Rights of a Dragonborn pt. 1

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Adventure Thriller Fantasy

The loud humming rang through the tall temple, from the airways came rushing heat and gusts of hot winds. "He shall be born!" A deep voice proclaimed. "From the fires of darkness, he will rise and come proclaim his greatness, his beauty, his wishes. He will take down fires with hot breath, destroying everything in his path. He will become one with the nature inside him controlling his tongue, to bend on his will." The loud and deep voice echoed through the silence of the tall temples. "He will be feared, he will be great, and he will rule over this land with a dragon's tongue." There was a pause in the huge space again. The tapping of one person's steps was evident. There was a loud scream that ripped through the silent room. The scream that sounded of an animal in pain. It was the scream of sacrifice, the scream of death.

"With this blood of a pure maiden, take it oh great one. Oh, fearsome tongue. Use her blood as a link to your next of fearsome kin, the strong fighters with gifts of tongue." There was a loud growl and loud, hard footsteps. The hot air that was pushed around the tall tower subsided and everything went silent.


"Rose!" A woman with golden skin, long blond hair, and pointed ears yelled to a young girl with a body covered in black fur, has cat paws as feet, whiskers, a tail, ears, and a cat light face. "Mama!" She giggled jumping up into the lady's arms. "How are you doing my little lady?" The woman asked softly, as she walked into the small cottage they have as a home. "Mama, what time will daddy be home?" The small girl knows as Rose curiously asked her mom. Her mom set her down onto the wooden chair covered with a bear hide. "He should be home in a few minutes if I am right." She looked down at her daughter and smiled. If there was one thing these two people had in common that would be there bright green eyes. Otherwise, they look nothing like each other, but they do have a personality all the same. Just like two little peas in a pod. The door was pushed open and a cat-like man holding four rabbits walked inside of the cottage. "My beautiful elf, and my small adorable kitten I'm home!" Both of there eyes snapped over to the new voice in the room with large smiles. "Daddy's home!" Rose cheered loudly and ran over to the man- her father and gave him a hug. Over her shoulders, her father passed her mom the four rabbits with a small laugh as her mom didn't wanna touch them so she scowled playfully. " Little Kiji, let your mother give me a hug to." She dropped to the ground as her mother and father hugged. The reason behind the name Kiji is what her father calls her and Rose is what her mom calls her. They are from two different places and ethnicities. Her father who was a Kajit and her mother was a high elf. They just call the young girl two different things, they don't mind it since they could understand why they did it.

"Are we going to have the rabbit tonight for dinner?"


After the small supper of rabbit, corn, and potatoes, an idea popped into Roes's head. Her ears shot up and she looked at her mother who was across the table from her. "Mom! Can we go apple picking?" She asked sweetly hoping that she would say yes. Her father looked over at her mom as he rested his chin on his hand, a small smirk became present on his stubby snout. She thought for a little bit and then smiled, "Sure why not? But, we need to pick up after our supper first."


Just outside of the village they live by is a small apple orchard with rows and rows of ripe, delicious apples. Perfect for making all kinds of threats that would satisfy the small girl. She was swung by her arms by her mother and father as they walked to the apples, a huge smile was present on her stubby snout as her eyes glazed over the apples.

Many other families were there too and the children they had with them were just as happy as Rose. "Kiji, go find us some yummy apples." Her father let go of her hand and her mother did too. Rose started to run around the orchard with some apples in hand, making sure they were ones that didn't have a spot on them and were in her line of reach. Her mother watched her and never let the small girl out of her sight. Soon Rose came back with her apples and presented them to her parents, "You did a very good job my little flower." Her mom gently patted her head with a smile. Her mom didn't have any apples in hand since she wasn't picking apples, it was only her father and her who was. From behind Rose, there was a soft grunt causing her mother to look up and Rose to turn around. "Is this your cat?" A gruff, but strong-looking man asked with crossed arms. She pulled Rose close to her legs in a protective manner and nodded slowly. "Yes, this is my daughter. What do you want with her?" The man rolled his eyes, "Didn't you read the signs? It says no cat people allowed, and what is she? A cat person. So get out." Soon Roes's father walked over and put an arm around his wife, holding a basket of apples in his other. "What is going on here?" He asked in a soft voice, looking between his wife and the man. "Oh, so you married a cat man who had a cat daughter. A high elf marrying low life, and one with a daughter at that." The man scoffed.

"No, she is my blood to I had her." Her mom spoke calmly, but Rose could hear the sadness in her voice that was becoming quite present. "I don't buy it. A cat with high elf blood. Whatever." He paused, "You know what I don't even care. Just leave your kind isn't welcome here. At least not anymore."

Rose was quite saddened by the fact that they had to leave when she was having so much fun... The three slowly walked back home, "Momma, why did we have to leave?" Rose spoke slowly looking at the ground. They stopped walking and her mom picked up the black cat girl in her arms. "Because people are very mean. You have to learn to ignore all the comments that you get, and if you try to stand up for yourself you could make it worse for the others around you, that are like you." Her mother kissed the top of her head. "You, and the people that are here, they don't know what it was like where your daddy came from. It was a mean place, and not safe for children of any kind. They did bad things like steal and kill, which only brought a bad name to them but that's how they had to survive...."


Many, many years later Rose figured out what her mother was talking about. Going from the 7-year-old she was to a 17-year-old all she heads around her was comments about what she was. She always did her best to ignore them since they didn't know her and she never did anything that those people said that she did. But what she didn't know was that even though people had said bad things about her, she would be the one to save them all in the end.

Because Rose wasn't going to hide in the shadows anymore.

She was going to try her best to reverse the things said about her kind and prove that women are just as powerful as men. That race is only a line between the way people view someone. That the color of someone's skin doesn't define everyone, but yourself and how you make of it.

Rose was to fully become a Dragonborn, and solely save the place that she lived in her whole life.

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