Coming of Age Fantasy Gay

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Christopher's POV:

"Do we really have to do this?" My older sister, Allison, asks me.

I roll my eyes. "No, the really huge, super important ceremony that mom just said is mandatory, doesn't matter at all."

"Enough with the sarcasm, Crissy." She says, dropping on my bed.

I sit in my desk chair, and throw an eraser at her head. "Don't call me that."

My name is Christopher Micheal Reynes, but I go by Chris. The ceremony we're talking about is when we’ll find our soulmate. Our mom, the Queen, met our father that way.

Allison and I don't look anything like our parents. They both have neat black hair, and ours is messy and brown. Allison and I look a lot alike even though we're two years apart. We have the same green eyes our grandmother had. I'm taller, even though I'm younger.

We live in the kingdom Alenti. Allison is next in line to be queen, but she doesn't want to be. I honestly hope she will be, because there is no way I'm being king. For many reasons.

For one, my attitude. I tend to talk back a lot, and it doesn’t always work out well for me. Also, I don’t listen at all during training. I’m terrible at all things kingly. I know nothing about my ancestors, or the history of Alenti. The only thing I’m really good at is sword fighting, and horse riding.

Our kingdom is a really cool place, or at least cooler then the other places I've been. Lots of the people have some kind of power. None of them are harmful, or life threatening, except maybe Allison's. She can do stuff with fire, but she never learned how to control it. Or maybe she doesn’t want to.

I can hear animals talking, and turn into different ones. It's pretty cool, I guess, but I can't not hear it, so being outside is a huge headache. Nobody knows about the second power. Not even Allison. It's supposed to be really dangerous.

The way we find our soulmate is cool, too. There's a family that can all see this, and they get paid a lot to help out.

I understand why Allison doesn't want to do the ceremony. She's secretly seeing someone, but she won't tell me who.

The ceremony is really big, and the whole kingdom has to come. It's the start of us becoming adults. After we find our soulmate, we'll spend most of our time with them. I'm not really looking forward to it, because I'm worried about the whole kingdom finding out I like boys. I don’t know how that’s going to go.

Allison sighs dramatically, and I roll my eyes. "What?"

"Do you want to meet my boyfriend?" She asks.

I sit up. "Yes, obviously." There is no way I’m passing up this chance.

"Come on, then." She says.

She hops off my bed, her braid bouncing on her back. She walks out, and down the hallway. The guards start to follow us, but she says something, and they hang back.

We go outside, and pass the stables. People wave at us, and we smile back. I’m not paying attention, and I run into someone.

“Ah!” I yelp. I’m about to hit the ground, when someone grabs my arm, and pulls me up.

“Thank you.” I say turning to the person. 

Oh. It’s Salver Wellium. He’s the son of the army captain. I’ve never really liked him. He’s the only person who can get away with being rude to me. And the only person that’s not an adult that can challenge me in anything. Our dads are best friends, so we’ve had to deal with each other for years.

He looks just like his dad, same blond hair, and brown eyes.

“Whatever,” He answers, walking away. See? Rude.

"This way," Allison says.

We go through another door, and down a different hallway, one I haven't been in before. We turned so many times, I wouldn't know how to get back. Allison, however, seems to know where she's going.

"Here." She says, finally, stopping at a door.

She knocks four times, then kicks the wall. I can hear someone unlocking the door, and it suddenly swings open.

A boy is standing there. I think he's one of the servants. He has tan skin, and frizzy brown hair. He narrows her blue eyes at me, but smiles at Allison.

"Hey, Allie." He says to her.

Allie? She doesn't let anyone call her that. And, is she...blushing? What is going on?

"Hi, Denny." She replies, returning the smile.

I look at Allison. She looks nervous. I smile at Denny.

"Nice to meet you Denny." I say politely. Allison sighs in relief.

Denny smiles at me. "Nice to meet you too."

"Come on, let's go in." Allison says, grabbing Denny's hand, and pulling him inside. I follow.

The room is small, which I'm not used to. There's a bed, and a desk. A basket of clothes sits in a corner.

They sit on the bed, and I just stay standing.

"Have you told him about changing the ceremony?" Denny whispers to Allison. He needs to work on that. That was way too loud.

My eyes widen, and Allison bites her lip. "No..."

