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Adventure Fantasy Fiction

In the edges of an enormous city, underneath the gleam of a white moon, the cool breeze whistled through a break in Evan's window. He opened his eyes and watched the twilight on his floor, making a framework of four squares as it went through. There was a thumping right outside, in the forested areas, perhaps, or in his patio. 

It wasn't the first occasion when he had woken up with the thumping, or the whistling, yet it was certifiably not a typical event all things considered. He had first heard it precisely one month prior. He didn't appreciate it at that point, and he didn't have a favorable opinion of it the evenings from that point onward, yet the most recent week had been extraordinary. There had been a voice as well, a lady, it appeared, singing a tune somewhere far off. 

So he sat up on his bed and tuned in. In the quietness, calm sounds stick out. The parts of the trees influenced with the blowing wind, a melody yet not the one he looked for. Crickets trilled inconsistently. A vehicle traveled through the street 100 yards away. Thump, thump, thump, faintly in the forested areas. Thump, thump, thump. 

Underneath the quiet and the quiet sounds, and beneath the murkiness and the delicate white gleam, a tune. Ean sat still in bed, not having any desire to disturb the inaccessible singing. He stood up and opened the window, and looked towards the dark pathways beneath the trees. The virus entered his room and he shuddered. 

A neighbor's canine yapped and another vehicle cruised by, and for a moment the disturbance of the calm overflowed out the song, and he reviled. Something many refer to as to him. He didn't yet have the foggiest idea what, however he needed to discover. Ean slipped into a couple of flip-tumbles and took a scarf from a cabinet. He folded it over his neck, and he ventured out the window into the virus. 

The grass, radiant green in the day, become dark around evening time, and it folded its soggy leaves over his toes. The breeze embraced him from the side, and his skin strained with its cold, and again he shuddered, and his teeth banged. The influencing of the branches became stronger, and the thumping in the forested areas more successive, and he contemplated whether he challenged go into the shadows. 

He started to walk. Across his outside table, and his flame broil, and the region he was rarely certain on the off chance that he should really focus on, the treeline paused, and he gazed back to his little home. 

"I'm returning." He said. 

A white figure showed up somewhere inside the forested areas, and Ean took a full breath. He needed to shout. He needed to ask what that's identity was, yet more than that he needed to see the one who sang to him around evening time. Was that her? Did she live there? Did she peer through his window, and sang to him very close, giving him the best dreams? 

He moved gradually and discreetly. His means made the smallest of sounds, and the white figure appeared to move a sluggish dance. As he drew nearer, the melody became more clear. There were no words. The voice was the instrument and it played a miserable tune. He figured he could make out a crying, and tears folding down into the soil. 

Ean halted behind a tree, sufficiently close to tune in to the harmonies, and notes, and the wailing. 

"Hi?" He said, concealing still. "What's your name?" 

"I'm Ann." The voice answered. 

"I've been tuning in to you. I can hear you from my home." 

"I trust I didn't trouble you. I like to come here to sing, it makes a difference." 

"You don't trouble me. You have a lovely voice." Ean inclined toward the tree, not challenging on the way back into public, tuning in to the words the sweet voice expressed. Its ring helped him to remember somebody, yet he was unable to consider whom. Like the smell of ginger treats, it brought to him sentimentality, and he was overpowered by it. 

The breeze blew more diligently, and the branches above squeaked and moaned. The virus again wrapped him and his teeth fixed against one another. The thump, thump, thump of the forested areas moved toward him. 

"Aren't you cold?" He inquired. 

Thump, thump, thump they said from behind. 

"What are you doing here?" The voice inquired. 

"I came here… I needed to hear you out." 

"Who are you?" The voice shouted. Furthermore, the words repeated, saturating the air with its murmur. 

Thump! Thump! Thump! The forested areas shouted as well. 

Ean squatted to the ground endeavoring to get away from the cold, and the forested areas, and the furious voice. 

"Who are you?" The voice murmured. 

His heart stepped in his chest. His breathing filled his blood with cold oxygen. His muscles shuddered and his voice gave out, done willing to express another word. He crept away from the tree to look at the white figure, to possibly respond to her inquiry by showing himself, yet the inquiry blurred into air and he saw what the white figure before him truly was. 

An old white cover swung from a tree, half-torn, influencing in the breeze like worn out leaves. There was no voice, there was no melody, and the forested areas turned out to be tranquil. 

"Goodness yes." He said, alone. "I recollect you, Ann. I shouldn't have neglected, and I shouldn't have come here at this hour." 

He rose to his feet and said a petition, and afterward he returned home. The crickets sang once more, and the breeze whistled in his window, and it was excruciating, yet it was okay.

The same way, he trumbled the neck of his shoulder on his treble nist.

How terrible is it? Sometime, nobody look it, nobody see it. how small is the apple in the world of future?

April 10, 2021 11:43

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13:38 Apr 19, 2021

thank you to all of you, who liked my writing styles.


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00:27 Apr 19, 2021

please subscribe, like and share my you tube channels opher serey and covidator-21 reyes, thank you.


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Rose Quartz
22:16 Apr 18, 2021

This was an amazing story, I love your use of imagery and metaphors, and I can see this being a movie. This is one of my favorites so far. Good work


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