Friendship is Time

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Friendship Funny Kids

“For your exit ticket on artifacts, you will have the make a time capsule,” explained Mrs.Conners, our history teacher. “You have to put all of the things that describe you into any type of bottle. You can even decorate the bottle!” Brinngggg! We headed out of class. Gabi imminently walked over to me. “Cherry, do you want to help with each other’s time capsule project?” “OK. Sure,” I said. “Are you ok?” Gabi asked, “You don’t seem like yourself.” “I’m fine, I just don’t want to do this kindergarten stuff,” I said. “Cherry, this isn’t kindergarten stuff!” Gabi exclaimed It is going to be fun! Meet me at the park after school.” And she faded away in the crowd of people. After school, I went home. I don’t care what Gabi says, she is not the boss of me. Besides she asked me so I can decide if it is a yes or no and I choose no. “Hi, sweetie! How was your day at school?” Mom asked. “The same as usual,” I responded. The next day, Gabi was talking to that new girl that comes from new york. Her name is Charlotte Cunningham. She came a couple of weeks ago. I heard that she was very mean and she went to my and Gabi’s preschool so I know how she is like. I walked up to Gabi, “Gabi, what are you doing with Charlotte?” “I will give you some time,” Charlotte said with her most smirked look. She left. “Since you didn’t show up I saw Charlotte so I decided she could work with me. And she changed she pretty nice.” Gabi said. “What if its a trick!?” I said, “Well how do you know that?” Gabi yelled. “How do you know it isn’t a trick?! I yelled back. “BECAUSE I GIVE PEOPLE SECOND CHANCES!!! Gabi screamed. There were people crowded around us. I was quite for a second. “Well don’t tell me I didn’t warn you,” I said in my calmest voice then I left her. As I walked past Charlotte she whispered: “She’s my friend now.” I speed walked away from her and for the rest of the day, I was crying. I hated Gabi so much for not listening to me! So I decided to send a text about how I felt. I went like this:

To: Gabi

From: Cherry

Subject: Don’t talk to me!😠😡

Gabi you would regret not listening to me soon. I feel like you only care about yourself. You know you looked like a bully yelling at me with everyone watching. So don’t talk to me ever again!


Waited for Gabi to respond. She finally did! This is what she typed:

Reply: Don’t talk to me!😠😡

Sorry, Cherry but you just have to accept that she is my friend now. Mabey if you give her a second chance we could all be friends! And we are still friends!

I will not be friends with some who is friends with Charlotte Cunningham! I had enough with Gabi! This is what I respond:

Reply: Don’t talk to me! 😠😡

Gabi I am not going to be friends with someone who is friends with Charlotte Cunningham! So I am not going to be friends with you! So bye, forever!


Oh! I almost forgot my dumb baby time capsule. I am tired though, from all of that anger. So I took a nap. But I had a weird dream. It started when I and Gabi were in preschool. “Look what I drew, Gabi!” younger me exclaimed. Younger me held up a drawing of a flower. “It looks good!” younger Gabi said “You like mine!” “i-” I started. “It’s horrible!” younger Charlotte said “I go to art class so that is why mine drawing is better than yours. But even before the art class, my artwork was better.” “We don’t care if go to are class! Right, Gabi!” younger me said. “Right! Because all we need is each other!” said younger Gabi. We hugged each other while Charlotte was mumbling about she doesn’t need friends. I woke up. I felt tears in my eyes. I felt bad. I and Gabi always got each other back. I need to figure out how to make this up to her! I looked at my email to see if gabi answered. And she did. This is what she typed:

Reply: Don’t talk to me! 😠😡

Ok, I guess you just jealous I don’t need you anyway!

It would be kind of weird to say sorry to Gabi just when I didn’t want to be her friend. But I have a plan! These are the steps:

                         How to save Gabi!

1.Watch Charlotte 👀

2.Take notes🗒

3. Watch Charlotte some more👀

4. Takes notes more🗒

5. Piece everything together🧩

6.Take a video📹

7.Show teachers💬

8.Stop Gabi✋


*if all fails then do the pre-plan apology speech. But you can use it when your plan works too!

                          Pre-planned apology speech

I am super sorry. I know you only want to make more friends and be nice. I may not want to be Charlotte’s friend but I want to be your friend. And sorry that I doubted you.

* If that fails do the pre-plan weekly sorry schedule.

Monday-Say sorry and at lunch give her your dessert. (Yes, friendship is more important than dessert.)

Tuesday-Say sorry and do her homework for the rest of the week.

Wednesday-Say sorry and go see a movie. (Pay for all of the stuff. Even your money you were saving on a bike or something.)

Thursday-Say sorry and get her a ticket to see a concert.

Friday- Say sorry and since she will know you are going to do something nice for her so she will a what she wants.

* If that fails it is time to beg with pre-planned begging sheet

                   Pre-Planned begging sheet


*If that fails then you need to move on and get new friends.

I do not want to get new friends. I spent half of the night trying to make up to Gabi, this better worth it. The next day I saw Charlotte talking to some people “ok I have a prank for Gabi so then nobody will like her!” Charlotte said. I immediately got out my phone and started to record. “She’s so naive!” one of them said. “Yeah! Even Cherry tried to warn her!” said another one. They set up the prank. There was a big bucket of slime to get poured on her and a giant hand. I have no idea what was supposed to be for though. After recording, I went to go to Mrs.Conners. When I was about to show her she interrupted me. “I hope you did your time capsule, Cherry, She said, “It’s due today.” “Do you mean I can finish it today and we have to- I started “You know what I mean, Ms.Harris.” She said. “Now what do you want to show me?” I showed her the video and we rushed to where they were doing it. Turns out they were finished with it but I was in a hurry so I accidentally went in the prank just as Gabi came. Green chunky slime fell on top of me and so did the bucket. And I got spanked with that big hand on my bottom and I slid 7 feet away from where it was at. Gabi and Mrs.Conners rushed over to me. “Goodness gracious! Are you ok!” exclaimed Mrs.Conners. “Not really” I mumbled. “Gabi, if Cherry had not gone through that prank for you you would have winded up were she is at!” “Thank you for though that prank for me! I’m sorry I did not listen to you.” “That’s ok,” I said as she helped me get up. “I am super sorry. I know you only want to make more friends and be nice. I may not want to be Charlotte’s friend but I want to be your friend. And sorry that I doubted you.” I said. Everyone was in shock with my apology. I knew it would come in hand someday or another. “Sure. Also, I don’t ever want to be Charlotte’s friend!” Said Gabi. I teared up a little because Gabi wanted to be my friend and my butt still hurts from that giant hand and it wasn’t my intention to go through the prank. But I just wanted to sound like an even greater hero so I kept quiet. But I and Gabi did our time capsule together and got an A+ on it. Charlotte and the people hand detention for a week. But I learned something from this experience: friendship matters most and watches out for big hands. You never know when and where are they going to come for you!

October 05, 2020 18:10

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Gip Roberts
18:35 Oct 11, 2020

That was interesting. I'd never seen a story with emojis in it before. Cool idea there, and different! The ending with the bucket of slime and the giant hand was a funny touch. Also liked "Pre-Planned begging sheet". That's quite a colorful character you created. One thing you might do with future stories is break them up a little more. I could understand the story, but the lack of separated paragraphs and jumbled dialogue made it kind of hard to follow what was going on and who was talking to whom.


Chanel Mango
19:46 Oct 11, 2020

Ok thanks! I will try to do that next time!


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Chanel Mango
17:35 Oct 08, 2020

you can talk about my story here!


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