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Hey Reeders! Reedsy is taking up too much of my time; time I should be spending on something more productive. So, the bottom line is that I am leaving Reedsy. Thanks to all who have made my Reedsy experience more amazing! Especially these two: ~Dhwani Jain ~Wolf Warrior Even though I am not here as often as I once was, would still appreciate it if you would read my stories and leave a comment! I am still checking Reedsy about once a month, so I will still see comments and likes. (Last time I checked, I was at 1134 karma on November 14th). When I do check, if there is a story you would like me to read, I would be happy to read it! Just drop a comment and let me know! I suggest the following stories: 1) First Day Fiasco- the hilarious non-fiction account of my first day at my new job! 2) Choose Your Own Adventure- a story I started and never got to finish. If you like CYOA, this might be the story for you! 3) Time for the Tricksters- calling all Rick Riordan and mythology fans! This story follows Hermes, Set, and Loki as they plot to trick the other gods on April Fool's Day. 4) Time Travel with Death- what would you do if you met Death in person? What if you could go back in time and save the life of someone you love? These are the exact challenges my characters face in this story. 5) Sightings at the Cemetery- a fun story I wrote about two Hispanic girls celebrating Día de los Muertos with their families (and a magic golden retriever, too!) 6) Where is that Recipe?- an adorable little story telling of a family of cousins trying to bake cookies without the recipe. All the characters in this story are based off people in my life. Wanna rant about a book? Drop these emojis in a comment: 1) Literally anything with "Cassandra Clare" on the cover. Literally anything. Comment "🦆" if you agree (and also why I chose a 🦆. Yes, there is a reason.) I personally really like The Infernal Devices the best out of her books, but they are all awesome. 2) Anything with "Rick Riordan" on the cover! Comment a "🌊" if you agree. (And I personally feel like the wave says it all. But if you want to explain the wave to me, go ahead.) 3) Hunger Games! Comment "🏹" if you like these too. 4) Harry Potter! Comment "🧙🏻‍♂️" if you like these. 5) Divergent! Comment "🔥" if you like these. Emoji count: 🌊ONE SINGLE WAVE (thanks, Dhwani)! COME ON YALL! READ THESE BOOKS/GIVE ME EMOJIS! One last message: You are all great writers, and your imagination is not measured by a number. Don't let the loss of karma discourage you or destroy the wonders you can create with your imagination!