Fantasy Thriller Happy

          Sweta Chopra now thirty-five years woman was working as a Managing Director of multi-national companies of great fame of International medical companies drawing eight lacks with a bungalow and car as well from the companies. She had

Also an employed cook and a caretaker for her eight year old boy,Nikhil Sood and her daughter six years, namely Pratiksha Sood. She had divorced her husband Jagdish Sood in 2018 who

Was permitted to visit her residence every Sunday from ten to twelve a.m. to meet his children. She had got herself divorced

From him as he was used to pass very rancid remarks on her high salary and thought that she was unusually proud of her high status. But almost unconsciously comparisons began to

Creep in his deep cellars of his mind. He was having some inferior genes in his mind inherited mental traits of his father.

                 He was getting only three lacs a month and From the time he got married he was feeling the pinch constantly. Whenever he had some spare time he became a constant nagging husband and spilled the foolish hurts on her:“Aren’t you proud of getting a salary of eight lacs with a car and also a bungalow besides. “ She had no time to give time wasting responses and said: “Stop being a stupid fellow and Better waste no time. “She rushed to the car where the driver was waiting for her.” While she was proceeding towards the car He went on murmuring: “You treat me as a stupid fellow getting bloody three only.”

                In his heart of hearts he was himself jealous of his wife’s status and in his deep unconscious mind he was self-centred believing fully in male supremacy. He wished Dominating upon woman but he could not do it. But in practical Life his wife had chanced to be supreme and more successful. It became a maniacal obsession and it went deep down into his ego. Gradually this ego increased further and it accumulated into jealousy. Shortly after his tranquility was affected. He lost

His peace and caused others too to feel peace perturbed. Not only he caused himself to suffer but others who were in his close touch also suffered. She would be often late but he would be in home before she was there. He would constantly go on

ruminating. He would make a fuss looking for a chance to express his agitation:

“ Why should you be always late?

“ It’s the work that demands priority…. Home is not a place for making vital decisions. Do you understand and it would be better if you stop this stupid naggings…….” She rang the bell to

Call the cook.

“ Yes Ma’am. I am here at your service.!

“ Set the table for my dinner. Saheb and children ?

“ Ma’am they have had it.

‘” Why do you get irritated on simple things? Is there anything going on into your mind?

“ He used to suspect her of mingling with other men” The thought circulated in his suspicious mind yet he repressed

Himself. He bolted the thought with an iron door.

On one of the days exactly a month after, a foreign Dignitary had come from States and she had invited him for a Nice Indian dinner. They had to finalize the setting of a new factory. He was Mr David Johnson who was also a Managing Director in New-York. He had come to inspect the site where The factory had to be set and constructed. He had come for Staying  as well. Mr. Jagdish Sood could not swallow the Confidential truth of his wife. She had to satiate Johnson as it Was one thousand and five hundred crores of investment?

                   Sweta could not tolerate the constant naggings of a Hysterical pestering husband and she got a separation order of Divorce  and soon after she adopted her maiden name. Mr Jagdish was permitted to see his children Nikhil and Pratikar every Sunday at 10.a.m, One Sunday he came to see his children but as the time to leave came, to his Utter consternation realized that he could not go back. One month was over he could not go, two months were over yet he could not go and the time went on rolling becoming as long as One year. Sweta did not talk to him as she had divorced him. He Too did not dare to call her. It was a room just a name nominal

But it was a hall equal to six rooms. The children were very happy and the pandemic proved to be a blessing in disguise. He

Spent morning time in giving physical exercises to Nikhil and Pratikar. He tought them English , Sanskrit and also mathematics after breakfast. Sweta watched him located two Hundred feet away from him. After lunch and little sleep, he would wake up his children. Ask the cook to bring chocolate

Milk for them. Thereafter he would play poker game, chess game, carom and he made them learn Krishna’s bhajans. Even

Sometimes if he happened to be summoned by Sweta he became very cautious not to displease her. A lot of transformation in his conduct was consciously brought in. He realized that Sweta had a high status and it had to be Admitted. Besides the bungalow that she got from the consolidated companies, she had also inherited a property From her late father Shri Deen Dayal Sagar. Whenever he left During the Sundays past, the children cried hysterically and Shouted: ‘ “ Mummy stop papa from going away. We want Him mummy.”

               He swallowed the truth of his wife sleeping with Johnson and he adjusted it as a need arising out of sheer necessity.  He had now specially during the lock down Period realized that he had been foolishly dogmatic whereas he Should have been adjusting and compromised with the sordid reality that his wife was highly placed and he had got to adjust To lead a happy life. It was he himself responsible for the culminating point of divorce. This shut down inside the room proved to be a boon and whereas otherwise he would never have realized the blunder that he did out of the pride of being a man. He realized that the age of domination had long since gone. He also thought that several marriages led a man or

     Woman nowhere .There is no guarantee that second marriage Will go good. Repetition of marriages is just like a rolling rock That gathers no moss. A gypsy is simply a wandering tribe so also marriage repetition is a sign of whimsical lunacy. The pandemic of corona  proved to be a golden moment of self- Reflection. Jadish realized that he had for years stabbed in the Heart of Sweta.

          Because of lock down the company suffered heavy losses but her strong asset was that she was successful In getting constructed a factory with the contract of Mr  Johnson. Nikhil and Pratiksha got joys, jokes and laughter’s in The company of their dad and pandemic became the primary Bridge connecting  their deserted father close to them. Nothing else mattered to the children except getting their daddy.

Sweta’s bungalow was almost a citadel. She realized that her children would not be happy without their

Papa. They badly needed their father and if she married again

There was no assurance that children could forget their real

Father. She also realized that if she divorced her husband, the children would tend to become wandering hippies. She dreaded the onslaughts of Time and did not want herself to become instrumental in destroying their future lives. She would

Never become a stigma as being a wicked mother.

                                   The month of March 2021 stepped its’ foot

Forward. Mr Jagdish got up to leave. His son and daughter Nikhil and Pratiksha caught hold of his hands and stopped him.

Sweta ran from the other end of that large room and caught hold of his hands. “ Please ignore the divorce. We cannot be divorced. You are mine and my children’s dad.

          She got hold of the divorce papers and tore off the whole document into shreds of papers.

              “ You are yourself a Managing Director you can choose to return whenever you like…..

March 12, 2021 12:40

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