Water Bear, spit of the Indian Ocean

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Fantasy Fiction

Every year on the night of the blood moon, my village and many others like it would take to the seas in hopes of seeing the Great water bear, spirt of the Indian Ocean. This year was especially momentous, for the first time I was old enough to join my brothers and father, my mother was very apprehensive about letting me go but my father wasn’t giving her much of a choice. For years I listen to the stories of the great water spirit who was said to bring good fortune to those who had the pleasure of laying eyes on her. Others, including my mother believe that the water bear is a harbinger of doom, bringing pain and death to all whom was unlucky enough to come across the beast. Last year a large fishing vessel had disappeared; our village believed it was lost in a storm. My mother on the other hand feels these fisherman may have taken too many fish angering the water spirit, and that is how they met their demise. Rumors' say that months later the wreckage was found washed on the shore, there were massive claw marks found all along the side of the boat. It was said that there were so deep that they penetrated the haul causing the boat to sink. My father always said that those stories were false , claiming to have seem the water bear on more then one occasion getting away unscathed every single time. 

  When the day finally came my father took me aside for the very same conversation he had with my other siblings.

“How are you feeling son.” He took me by the shoulders and sat me down.

“Excited and nervous I guess, I have been hearing a lot of conflicting stories about this water spirit, I know you say that she is good and will bring us good fortune and a plentiful harvest but what if there is indeed a murderous side to her as well? Every year people from the village seek her out asking for things that we ourselves should be able to accomplish. What if she is getting tired of our demands.”

He just sighed, knowing full well I have been talking with my mother; “Caellum, son listen to me now while I tell you the truth about how the water bear came to be and why she will not harm us. 

“Many moons ago on the evening of the blood moon when the world was in it’s infancy, two explores from a near by village set with only a few supplies and a journal. They wanted to capture the world through words and pictures, so that people could see these wonders for many moons to come, to encourage people to seek these wonders for themselves, those who where told old for such adventures could travel the world without even leaving their huts. The villages witch doctor gave them a herb that would allow them to breath under water for days at a time, the men where elated in the fact that the whole world word be accessible to them. With that they set out on their journey, wanting to explore the oceans right away the brothers ate the magic herb and walked into the ocean. They saw many marvelous creatures, creatures that until that day only heard about in stories. Not only did the witch doctors magic allow them to breath under water but it when the men covered the journal and writing coal in the herb, the objects became impervious to water. On the fifth day, they came upon what appeared to be an underground cave. It was blocked my a huge bolder, try as they might they where unable to move it. Finally after hours of determination the men finally got the the massive rock to move. The cave was filled with a beautiful bright light, in the journal the men described it as angle light. Only something that beautiful could come from the Gods themselves. As they stared into the light, a strange creature came towards them. Even though it was very large and intimidating they were unafraid, as it grew closer the creature spoke; ‘Thank you my friends for rescuing me, I have been imprisoned in this cave since before this land was covered in water, I was once a great spirit of the forest, men worshiped me. The symbol of the great bear was on every temple across this great land , I was betrayed and trapped here by the very people that once honored me, all because I refused to give in to their greedy demands . At first it was simple things like plentiful crops or ensuring the heath and safety of their children. Then it become more, they wanted power and gold, man would have destroyed they world with there greed a world in which the Gods themselves made just for them, you see this in the only world among thousands that has the most beautiful creatures many of which have already been killed off by man. This world has only learned how to walk and already greed a corruption is already killing her. Elves, mermaids and fairies have all but disappeared, murdered for their magic. You my friends I can see are very different, your heart is kind and pure and for that I will help you on your quest for knowledge.’ The men were stunned by the mysterious and beautiful creature that stood before them. Finally one of the men spoke. ‘Great water bear we want nothing of you, be free and protect this earth as you once did.’ The spirt was very humbled by the men and their plead for their fellow man. ‘Very well, however there is  a matter of payment. Once a year one the night of the blood moon I will appear and grant one favor to each village, one and one only. If the party becomes greedy or takes more for sacred place they will feel the full force of my power.’ The men made the deal with the great spirt and  went on their way.” 

“So mom was right, but I thought you said the stories of the spirit bear being vengeful where false.” I was very confused, the story made sense right up until the last part.

My father sighed again, I could see a hint of frustration on his face. Out of everything that he had told me that is all I had to say on the subject. He looked at me again and his eyes grew soft.

“Caellum, my son your mother is only half right . Not all the men on that boat perished that day, your mother only told you half of the story.”

“What do you mean?” Now I was really confused, how could my father possibly know that? Before I could ask him he started to walk away, I quickly followed after him begging to know what he meant. He remind silent finally turning to me with a smile, my eyes lit up as I stood there in awe of the great vessel that would aid us on our journey. 

 As the blood moon appeared in the sky, the great spirt rose up from the water. My brothers and I stood their proudly with our father and a hand full of our men from our village.

“Great spirt of the Indian Ocean, this is my youngest son Caellum he is here to represent our village.” 

The Great water bear looked at me lovingly and spoke; “Tell me child what do you ask of me, remember this ask will impact your whole village.” I shallowed hard and stepped forward. My whole body was trembling in fear and excitement.

“Great spirt bear I humbly ask you for......” 

The end.

February 27, 2021 18:22

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Kay (:
17:01 Mar 06, 2021

Ohh this is a very interesting story!!! I was really taken into the story! Great job! Are you going to do a part two? I wanna know what his question was ^^ I wrote a story in the same prompt and would appreciate it if you read it and gave me some feedback too!


Amber Brownlee
18:25 Mar 06, 2021

Thank so much, I have been told by many people that my story needs a part two.


Kay (:
18:28 Mar 06, 2021

They're very right!


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Robert Grandstaff
06:05 Mar 05, 2021

Hey everyone, I’ve posted another incredible story called “Ghost Ship” to Reedsy. Brothers Charlie and David sail towards the Carribean on the adventure of a lifetime when a hurricane changes direction and heads up the coast. Their attempt to avoid certain destruction leads to the decision to seek shelter in the Bahamas. They soon find more danger than they realized among the waves. What will happen? Will they survive? Please feel free to leave honest feedback. I would like to read something of yours in return if you will accept honest f...


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