Contemporary Happy Funny

Luna and Arthur argued over the meaning of stealing in the sky-like room that contained over a hundred pillows.

"You are taking an object from a place that's not your property!" He hollered, his legs hidden in the pillow mountain.

"They are just pillows. No one misses them," she stated simply, floating in the pillows. "Don't you wish to have your private heaven?" she sat up hastily, "As I do? Tell me this isn't the best room you've ever been to".

Arthur cruised the fluffy surroundings examining the room. He halted and laid down next to Luna. "I wish I had a chamber like this," he admitted, looking dreamily at the painted clouds in the light-blue ceiling. "Tell me again how you do it."

Luna explained again that if you check-in at a hotel, stowed a pillow, and called the reception saying there was already one missing when you arrived, there'll give you another one. They don't know whether someone forgot to put it, the last guest took it, or you did. 

It had been Luna's hobby for almost seven years. Now she was closer to the sky than anyone else. But she was moving in with Arthur next week. The room destined for her pillows was bigger. Hence her new heaven would be missing some clouds. 

Arthur traveled more than Luna. He stayed in different hotels throughout the year. He had never stolen anything in his life. It was funny, though, how different they were. Arthur was an angel, always did the right thing. Luna was more like a demon, breaking the rules at all times. Their upcoming son would hopefully be a hybrid. 

Luna and Arthur's wedding was five weeks ago. What a date to remember, many of their guests thought. Even though Arthur's the untroubled one, he seemed to be a magnet for chaotic women. Luna and Arthur agreed to invite their exes to add a little spice to the event (they didn't know this was their purpose when they decided, though).

Antonia was first. She was Arthur's latest ex. If drama were a person, it would be undoubtedly her. When Arthur broke up with Antonia, she rambled for three months about how he was merely playing hard to get back, only he wasn't. 

The priest had spoken the famous words: Is there anyone against this union? And of course, Antonia proudly declared she was. Arthur grew pale as the gasps reached all the seats, like a wave. 

"Get it together, Antonia" growled the best man, Mark. He met Arthur in kindergarten and were inseparable ever since. He had met all of Arthur's girlfriends, and he especially disliked Antonia. When she refused to sit down, Mark volunteered to shoulder her out of the church. 

The groom kissed the bride, and they moved on to the party. Haley was second; she was Arthur's first girlfriend. They dated during junior year in high school. She wore a cocktail dress that squeezed her chest, making it look bigger than it was. Now her eyes weren't the only part popping out of her body. 

Every time a song that came out during their high school time played at the party, Haley would try and dance with Arthur. She invoked dance moves like twerking, to seduce him. Her stiffed hips weren't conjuring the desired effect on Arthur. Haley managed to go down the floor and bounced back with an extraordinary sensual dance. Her dress ripped off. 

Ultimately, there was Tannia. She and Arthur dated during college. Arthur studied law, and Tannia studied Philosophy. They didn't date too long. Only a couple of months, but she was outgoing. Arthur broke up with her because he was getting nervous at how mad she could be on some occasions. 

Tannia stowed in her bag magical brownies and sneaked the to the food table. Mark got so stoned he thought the static sound of the microphone was electronic music. He stood for a minute on the stage before he realized he was supposed to give his best-man speech. Arthur ate the wedding cake with his hands. He claimed it was the best cake he had ever eaten in his entire life. 

After the wedding, came the honeymoon, and they went to Brasil. The first day went as they expected, but Arthur got bitten by a mosquito and got Zika. Luna spent the rest of the week taking care of him. The next four weeks, Arthur and Luna looked for a house to buy. Luna discovered she was pregnant a week ago, and they opted for a home near the school district. 

The last artifacts they moved out of Luna's apartment were her pillows. They got plenty of weird looks from the transporters as they carried the bags to the truck. Luna and Arthur spent a whole weekend painting the room: a light-blue sky with clouds. They unpacked the pillows when the room had dried. The perfumes of fresh paint hadn't vanished yet, though. 

Arthur had to travel this week. He trembled as he checked-in. I just did the check-in, he texted his wife, who read the message as if Arthur whispered it. He went into the elevator, he felt someone was carefully watching him through the cameras. 