"What? You can't do that!" I yell.

"Shhh!" Denny hisses at me. I'm starting to not like him.

I look back at Allison. "You can't!"

"I can." She says quietly.


"I - I already did."


"Yes! I won't marry anyone other than Denny!"

They both looked surprised at that. Denny suddenly looks much calmer, unlike me.

They talk quietly, and I storm out. 

She can't. This is the most important ceremony we're going to have. She can't mess it up. I won't let her.

I run a hand through my hair as I wait for Allison since I don't have another way to get back.

Finally, she comes out. She's smiling, but frowns at me.

"Why'd you leave?" She asks, walking ahead.

I follow her. "Your not that dumb, are you?"

"Shut up." She mutters, walking faster.

I catch up easily. "You can't mess it up."

"Too late."

"What?" I slow her down.

She crosses her arms. "It's too late. Well, for me. I made a deal with the Whileshers."

That's the family with the soulmate finding powers.

"What deal?" I hiss. We made it to the main hallways, and there are people who can overhear us.

She frowns, looking at someone ahead. "Later."

"Allison, Christopher." A voice says.

I look up. It's our dad. My mother is standing behind him, talking to the dressmaker, Hannah, and our teacher, Hal.

"Hey, Dad. What’s up?" I ask. Allison steps on my foot, and I pinch her arm.

She glares at me.

"Children," My father says sternly. Why does he always address us as children? I’m fifteen!

"Are you ready for the ceremony tomorrow?" He asks.

We nod. My mom steps forward and my dad goes to talk to some guards.

"We need final fittings for your suit, Christopher. And Allison, your lessons start soon." She says.

My mom always has us doing something. But I need to find out what Allison did.

"Can I do it later?" I ask.

She shakes her head. "No, this is very important. We need it just right. Oh! Speaking of importance, we need to get the flowers for the ball room." She walks off, Hannah following.

Allison smirks at me. "Well, maybe later."

"You got lucky." I mutter, following my mom.


The next day I get woken up early so I can get ready for the ceremony.

I couldn't talk to Allison, because she kept managing to get away at the last second. She'll probably do the same today. I just hope whatever she's doing doesn't affect me.

The day goes by fast, and when it's time for the ceremony, I finally start freaking out.

"Mom, what if something happens?" I ask her. She isn't doing anything, which is rare for her. I think she's nervous, too.

She smiles at me. "What could happen?"

"I don't know, what if you don't like my soulmate?" I suggest.

I'm very sure they're a boy. I don't know how I know, I just really think it is. I don't know how to say this to my mother, though.

She sighs. "Your father's parents didn't like me. Eventually they got used to me. Whoever it is, we will treat them like family."

"Okay." I say. I hope they will.


I'm waiting with Allison now, but we can't talk, not with our parents right beside us. She's wearing a white dress. I'm in red. She looks nervous too. I can tell, because her fingers keep glowing with flames.

Finally, we go. We walk out into the ballroom, in front of everybody.

Marri Whilesher is the one performing the spell, and she's waiting by a huge bowl filled with a purple potion.

We stand on either side, and I see Allison give Marri a stern look. I glance at the crowd of people. One of them is my future partner.

Marri starts saying the spell. It's in the ancient language, which only some people know.

The potion stirs itself, and Marri drops two pieces of hair in it. Mine, and Allison's.

The potion glows, and forms two long pieces of string. One is red, and I think that one is mine. The other, which is white, must be Allison's. They rise, and start racing over the crowd of people. It zips over their heads, stopping at some, but still going. The red one goes out into the hallway, and I can see the white one going towards where the servants are standing.

Denny looks shocked when the string wraps around his arms. I doubt he's actually surprised, but everyone else is. The string tugs him towards Allison. She acts like she's never seen him before.

My mother nods, and smiles at him.

Then everyone looks at me. Where is the string? We wait, and I start to get nervous. Really nervous. Which is not a good thing, because I turn into animals when I'm nervous. My fingers are turning black and fuzzy.

"It's coming!" Someone shouts.

I sigh in relief, and my fingers turn back to normal. Who is it?

Then I hear someone swearing. Loudly. From the hallway. Why do they sound familiar?

The person gets pulled in, and my eyes widen. I hear gasps from everywhere.

The person getting dragged in is Salver Wellium.


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