Felicia's Fortune Chapter 4: You Again!?!?

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Fantasy Fiction Friendship

After Azazel’s dramatic statement, Max and I decided to walk to our dorms. He walked me to my room, number 141, and gave me a map, which labeled each part of Camp Sparta. This is when I finally learned about the rest of camp.

“There’s a lava-coated rock wall!?”


“And a full armory!?”

“Yeah, all the weapons come in all sizes imaginable. The kids love it.”

I stared at Max in disbelief. He had to be joking, because lava was definitely not kid-safe. I was about to tell him so when a bell tolled.

“That’s the nighttime bell. They ring it to let you know that you should get to bed. I’ll be in room 177 if you need me.” He walked out the door, and shut it behind him. I sat staring at the door for a while, as if waiting for it to open. Too much had happened recently to just lay down to sleep.

I got up and paced my room before deciding to unpack. I hung my raincoat my the door on the hooks and folded my clothes before putting them in the small white dresser sitting in the corner. The small kitchenette contained a tiny microwave, a small counter, and a few scattered cabinets.

I spent the next hour shoving baking pans and utensils in the kitchenette. I arranged and rearranged until they fit perfectly. I wiped the sweat off my face and looked around. The stark white room was bare, with no trace of home. The blank sheets and pillow on the bed were perfectly laid out. The plexiglass door showed a striking view of London. The city lights shone through and reflected on the walls like a massive kaleidoscope. It was beautiful.

I sat on the bed, and stared up at the ceiling in wonder, and the next thing I knew, I was asleep.


I’ve had weird dreams many times before, but most of the ones after arriving at Camp Sparta have been different.

This dream took place in a sunny garden, with flourishing weeping willows providing the perfect amount of shade. The blooming buds on the rosebushes were sweet-smelling, and the buglosses were bright under the rays of sun poking through the trees. I was sitting on a bench woven from daisies that didn’t even sag underneath my weight.

A rustling in the rosebushes nearby made me jump. When I turned to look, there was someone with a gardening basket full of plants. She looked up at me, and I recognized her immediately.

“It’s you! What are you doing here? Why did you—” She interrupted my questions with a chuckle. She took off her gardening hat and picked up the basket. As she walked over to me, I stood up, ready to leave.

“Sit, honey. You and I have unfinished business from last time we met.”

“You bet we do. This doesn’t mean that I believe you, though.”

“I know.” She sighed. “I left you in that temple because my time in the mortal realm was ticking. I couldn’t stay for long, but I was able to visit because you were in my temple.” She sat down and patted the seat beside her, but I stayed standing.

She sighed. “What I say to you is true, whether or not you decide to believe so. You are the start of something big, and it will outlive you. Soon, you will have too leave Camp Sparta. Just remember that you are loved, and I know your family will be proud of you.” She smiled at me, and I knew she was going to disappear.

“Can’t you just explain to me what’s happening? Don’t leave me again! If you do, I’m going to…” I realized that she was gone.

I growled angrily, and I kicked the ground in frustration. That’s when I felt a slight tugging sensation, like someone was pulling at my soul, and I was sucked into an abyss.


I woke up gasping and covered in sweat. The dream was already fading, and the alarm clock told me it was 6:00. I wiped myself off with a washcloth and changed into a green t-shirt and jeans. It would have to do for now.

I heard a knock on the door, and when I opened it, I was startled to see Azazel there instead of Max. She grinned at me as I cringed at her outfit. It was the same as yesterday, but this time, minus the crumbs.

“You coming to breakfast or what? I’m STARVING!” Azazel groaned and pretended to faint before getting right back up again. “At this pace, you’re going to miss teatime!”

I rolled my eyes. “I’m ready. Where is breakfast being held?”

“THE CAFETERIA, OBVIOUSLY!” Azazel screeched dramatically. She rolled her eyes so hard, I thought they were going to pop out of her head.

After she stopped being overly dramatic, which took a while, I let her take me to the cafeteria, which was jammed-packed with students of all ages, including teachers and staff members. I wove my way around the tables to get to the serving counter. On trays were hash browns and eggs, just as my dad had always made them. My eyes teared up at the memory of him humming his favorite song while mixing and frying.

Azazel looked at me but quickly looked away to give me privacy. At least she respected other people’s personal space. I wiped away the tears and grabbed a tray, filling it with food. I also grabbed an orange-flavored tea from yet another counter. I smiled as I thought about what Dazi and Cloe would be doing right now. They were probably fighting over their favorite toys with Ailsa in between them trying to break it up. My dad would be smiling in the corner sipping his morning cuppa joe.

I was poked on the shoulder, and I nearly dropped the tray I’d forgotten I was holding. Azazel was telling me where everyone was sitting, and I couldn’t believe I didn’t hear her yelling. I might’ve even gone deaf, which would be a relief.

I smiled at Max as I sat next to him and Azazel at a crowded table. I smiled, but then the reality of last night’s dream hit me. Something was coming, and I couldn’t prevent it. All I could do was be ready.

“You okay Felicia!” Azazel yelled and snapped her fingers in my face. I jumped and laughed along with them.

If I had to face something, at least I would have friends with me the whole way.


February 17, 2021 20:09

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21:25 Feb 24, 2021

Great story, feeling the sadness of not having her family around.


AntMan 🐜
23:50 Feb 24, 2021

Thank you! 💖


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21:27 Feb 17, 2021

As always, beautiful work, Katelyn! Let me know when you post again!


AntMan 🐜
21:28 Feb 17, 2021

Definitely will! Thanks Katie! 😊❤️


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