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“Emerald darling, I wish to have a word with you!” Ira says from the bottom of the stairs. 

Emerald walks down casually, allowing her long silky dress to drag down each step. 

“What is it I can help you with?” Emerald says politely. 

“Master Shane is visiting the castle today, and he wishes to talk to you.”

“Who is this “master Shane?” 

“From what they told me, he is the master of all kings and queens! 

“Well, if that’s the case, I will go get ready and tidy up my hair.”

“Hurry now. Master doesn’t like when people are late.”

Emerald rushes up the stairs and throws her hair in a beautiful bun, then ties a gold chain around it. She walked to the window to see a limo pull up on her property and squints her eyes in an attempt to see who was inside. Unfortunately, she was unable to see. Within three minutes, a tall figure stands outside the car. He had blond curly hair and wore an expensive velvet tuxedo. He looked up at my window and instructed me to meet him outside. 

“Goodmorning, master Shane,” Emerald says sincerely. 

“You don’t remember who I am, do you?”

“I can’t lie and say I do. Did you know me when I was little?”

“I guess you could say that. Take a walk with me. There’s something we need to discuss.”

Emerald’s crown reflected against the harsh sun, and Emerald felt her body struggle to continue walking.

“We can take a break and sit on the bench near the fountain if you so please.”

“I would like that,” Emerald replied. 

Emerald took her crown off because it made her head sweaty, and Shane took it gently and placed it on his lap. 

“What are you doing with my crown?” Emerald asked. 

“I will explain after I ask you this question. How is your life as a princess?”

“I like it very much, thank you for asking. I wake up, splash water on my face, and then the girls come in to help me with my hair and my makeup. I have several expensive dresses, and baths are the most relaxing part of my day! How is life living as a master?”

“Quit the act, Emerald! I am not a master. There isn’t such a thing. A master is a teacher in a karate class. Why are you so gullible?”

“I just heard-”

“Never mind that. What was your life like before you were a princess? Like when you were in high school and not some kind of royal school.”

“I remember having a boyfriend, his name was-”

Shane looked at her, disappointed. 

“His name was Shane,” Emerald confessed. 

They both sat in silence and stared down at their laps. None of them knew what to say next. Shane, still holding the crown, began feeling the rims of the solid gold. 

“Listen, Emerald. If you want to escape this imperial life of yours, you need to give up this crown.”

Suddenly, Prince Ira walked up from behind him and offered a glass of alcohol. 

“No thanks, sir. I don’t drink,” Shane said. 

“Why are you holding Emerald’s crown?” Ira asked. 

“She was just letting me see it, and I was just about to leave.”

Shane got up from the bench and looked Emerald in the eye. Finally, he placed the crown on her head once more. 

“It was nice seeing you, Emerald,” Shane said.

Before Emerald was able to speak, Ira sat next to her and kissed her on the forehead. A tear was rolling down Emerald’s cheek. She watched Shane walk away, a crunch of leaves after each step. 

“Is something wrong, dear?”

“Stop touching me!” Emerald screamed. 

Emerald’s father ran outside after hearing all the commotion and looked at Emerald with horror. Shane looked behind him and started to inch back to the fountain. 

“Emerald, what do you think you are doing!”


“We can find you a new husband! We can set up a new arrangement!”

“Why can’t I be the one to choose!” 

“Because that’s not the way things work at the castle! You know that!”

Emerald walked closer to her father until she was eye to eye with him. 

“For years, many have said things needed to change. Still, nothing has happened. One princess after another keeps thinking to themself if they would be able to change something. However, they always rely on someone else to do it for them. Well, that just isn’t me.”

“What are you saying?”

“I am saying I don’t want to be a princess anymore.”

She looked over to where Shane was standing as hope was growing intensely in his eyes. 

“You are giving up the crown? And for what reason would you do something so stupid?”

“I can name several reasons! I can’t pick out my clothes, can’t do my hair, I feel pressured to look my best every day, I have to sleep in a dress, FOR HEAVEN SAKE DAD YOU WON’T EVEN LET ME EAT ON MY OWN WITHOUT PULLING OUT MY CHAIR AND PULLING MY HAIR BACK FOR ME! WHAT’S NEXT? WILL YOU BE GIVING ME A BIB!”



Emerald held the crown, took one more look at it, and closed her eyes. 

“Don’t you dare,” Father said

“True love is when one doesn’t give up on you. I don’t want this life anymore. I want to go with the person who waited for me even when I shot him down.”

“You are making a mistake.”

“There is nothing more I regret than marrying someone I didn’t know. Now I have a chance to fix this, and I won’t let you be the one to stop me.”

Without another word, Emerald throws the crown violently and continuously steps on it as if it was an ant. The father passed out, and Prince Ira seemed disappointed. 

“What now?” Prince Ira said. 

“Now, I escape.”

Emerald ran in Shane’s arms and cried.

“I am so sorry I left you! I shouldn’t have done that to you!” Emerald said. 

“It wasn’t your fault.” He assured her. 

He held her tightly and made sure she was comforted in his embrace. 

“I will never let you out of my sight again. And that’s a promise.”

April 04, 2021 00:26

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12:26 Apr 13, 2021

I really like this!! One tiny plot critique: -You said near the end that Emerald wasn’t able to do her own hair, but at the beginning she told her maid she was going to “tidy up her hair”. Sometimes, I read my stories out loud to myself to catch the tinier mistakes. Really great story! I liked the characters!


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