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“Wake up, Ivan!” The voice of my mom floated over to me, disturbing my wonderful dream. I groan and stuff the pillow over my head. Couldn’t I have finished that dream before Mom awoke me? Now, I was never going to be able to find and resume that dream. Sighing, I stumbled out of bed and brushed my teeth. While doing so, I walked to my window, my eyes widening. 

There was white fluffy substance everywhere. I scream. I can’t help it. I quickly finish brushing my teeth, change, then bolt downstair’s. 

“M-mom! Something’s happening! O-outside! I-!” 

“Relax Sam, it’s snow. It’s your first time seeing it. We’re not going to be taken over by aliens.” My Mom soothingly said from her place by the stove.

“Snow?” I whisper. I researched more about snow.

Snow comprises individual ice crystals that grow while suspended in the atmosphere—usually within clouds—and then fall, accumulating on the ground where they undergo further changes

“So, it’s cold.” I say. It wasn’t my first winter. I had thirteen year’s of winter, but I had lived in California, but this year, however, I’d just moved to Vermont. Big change. Mom glances over at me.

“Are you going to go play in the snow?”

“What?” I asked, completely horrified. “Play in the cold?! Mom, are you crazy?!” Mom turns down the fire.

“Well, I just remember when I was a kid, I always wanted to play in the snow. Good times.” Mom chuckled, sliding the pancake onto a plate. I shook my head, muttering to myself. The doorbell suddenly rings. 

“Who would be at our door in the cold?” I mutter to myself. Mom hastily unties her apron and speed-walks to the door. Our neighbor is there. Our new one’s. There’s a boy, taller than me, he has brown hair that’s hidden beneath a red beanie. He has blue eyes that go well with the white background. I automatically hated our neighbor’s. Yes, yes, I’m quick to judge. Now you stop judging 

“Come in, come in!” My mom invites, urging our neighbor’s to come in. The woman with warm brown eyes smile’s and steps in, dragging her son inside. “This is Eon, Ivan. Ivan, this is Eon. Would you like to show him around, please?” The boy’s name was Eon. It sounded annoying.

“Yeah, sure. Whatever.” I groan, dragging myself out of my chair. My mom and Eon’s mom chatter while I trudge up the stairs. I promtly flop onto my bed. 

“Why are you here?” I whine. Eon stares at me with those clear blue eyes. 

“Why the mood?”


“How come?” Eon walks over to me after examining my snow-globes on the shelf. I have tons. I’ve been collecting them for my whole entire life. He sits on my bed without any invitation. How rude. 

“Well, let me think about that. You barge into my house-”

“I did not barge.”

“And you ruin my breakfast.” I finish as if he hadn’t spoken a word.

“Wanna go play in the snow?” Eon asks. 

“No.” I simply reply, turning my head to look at Eon. “I just don’t like you, okay? Can you just accept that?” I harshly say, glaring at Eon.

“Just because you don’t like me, doesn’t me I don’t like you.” Eon retorts, looking straight back at me. How bold. Oddly, I blushed.

“I’m not gay.” I said aloud. Eon doesn’t break his gaze from mine.

“Your not? Anyone would think you are.” Stupid guy, he was tricking me into some sort of…Thing! I wasn’t going to fall for it.

“Yeah. I’m not gay. You?” I inquire. 

“Yeah. I am.” 

“Good. We know each other. Now, shoo, fly.” I shove Eon outside the door ignoring his protests and look out the window at the cursed snow. 

“That’s blocking me from going to Sarah’s house.” I grumble. Sarah was my friend. No, I did not like her. She was simply my friend. Sarah has dirty-blonde hair, always pulled back by a head band. She’s very sporty and a tom boy. However, her sister on the other hand…One word to describe her sister, who’s name is Merilyn. Sassy. Merilyn is one of those girls who are just plain mean and sassy. Those types of girls think’s their popular, and everyone likes them. I think Merilyn-no. I’m sure Merilyn has a crush on me. But it faded yesterday.

I realized I had to go downstair’s. Groaning, I opened the door and almost ran into Eon.

“I knew you’d come out soon.” Eon grinned.

“Be quiet.” I snap as the doorbell rang. The familiar screaming voice came from the other side of the door.

FBI open up! I’ve come to check your house!” Sarah calls as she bangs on the door. I flew down the stairs, it was the only excuse to get away from Eon.

“Sarah!” I exclaim, opening up.

“Hey!” Sarah greets. “I had to bring Mrs. Snobbish along. Sorry about that.” Mrs Snobbish is her nickname for Merilyn. Sure enough, peeking over Sarah’s shoulder was 17-year old Merilyn.

“You got a cute boy at your house.” Merilyn noted.

“He’s not cute.” I hiss. Eon was meanwhile holding Mr. Chubbs, my cat. Sarah rolls her eyes.

“I agree with Ivan.” Sarah pushed me aside and ran into the house.

Mr. Chubbs!” Sarah grabbed Mr. Chubbs from Eon, shoved him, then ran upstairs, still carrying Mr. Chubbs. “Mission achieved!” Sarah yelled. Eon looked bewildered. Merilyn sassily walked towards Eon, who was getting up.

“Hey, cutie pie. What are you doing in this shabby house?” Merilyn cooed.

“This isn’t a shabby house.” I snap on my way up the stair’s. Eon glances at the kitchen.

“I came to visit Ivan.” Eon replied.

“Why would you visit that ugly boy?”

