New Town, Old Tricks

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Adventure Fantasy Gay

"I can see it now. Newtown's Quarterback turned criminal. Why the fuck did I let you drag me into this?" Dallas screamed as he swerved in and out of the traffic on the highway, foot smooshed against the gas pedal to try to put as much distance between them and the fucking MONSTERS chasing after them.

He chanced a look in his rearview mirror and saw the carnage left in the giant, grotesque, anteater-looking things' wake. Cars were swerving out of the way or being crushed under large monster hands, people were screaming. And Sixx was halfway out the window with the handgun he had lifted from his dad before they had went on this stupid adventure, shooting useless bullets at the creatures.

When the clip ran out, Sixx pulled himself back in, spitting out a few strands of his hair that had gotten windswept into his mouth. "Look I just knew that the military was doing some sketchy shit down in the old coal mines. I didn't know they were growing fucking monsters!" Dallas groaned, barely pulling the wheel in time to narrowly avoid hitting a mini van.

"You and your government conspiracies man. Why can't you be like every other stoner and talk about aliens- or- i don't know- the government poisoning us or something? Why do you always have to unearth the real shit and why do you keep involving me in it?"

Sixx loaded another clip into the gun- Dallas didn't even know he knew how to shoot- and moved to stick his head back out the window. " One, I only smoke on the weekends so I'm not really a stoner. I'm more of a grungy kind of guy. Two, I don't look for this shit, it somehow always finds me! Plus wouldn't you want to know that the government is using your middle of America bum-fuck nowhere town to grow fucking monsters before one decides pop up and eat your head off or something? And three-" He popped a few rounds off, one managing to a monster in the eye. He looked back into the car for a second to meet Dallas's eyes. "You're kinda cute and fun to be around, Mister Popular."

Dallas felt his face flush, but not with adrenaline. "Could you find other ways to flirt with me than taking down mad scientists and destroying half our city- bridge!" Sixx looked behind him toward the direction they were driving and the midtown bridge that was rising on each side to let a boat pass through.

"Floor it!" He shouted, shoving his body back into the car and forcing his foot into the driver side, pushing down Dallas's foot with his own. Dallas could feel his throat in his chest and his skull as he screamed, his car going airborne.

We're not gonna make it, he thought, the other side of the bridge looking thousands of miles away as the car began to pitch downward. "We're gonna make it!" Sixx screamed beside him, making him realize he had said that out loud.

The front tires of the car barely made contact with the other side and the underbelly scraped along the edge. Dallas shoved his other foot on the break petal as they zoomed forward, almost into the side of another car.

The car flipped over and over again, before stopping on its side. Dallas gasped as pain shot through his skull and down his back. His brain felt muddled and his vision was fuzzy. Panic rose in him when his head started to clear.

Shit, Sixx.

"Sixx? Sixx!" He yelled, voice rasped out of him. He ripped off his seatbelt and turned to see if he was in the back. His stomach dropped when he didn't find him there.

A groan outside the car caught his attention. He pulled himself out of the open window, coming to sit on top of his now overturned Mercedes and found Sixx banged up but alive on the other side. A weight seemed to lift off his chest.

Dallas slid off the top of the car, rushing to meet Sixx and pull him into a hug. Sixx groaned again, clutching his ribs. "Dude I think I broke a rib." Dallas pulled him back in, just glad he was alive.

From the other side of the bridge came a roar, the both of them turning back to watch as not one, but all three of the monsters threw themselves off the top and hurled toward them. Dallas choked back his fear and began to pull Sixx into a run.

"Wait!" Sixx shouted. Dallas stopped and they watch as the three monsters completely missed the clearing, slipping down into the water below them. Only the last one managed to hook a claw in the top of the bridge, but it was too heavy to pull itself off and slipped down following the other two.

Sixx and Dallas rushed to the edge of the bridge to watch as they sank down below, a few bubbles popping up, but no monster resurfacing. "Huh." Sixx said, turning back to give Dallas a smile. "Guess they don't know how to swim." Dallas glared back at him. "You're fixing my car, asshole." Sixx grinned wider. "Anything for you, babycakes."

Dallas's face flashed red at the pet name. "Don't call me babycakes. Also if this was your idea of a date, I don't know if I would even consider dating you." Sixx tilted his head at him, a knowing grin still plastered on his face and hand still pressed against his aching ribs. "Who said anything about dating?"

Dallas's face was burning. He sputtered out half garbled replies before Sixx took pity on him with a laugh and a wince. "Easy there tough guy. If you want a date, I'll give you a date." Dallas looked at him skeptically. He crossed his arms over his chest and tilted his chin up.

"No mad scientists and monsters?" Sixx smirked. "No mad scientists and monsters." Dallas huffed. "Fine, but any show up, I am going to kick you ass." Sixx smiled. "As long as you kiss it better after."

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