I fall off of the tallest mountain...

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I accepted a dare that could end my life in an instant. Although I accepted the dare, I wanted to back out. The dare I was about to take, it was insane. Not just the regular insane. I’m talking about death insane! My friend inspired me of this idea. The idea was to fall off of Mt. Everest. With no helmet. Just my thick cloths because it’s going to be every cold. That and just a parachute (obviously). My friend first wanted me to just jump without a helmet but then I just told him that that would be suicide, so we changed it to helmets. I mean who would just jump off of the world’s tallest mountain without a helmet! Only a madman or person who would just wants to die the hard way. Cause think about it! You would have to climb all the way up and just fall off only to notice yourself dead. ALTHOUGH I would be riding a helicopter to the top, I mean it would be super scary! You’re literally jumping off of a 29,032 ft mountain! Just think of it like this. You’re on the tallest roller coaster like on Six Flags or something right? Well you know that feeling where you drop? Well multiply that by a hundred times and you’ll still won’t get it. I mean I didn’t really try but still I bet that would be the feeling. I’ve been setting this plan since like last month because I have to arrange some ambulances and emergency people and where and how I’m going to fall off the mountain of doom. Ok. I got to admit, I kind of want to chicken out on this one because if things go wrong, I can’t really reverse it like on the computer. I mean I wish I could sometimes reverse life but this stunt… This could really end my life and I just want to press the back like 60 times or more so I wish I wouldn’t have agreed to this stupid stunt! I just wish I had a time machine so I could just go back into time and fix every single mistake I’ve made. But… Of course nobody can do that unless they came from the future. Obviously. I will vow to buy the time machine if one is created. I’ll probably spend up to a billion dollars if I had to! I just sometimes regret things I did. I mean I guess everybody regrets some things in their life. Well anyway, lets get back to what I was talking about…. *taps chin still thinking* Oh! Right… Mount Everest…… UGHH… I mean I’ll be having a camera on my jacket so it kind of peeps out. Well I just wish the one month wouldn’t go so quickly…

One month later

Man did that one month go so fast! Well right now I’m in the helicopter flying dangerously high for a helicopter. Right now it’s probably like 20,000 ft so there’s no way going to go down…

May 22, 2021 03:47

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Amel Parvez
08:10 May 25, 2021

HAHAHA! Best of luck! lol


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