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                              THE POWER

Yea 2052 A.D.  New Delhi

Prime Minister Ravindra Teja looked a little bit serious which is abnormal to his nature. He is the Prime minister of a Super power in the world. Both economically and militarily India occupied the first place due to economic boom and strategical outwitting of many European nations in competitive trade and commerce. 

U.S and China were in tenth and eleventh ranks in GDP growth in all the assessments of rating agencies such as IMF, FITCH, Moody’s and Standard and Poor etc., whereas India proudly galloped to the first place in the last two decades. China lost major chunk of its export revenue due to sanctions by almost all the countries in the world. Prime minister Ravindra Teja enjoyed the advantage and his interactions with public, diplomats and press reporters were witty, intellectual and full of laughter and happiness. 

Pakistan has become a friendly nation and got rid of all terrorist outfits from its territories. Pakistan received a huge financial package from India and started travelling towards economic development.

But today, Prime minister Ravindra Teja is serious.

 Two days ago, he called for the meeting of his ministers in the Cabinet. The meeting discussed about a very serious issue, the clue about which, could not be accessed even by the smartest media channel. India has already banned the speculative assessments by media and media trials through an Act passed by parliament. Hence the public in general waited for the official announcement by the Prime minister.

“we are all ready for retaliation” Chief of forces Arvind Saxena told the prime minster in an assertive and firm voice.

The meeting of the Chiefs of all armed forces with the Prime minster was going on at the residence of the prime minister. The venue was chosen to keep the media away and to ensure secrecy. The meeting started at 1 a.m. All the participants reached the venue in private vehicles. There was no clue of this meeting to any reporter of any media channel.

“Retaliation! Yes! We can. But I am surprised that Bangladesh our neighbour and our friend for the past six decades declared a war on India. Yes. We have some disputes regarding some areas in the border. But it is a trivial issue. My honourable friend and the prime minister of Bangladesh has said that they are economically strong and sound equalling India. He wants to register his economic supremacy in this region. Hence claims that Kolkata belongs to Bangladesh which was denied to east Pakistan at the time of partition.” Prime minister smiled.

“I firmly believe that either he or his advisories have gone mad” said Vipul Rawat the commander of Indian Airforce. 

“He should have demanded New Delhi, isn’t it?” laughed Narayan Singh the commander of Indian Navy.

“From the PowerPoint presentation we have just seen, jokes apart, Bangladesh is serious about their territorial claim for Kolkata” said the prime minster “in addition to that, they have piled up their armed forces and aircrafts at the border. Intelligences sources say that in the next forty-eight hours they will move their troops to Kolkata via the Chicken’s neck area in Siliguri. You know that it is a very narrow passage but we have no control over that area. Bangladesh has an advantage to move easily into that area and proceed further. India will not budge. I request you to present your joint strategy to counter attack the infiltrators.”

The discussions went for nearly three hours. Ultimately the Chief of Indian armed forces presented a plan that met with the approval of the Prime minister.

“Dear friends! I am happy that this plan will lead India to a remarkable victory. Ensure that our operation starts at 6 p.m. tomorrow. Also ensure that the plan does not leak at any point of time.  Thank you. Jaihind!”.


Syed Abdul Kareem, Chief of Bangla Army stood on the top of a small hillock and watched the formations of his army troops. The operation is simple. His troops will pass through the chicken’s neck area single file and reach the borders of Kolkata within one hour. Bangla air force will provide air cover with fifteen attacking aircrafts. The missile attacks, fight with the army protecting the border and air attack will start precisely at one fixed time. As negotiations are on, India so far has not piled up the required troops and ammunition at the Kolkata border. This is an added advantage he thought.

Evening 5.30.

The troops of Bangla army started moving towards chicken’s neck.

6.00 p.m.

Suddenly all the lights in the entire area went off. There was darkness everywhere. Before the Bangla army could initiate alternative arrangements, one hundred aircrafts from India zoomed in the sky over the Bangla troops. There was incessant bomb shelling, missile attacks and attack by

Brahmos at their camps within border of Bangladesh. Within 15 minutes the operation was over and all the aircrafts returned to Kolkata.  

Not a single soldier from Bangladesh survived. The fifteen aircrafts of Bangladesh which provided aircover to the troops turned into junk.

“Operation Power succeeded! Victory to India! ” Arvind Saxena the Chief of Indian Armed forces sent message to the Prime Minister

At 9 P.M Prime minister of India Ravindra Teja addressed the nation.

“Dear brothers and sisters! I have good news for you! You know that India believes in peaceful coexistence. We want neighbours as our friends. But if somebody tries to break our territorial integrity India will show him that we will not budge.

India cannot be and will not be defeated.

Yesterday our neighbouring friendly country Bangladesh has sent their armed troops to attack Kolkata. They claim that Kolkata belongs to Bangladesh.

Our army retaliated in a very admirable manner. The operation was named as Operation power.

The idea was very simple. As we are supplying electric power to Bangladesh and the border areas our Armed forces cut off power supply for one hour at 6.00 p.m. yesterday. Bangla army were infiltrating through the area called Chicken’s neck in Siliguri. It is a narrow stretch. The Bangla troops were stranded in that area when power went off. Under the cover of pitch darkness, Indian Airforce attacked them with 100 aircrafts shelling bombs incessantly for15 minutes.

Meanwhile an attack by Brahmos in the army camp within Bangla border eliminated the troops stationed there.

Thus within 15 minutes operation power was over and our aircrafts returned to Kolkata victoriously.

This victory is the victory of our nation!This victory is the victory of the people of our nation!

This victory is the victory of truth and justice!


The Prime minister shook hands with the chief commanders of Army, Navy and Airforce of India and the Chief commander of all the armed forces of India and left the venue.



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