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Follow me on Reedsy Discovery! Hollow City is available on Amazon, yay! I have been so lucky to get to know so many amazing writers on Reedsy - and some have been kind enough to let me narrate their stories! Check out these Authors on Reedsy and Crossroads Cantina: Thom Brodkin: Choices (release on 8/3) Deidre Lovegren: Irrumator Praetor Matrem (release on 7/6) Shea West: Anatomy of a Confession (release on 6/29) Redd Herring: Book of Choices Lizzy Duffield-Fuller: The Parade and The Ball K. Antonio: Where Do The Memories Go? Heather McQuaid: The Lorelei Michael Boquet: Route 5 email me at: if you want your story read on crossroads cantina(or you want to narrate it!)