Middle School Fantasy Drama

"Can you move?¨" I say angrily. The bee’s head turns to me. Its big black, glassy eyes look confused. It turns back to the flower. I roll my eyes.

"Okay, that’s it!¨" I scream. I go over to the bee and push it away. It makes a "bzzt" sound and flies away. I don't feel bad for him. He was hogging the pollen after all!

I look down to my super tools belt and grab my straw. I suck the sweet liquid from the flower center. Munching on leaves and such are pretty gross. This diet has been awful, and today was my cheat day. After I'm done, I put my straw back. What pretty flowers..they have pollen in them too. I grab my magic scissors from my belt and cut the stem to the bud. Putting it in my bag was easy, hauling it around however, was not. At least I would lose the calories.

I look down at my crinkled dress. I try to straighten it out..but it doesn't work. No one is around anyway..and if they were..I wouldn’t care either. I pin my vest back together, because it seems to come undone when I shoved the bee. Hey, it’s practice when I became the best pollen finder in the world! Another bee approaches on the other side of the pot. 

I don't like those things..we shouldn't have them! Fairies can pollinate flowers just as fine!

A sudden beep aggravates me in the middle of my thoughts. I look down to the device the humans call the Ipod. Mine is from 2003...so I think it's the best you can get! Some random song is playing, so I turn it off. I check the time. Crap! I´m late for school! I put the big music player in my bag and I fly as quickly as my wings can take me.

“They're going to expel you.” Goo says, as I barely make it to the school’s doors.

“And you think I don’t know that? It was worth it anyway.” I say. I point to the bulb in my bag. 

“Do you even care about your future?” He asks, almost sarcastically.

“Yes! A pollen hunter doesn’t need an A in english, or science.” I mutter. He coughs.

“ But they don’t need four F’s either!” He says.

“Mph.” I cross my arms. “You're no fun. BTW, I have an A in P.E..just so ya know!” I mutter again.

He chuckles slightly. Goo has only been my friend for about a year, but it feels like a lifelong friendship. Most people think we are siblings, we look so alike. He has darker hair than me, chubbier cheeks, and more freckles, but other than that, where are the exact same. Probably even our weight is the same.

Don’t be offended by his name, fairies are born with what the child that created them is like, or so we think. Me and Goo think that the kid liked slime..or picked their boogers. His outfit is the usual, a pair of loose jeans made of some sort of fabric that us fairies find, a green t-shirt with sharp sleeves, and a belt with potions and fairy dust on it. He has green wings. 

I, however, am wearing a yellow dress, made out of sunflower petals (I actually made it), and a brown vest. My backpack is sturdy and made out of leaves, I also made that. I have transparent wings, and they look like they came from a butterfly.

“I have to go.” He says. “See ya!” He says, being a little over the top on the “ya” part. He flies down the hall. I roll my eyes.

Pie High school is the most known school, but also the most populated one. I fly upwards, hitting my head on the ceiling.

“Ouch!” I mutter. Flying this high is allowed when you're running late and the halls are crowded, so I can use it at my will. Only a couple of kids are up here too, most on the ground are too tired to use their wings this early.

Too bad they don’t have a natural alarm clock to wake them up at 4 am, like I do. I laugh slightly. Not something a normal fourteen year old fairy would be thinking.

I find my class quickly, pushing against the other kids trying to get in. They grunt, annoyed at me once again.

¨Soy! End of the line, we talked about this.” Mr.s Grin, the annoying and rather fat teacher says. Grin is not a good name for her, because she always has a big frown on her face. I roll my eyes, non moving.

¨Lucky tattled on me anyway, he's such a cry baby! No one else cares.¨ I say, making sure Lucky can hear.

She gives me one of those deathly teacher glares. I zoom out of the class to the end of the line before I get detention.

Once I finally get in the class, everyone else is in their seats. ¨Great..¨ I mutter. I can feel my cheeks get warm and blush, embarrassed at being at the last one.

