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(Formally Known as Rosey Flower) Heyo B) she/her Gemini (I'm a nice one!) #StopGeminiHate Been writing since 7, loves anything creative (I suck at drawing though :p), love video games, long deep conversation, likes being out with friends Always checks Reedsy so message me whenever! Lil bit writer's block rn apologies for lack of updates- Favorite Writers: Avani G.- One of my first friends, an amazing person to be friends with. Laiba M- Amazing writers, far better than me. Loony Ludy- Also an amazing writer! Akshara P- Great writer, on hiatus Check me out on "Royal Road" https://www.royalroad.com/profile/254284 Put my W.I.P. Novel on it hoping for motivation with followers and such XD