American Coming of Age Funny

I have been watching a lot of diss tracks lately, tik tok is so hype. SO taught to kinda give everybody a friendly diss, please don’t take it personally, it's just for fun and some change.

Hey, hey you downvoter

Running behinds others points, shows how shallow you are from the mind

You think taking karma makes me a loser

But you are wrong you pathetic chooser, instead of downvoting me

You should have chosen yourself, because your writing needs a band-aid, just like your mental health

Devaki you downvoted everybody because you were jealous

But instead of doing that you should have worked on your focus

Spent a lot of time downvoting us, wasted it instead of investing in us

Your actions don’t bother me, because I am the queen here

To other downvoters who are obsessed with me.

Better catch my writing before you get depressed about your doing

I am way better at these karma points, soon to get published my works which worth more than your dime

Thanks for investing time over me, better hit the like before you get dismissed

Aerin, Luke, and others, I have a message for you all

Don’t run behind points, that’s lower than your bar

Your writing is healthy just like quinoa, don’t flex your muscles on this loser na,

Hey Mania, my soul sister, keep showering us with your load

Your writing makes me cry and gives a preload

Lone wolf you are my bestie, I love when you get a little rusty

Your care has given me powers, watch ur steps downvoter before knocking you out in this rattle

Sia, babe we were bitches to each other, but now let's get hitched back together

You remind me of my teenhood, so better make it a best friend jab, so let's make it to first name dude

Maya my babe you are soul soother, I wanna hang out on your pad to take a little Breezer

I am not your bad girl, stay off my lane

If you try to mess me then I am gonna grab your fame

SO, bye everybody, not interested in you

Wanna hang out then Dm me fast here too.

April 06, 2021 15:08

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11:04 Apr 07, 2021



Radhika Diksha
11:16 Apr 07, 2021



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