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I try to scream but there is no voice coming out of my voice. It feels like my voice just got stolen. I keep trying though. I open my mouth and try to scream but obviously the warlock has stolen my voice. I close my eyes. His appearance is so powerful that I HAVE to close my eyes. It isn’t like it’s going to turn me into stone or anything like Medusa, but just as bad. How? If you look at him in the eye, you’ll feel like, “Oh my god I’m going to dye but I’m paralyzed so I’m going to die in less than 1 second type.” I’m pretty sure you will never know what it is to feel like it is. It’s like looking into a Titan or a God that is so mad that he or she turns into full god mode and looks at you. Of course their look is so powerful that you’ll perish but that’s what it is to look at it in its eye (almost). I don’t know what to call the thing that came out of a book. So let me tell you how I got trapped by this… um… Warlock! I still have no idea what this mist looking thing is but dang it was strong. It also had some kind of a magic that was very strong. Ok. I must tell you because I might not have long to live. So… I was at my palace’s library to browse some books since we have all of the books in this world. I was just looking when I saw a book that was all golden! I knew something was fishy, but I was greedy. I was a greedy little king that wanted the golden book. RRRRR!!!! I am just so mad at myself!! RRRRR!!! When I went ten more feet towards the book, it started to look like it was glowing! I mean, it was to good to be good! I mean how can you resist a golden book that glows! I mean could you resist it!? I was getting closer to the book. Ten… five… and then I was a foot away from the book. As I picked it up, a giant red mist covered me! I couldn’t see anything! Then a giant dust storm blew in my eyes and then, I’m in this carriage with a guy with two golden horses. Aaaaaannndddddd that’s how I’m trapped in this carriage that’s so small I can’t move. If I want to open my eyes, I just have to look only on the road because we’re at least 10,000 feet above sea level. I also am terribly scared of heights so the first time I looked down, I barfed up my fresh picked strawberries and warm pancakes with gooey maple syrup. Now I have this sour taste in my mouth I keep spitting out. Also, after a day or two I would die of starvation so I’ll have to escape by then.

April 10, 2021 03:04

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