His phone dong, and he jumped, almost dropping it. Luna sent him a thump up. Arthur strolled his suitcase through the hall until he met his door. He glanced right and left before opening it. Arthur patrolled the room to check nobody was there. He turned back slowly to meet his target. There were four pillows neatly arranged at the top of his bed. 

He clutched the first pillow on the left and tossed it into his suitcase. He dialed the reception number.

"H-hello?" he dithered. 

"Good afternoon, sir, how can I help you?" answered the girl on the other side of the line. 

"I think my bed is m-missing a pillow"

"How many did you got, sir?" she asked politely, taping in the computer something.

"Three" he wabbled. 

"You'll send you one right away, sir, have a nice day," she said brightly. 

"Thank you, you too," he said, shocked at how well he acted. 

Arthur texted Luna: I did it! I called the reception, and they are bringing me one!

Good job, honey, she messaged back. 

Someone knocked on the door, and Arthur started to sweat. Acting on the phone felt easier. 

"Come in!" he shrieked. 

A young man came in. "Your pillow, sir, we're sorry for the inconvenient." Arthur stood motionless "Are you alright, sir?"

"Y-y-yes. I'm fine," he snatched the pillow and conducted the young man out of the room hastily, "Thank you!" he closed the door and sighed in relief. 

"And I acted like it was nothing when he gave me the pillow" Arthur boasted to Luna when he got home. 

They tossed the pillow in the heaven room and laid down. This ceiling resembled better the image of the sky. 

"Do you think is a boy or a girl?" Arthur caressed his hand over Luna's belly.

"I think it's a boy," she said.

"I think so too," he smiled, "Have you thought of any names yet?"

"I was thinking... Blue," she uttered, "It could be for either boy or a girl."

"Blue," he whispered, and it hung in the air, "I like it. Blue Tucker-Johnson."

"With that name, he's definitely ought to be famous," Luna sniggered. 

The next day, Arthur was called into his boss's office. 

"Hello, Arthur," he spoke sternly, "I've been told you took something with you yesterday, I-" Arthur forestalled him with a grimace. 

"I'm sorry, I didn't want to, my wife told me too. She has this room at home filled with pillows, but there are some missing to replenish the space at its maximum capacity," he prattled. His boss did not seem to comprehend him, "She's pregnant."

"You took the contract copy of the Holland's," he decided to ignore the babble, "I expect you to return it tomorrow. That's it, you may go now."

"Yes, sir, I will," he said bashfully.

Arthur went home but didn't tell Luna about the chat with his boss. He told her he didn't feel comfortable stealing pillows every time he went to a hotel, though. 

"I knew you wouldn't last," she said "You're too jumpy. That's one of the reasons I love you. That's how I know you'd never lie to me" she kissed him on the cheek. "Maybe little Blue will get some for the collection one day."

"Maybe," he smiled softly.

January 28, 2021 16:54

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Writers Block
11:44 Feb 04, 2021

I like the correlation between pillows and painting the clouds


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Ogechukwu Anyaso
09:37 Feb 04, 2021

Love the story, very funny couple. I like how the characters and the story is unusual and like Luna thumbs up.


18:27 Feb 05, 2021

Thank you;)


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02:47 Feb 04, 2021

You recently liked one of my stories! So I decided to check yours out too! Your story is coooooool, it flows to well and is quite ardent as well! I love the characters and all the conversations, you are such an awesome author!, Samantha! Hope that you successfully finish the book you are writing! (Review your book? Does that mean beta reading?) Can't wait for your next story, it's definitely something great! Bye!


18:28 Feb 05, 2021

Thank you for your kind comment :) and yes, I mean beta reader


11:41 Feb 07, 2021

Thanks, for thanking me, Em, would you mind if I asked you for some kind of a blurb of your book so that i can come to a decision, would that be okay? Bye, have an awesome day!


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Wake Lloire
23:57 Jan 31, 2021

I loved this story! The characters are quietly quirky and I loved how unusual everything is.


01:21 Feb 01, 2021

Thank you!


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21:22 Feb 02, 2021

This story is so creative and I love it so much! Such a radical twist to some of stories I have read. Great work!! (:


15:42 Feb 03, 2021

Thanks :))


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