“He’s not ugly.” Eon protested. I was sitting by the stairs, eavesdropping while Sarah sat next to me, playing with Mr. Chubbs. Merilyn rolled her eyes. Merilyn has blonde hair and has a larg amount of makeup on. Red lipstick, pink eye-shadow, and very, very long eye-lashes.

“Come on, why would you want to visit him. Aren’t I much better?”

“No. He’s better. At least he’s cuter.” Eon calmly replies. Merilyn gasp dramatically and puts a hand to her chest.

“Excuse me, young man? Don’t you know to respect other people?”

“I didn’t disrespect you. I simply told the truth.” Eon smiled. He waved to Merilyn before heading upstair’s.

“Mr. Chubb’s, aren’t you a fat cat? Aren’t you a fat cat?” Sarah baby-talked Mr. Chubb’s. I was fine with it, as long as Mr. Chubb’s was fine with it. Eon reached us, and sat down next to me.

“I told you to leave.” I mutter. Eon shrugged. 

“I’m staying here for a while.

I didn’t really hate Eon anymore. He’d come to my house more than once. Perhaps…A few times every day? The way he acted made me like him. There were thousands of times when he asked me to go out in the snow, but I simply refused. I wasn’t ready to step in the cold world. I liked the warm world.

Currently, we were playing with Mr. Chubb’s.

“Boy’s, how about going out in the snow?” My mom asked, walking over to us.

“I don’t want to go.” I retort, keeping my eyes trained on Mr. Chubb’s.

“I do.” Eon counter’s. I hmph and cross my arms. Mom smiles.

“Well, I’m going to go shopping,” Mom grabs her purse and waves before heading out the door. 

“Come on, let’s go outside!” Eon whined. “Please?” He begged. 

“Not today. Maybe tomorrow.”

“You always say that.” Eon complained, but he silently agreed and contuinued to play with Mr. Chubb’s. 

Another day. 

It was a beautiful day. The snow seemed to sparkle as I looked out my window. I felt a tug to go outside, nevertheless, I stayed inside. Aiden and I were sitting on the couch, drinking hot chocolate and wrapped in fuzzy warm blankets. Mr. Chubb’s, is of course, sitting on our lap, purring loudly. I smile and close my eyes, relishing this moment. 

“Ivan?” Eon’s voice was soft as he awoke me. I open my eyes slowly. 

“Hmm?” I say groggily, at the brink of sleep. 

“I-I have a question for you…” Eon stuttered, looking at me in the eye. His blue eyes sparkled once again. I rub my eyes, I can detect the seriousness in his tone. Was he going to move or something? Did he already have a boyfriend? 

“I’m listening.” I proclaimed, sitting up straighter, causing an unhappy cat to slide off my lap. Mr. Chubb’s yowled and hissed at me before jumping upon Eon’s lap. 

“W-will you be my boyfriend?” 5 words. Just 5 simple words. Yet 5 simple words can hit you hard. Especially that last word. Boyfriend. Boyfriend. Boyfriend. Why did the word’s hit me so hard? Shouldn’t I have known this was coming? I told Eon I was straight, hadn’t I? If I wasn’t…What would my mom say?

“Ivan! Your a disgrace to the family! How disgusting of you to like boy’s!” I imagined my mom saying. I shuddered. 

“I…” However, what about Eon? Kind Eon, who’d cared for me and was always there for me. Could I break his heart? Could I bare living right next door to him after saying no to him? That was a big question. A big question I needed to think about. Yet, I couldn’t think. My mind…It went splat. The argument inside my head increased. 

But do you love Eon? 

“Yes.” I whispered softly. It didn’t matter how my mom thought. She could hate me all she wanted for liking a boy. Eon was someone I loved, I had to leave my mom one day after all. Eon was someone I wanted to be with, forever. 

It was the day today. After waking up on the couch with Eon, he kissed me. I looked at him in the eye, and spoke slowly.

“I-I want to go out in the snow.” I stammer, half unsure of my decision. Now, you might think I’m childish to be scared of the snow. The thing is, I’ve had a bad past with it. I’ve seen many get hurt, and die on the new’s. I don’t want that happening to me. But for Eon, I will. We got dressed to go outside-(I borrowed Eon’s snow-clothes.)

I opened the door and a cool breeze wrapped around me. Urging me to take my first step out in the snow. The sparkling white blanket that covered everywhere. And one day, the blanket would be uncovered. No snow left. I look at the snow, then at Eon. I smile. 

“For you.” I tell Eon before taking my first step ever in the snow.

For you. 

January 19, 2021 22:27

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Ari Berri
15:23 Jan 20, 2021

This story is awesome! My favorite of yours so far. Nice job!


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Beth Connor
22:37 Jan 27, 2021

This was such a sweet story, I enjoyed it! Someone in your comments suggested smoother transitions, something that helps me is reading my stories out loud. Great job!


Thank you for your help! I re-read this story aloud and discovered many childish mistakes. I can't edit it now, though, sadly. The contest already ended. :(


Beth Connor
23:34 Jan 27, 2021

Oh goodness, you are too hard on yourself- I hate when the contest ends and I can't fix stuff hahaha.


I know, on a lot of my stories I spotted stupid mistakes, and I attempted to fix them but... "The contest ended, you submission cannot be edited."


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Thank you so much for you help!


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Ari Berri
22:44 Jan 21, 2021

New story!


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Unknown User
21:14 Jan 27, 2021

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Thank you for the suggestions!


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