Oh great. There staring, of course there staring, they always stare. But, at the same time, they never stare.

¨Miss Soy, no flying once class starts!” Grin barks at me. I jump down and hide my wings behind my dress. As I get to my seat, I stick my tongue out at Lucky, and he does it back.

About two minutes go by, and I grab a book out of my backpack, annoyed that we can´t be playing tag in the field right now.

¨Class!¨ Grin shouts. I jump, almost dropping my book. ¨We will be telling the entire class about what you want to be when you grow up. Showing opinions , getting advice. This really helps improve your knowledge about what you want to be. Grease, your first.¨ She says, quieter this time. I was just getting to a good chapter..Why do we have to be so personal with people we don't even know? Why can I be with Goo now, playing cards in my mushroom?

“I want to own a bakery, and if not that, a NSL player.” He says, then immediately sits back down. A national sparkleball player? Seems a little unrealistic.

Another person goes up, but I don’t know who and what they said, I just stared at the fuzzy brown carpet on the floor. I look behind me and grab a flower out of it, inhaling it’s perfect fumes. There are a lot of people who crave this stuff, and just lucky enough we live right next a flower pot. Mom even has a slingshot to shoot at fairies trying to steal it. It seems like a perfect job to me, considering I was basically raised taking care of the bulb. Soy, the best pollen finder ever. You need some training though to get in that business, the fairy mafia is pretty big for how much pollen they still have. It’s a risky job, and I’m ready to get it..after a few more years of school.

“Soy!” The teacher yells at me. I look over to see her with her little click board. She points at the front of the room, and I can hear Lucky laugh.

I moan gently, and fly to the front of the room, not caring about the rules. Unexpectedly, Grin doesn’t notice I flew.

“A pollen hunter.” I say loud and clear. Basically the entire class laughs except Trill  who is stuck in a book.

“Do you  think you could get a job in the FBI? Do you know the training?” Grin asks, not mean, but curious.

“Yes, I do.” I repeat, ignoring the laughing.

“I’m curious to know what grades you need to be that, I’m going to see.” She walks to her desk, and against the wall is this huge thing humans call an Iphone. She goes to the search engine and a look is up, where scientists have figured out how to use Pixlish instead of English.

“Ah, it looks like you need a A in Math.” I think she already knows I don’t have that.

“I can run to Yogurt Ville, they have jobs open there and fairies don’t need good grades.” I say, backlashing her comment.

She nods and asks me to go back to my desk, and I do, without flying.

“You can not run! You’ll leave me behind!” Goo screams when I tell him my sudden plan at lunch.  I suck some of the pollum from my straw.

“You can come with me..” I mutter, playing with my staw. I’ve drank half of it, and I’m stuffed.

He shakes his head. “Can I have some of that? These leaf sticks are not cutting it.” He says, not mad anymore.

I chuckle. “Sure, but don’t let the lunch ladies see, I’m already in trouble with them.”

He rolls his eyes, sliding the flower to him. “Of course you did.”

We sit in silence for a moment before he talks again.

“You could get a tutor, you know.” He says, shrugging.

“Who will help me? I’m a hopeless case!” I say.

“You do know I am a tutor, right?” He says sarcastically.

“Yeah, I didn’t know that information until now.” I say, staring into his eyes. He chuckles, and gets a notebook out.

“What are you struggling about?” He asks, clicking his pen.

“All of it.” I say seriously. He burst out laughing, and wrote something down.

“Let’s get to work.” He smiles.

Two years later…

Finally, I’m holding the golden bulb in my hands, after three kills, several karate moves, I have it. I fly as fast as I can to brag to Goo about my reward.

He gives me a quick kiss before I fly in and show it to him. He high fives me, something not out of his character, and we go out to dinner.

A year ago, we started dating. It seems best friends weren't enough for us. He helped me gain good grades and succeed in being the soon best pollen finder.

 Stupid Wink beat me to that, but I will gain my crown back. (Hopefully.)

November 02, 2020 02:03

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