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I'm a quirky girl who loves reading books and was basically raised in the 1980's. I like sweaters (a little too much), cats, and cake pops. I am currently working on writing a book, and I'm here to gain some more experience, and of course, have fun! If you like mystery's, stories that make you think, and romance..this is the place for you! Most of my stories I would put in the "Heart Warming," yeah. Haha. My favorite stories of mine(In number order): 1."Umbrella's Coated In Tears 2."Just As Always" 3."Frozen Yogurt After A Year" If you are willing, please check out Indiana Plant's and Rylee Jugler's Reedsy. Their writing is awesome! Fun Facts About Me: My Favorite Things: Color: Pink Animal: Pig & Cat Food: Fried Chicken Dessert: Cake Pops Book: The entire Hunger Games series Dream Job: Teacher & Author Have a wonderful day! (: