about… Right now!”

“Lol! Sure!” Then I remembered my mom “Umm-”

“I’m on my way be there in like 5 mins”  OMG! I started freaking out! My mom is on the couch passed out! What is JJ going to say? I just fell down and started crying. I heard the doorbell ring. I went up to the door and JJ came in. 

He saw my red eyes and hugged me and said, “Luna? What’s wrong?” I looked at him and collapsed in his arms. He started to look actually very worried. “Luna? I’m actually very worried about you…” 

I stuttered, “I-I'm-s-scared-” His eyes grew big and I started panicking and shaking. He grabbed me and hugged me super tight. 

“Luna… Why are you scared?” I pulled him into the living room and pointed at my mom. He hugged me and said, “I’m so sorry! Why didn’t you tell me?” 

I said, “I was…” 

“Then why didn’t you?”

“I-I couldn’t…”

“Why not?”



The door rang and I ran to answer it. The ambulance was there with a stretcher that they put my mom on. JJ looks at me with such sympathy.

 “I’m so sorry.” 

I look at him and say, “I know, but it’s not your fault.” We decided to watch Netflix and game a bit, but I wanted to go out and order something since I wanted to order some food in the opposite way! I remembered mom’s warning, but didn’t mind it. I left to go with JJ to an Olive Garden. We ordered everything the opposite way! When we got back about an hour later, I got a call. It’s from my mom. 

She says, “Hi honey. I am ok! Don’t worry about me, I just fainted! Just remember, STAY INSIDE.” A little late I guess. Me and JJ go back to watching Netflix and eating ice cream. Then we hear the doorbell ring. I go up to the door and answer it. No one is there… 

JJ calls out to me “Who was it, Luna??” 

“No one!” 


“Probably just a ding dong ditch.”

“Oh yeah, probably. Come back here, Luna!” 

“Ok. Coming!” About 6 hours later, we hear a super intense knock, so I start to get up and walk over to the door. No one is there.

 “Again?!” I exclaim.

 JJ says, “Again?! Really?!”  We went back to watching Netflix and gaming. 4 hours later, we hear intense knocking. Again I go to answer the door. Of course, no one was there. As I was about to leave, I heard the knock again. I opened it. HAH! Caught the person in action! The person freezes and looks at me. They have a hood that makes their face black from the shadow and red eyes. I scream as it launches at me, it says something. I heard JJ run down the stairs and grab me before the creature could grab me. 

“LUNA! Are you ok?!” He exclaimed. I am in shock, but shake it off. He hugs me.

 “Are you ok?”

 I look at him, “I-I d-don’t k-know.” He looks at me hard for a while, and hugs me harder. 

“Who… Was that?”

“I don’t know.”

“Well, I want to know.”


“Because I don’t like it, when people mess with you, Luna.”

My eyes grow big, “Wait, what? Why?”

“Well, I care about you.”

“I care about you, too! The creature though, i-it said something.”

“What did it say?!”

“I-I-I don’t r-r-r-remember”  He came closer to me. 

“It doesn’t matter. I guess,” he hugs me. We both look outside as the sun starts to set, but this time in the east. My first Opposite Day was a failure. First, Mom faints, then I have an emotional breakdown, before I finally almost get kidnapped by who knows what/who!

May 01, 2020 20:46

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22:04 Aug 26, 2020

I think that this was a super cute story! I thought it was awesome how you put an unique twist on the story!


22:21 Aug 26, 2020

I agree! Great job. This was a fantastic story!!


Ivy Spade
14:22 Sep 01, 2020

Thank you so much!!


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Ivy Spade
14:22 Sep 01, 2020

Thanks you! I tried to make a good twist!


16:22 Sep 01, 2020

No problem! You did a great job!!


Ivy Spade
15:18 Sep 03, 2020

Really! Awesome thank you!


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Lynn Penny
21:25 May 06, 2020

I liked the playful tone the story carried, nice job!


Ivy Spade
14:21 May 07, 2020



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12:04 May 18, 2020

Awwww, I loved your characters! The story line is super cute, too, because it's Opposite Day (other than the bad things that happen). Keep writing and stay safe! -Brooke


Ivy Spade
13:21 May 18, 2020

Thanks! I will!


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Evelyn ⭐️
19:47 May 12, 2020

This is an amazing story! Great, great job! You are super talented! Never stop writing! Stay safe! :)


Ivy Spade
20:19 May 12, 2020

Thanks so much! I won't!


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Pranathi G
14:22 May 03, 2020

Nice story! Can you read my story and give me feedback? It's called "THE TIME HAS COME." It's for the same contest. Thank you!


Ivy Spade
01:00 May 04, 2020

Thanks and sure!


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