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Check out my website at: I retired from the US Air Force and started a new career in facilities management. I have a background in maintenance, finance, leadership and traveling. I’m an avid reader and began writing within the last 2 years to bring my ideas to life. I live in central Ohio with my wife and youngest daughter. The other three found my dad jokes so terrible they moved out. I earned a degree in Business Management from Peru State College. In the years of traveling around the world, I bring to life my experiences related to the stories I write. I enjoy history and classic literature. I like to write fiction, historical fiction, and a variety of short stories on random topics. Writing is an art. I want to share my unique ideas with my audience and influence stories with hope, humor, and entertainment. One day "they" will publish me. Check out my Facebook and Instagram accounts below. I would like to hear from you through Reedsy as well, but I believe Instagram would be easiest. I’ve been using ProWritingAid for my work and found it very helpful. I like to write, but I have some grammar and punctuation struggles. ProWritingAid has been one of the best links to correct my errors and explain why. Here’s a link with a 20% discount passcode.