An Unlikely Hero (Part 3. A Night to Remember)

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Adventure Fantasy

Piper felt the sun warm her body, and opened her eyes. It was a clear day, compared from the day before, and it was perfect weather to fly.

"You ready to go?" she heard Captain Draco ask. Piper turned her head around to face him, and saw that his weapons had been placed in their rightful sheaths, and it appeared he had gathered some supplies while she was asleep because she notice there was a burlap bag slung over his shoulder.

"Go where?" she asked, getting to her feet. "That Arachnid Queen is probably long gone from the village."

"We're going to the Pixie kingdom, Timberwell, so we can enlist help in fighting the Arachnid Queen." Draco answered, as he flew past Piper and out the cave entrance.

Piper flew after, and caught up with him. "Isn't Timberwell outside the forest?" she asked. Draco nodded and asked, "Why?"

Piper could feel her face go red with embarrassment as she answered, "I've never been outside Moon-Drop Woods." she gave out a nervous laugh, as Draco gazed down at her.

"Never in your life?" he asked. Piper nodded, but stayed quiet. "Well then, you'll get to have a new experience. Pranking fairies week after week sounds like it would get old fast." Draco said.

Again, Piper didn't say anything, but thought to herself, "It probably would if that was the only way I could get payback on the people who treated me like an outsider."

Draco and Piper flew northward in silence to where they hoped help was waiting. Unfortunately. they did not see the spider's silhouette and the dozens of eyes that was staring right at them.


Soon the forest trees disappeared from under the pixies and meadows with flowers speckling the surface replaced them. Piper halted and hovered above the ground. She then looked back toward the forest border.

"Piper, come. We do not have time to daydream!" she heard the Captain shout. Clutching her fists, she turned and continued to follow Draco.

Once she was again right alongside Draco, Piper heard him say, "I know going someplace new is scary, but you need to concentrate on the task at hand."

"Easy for you to say." she wanted to respond with, but she didn't want to be rude, so Piper clamped her mouth shut.


Minutes passed, and the pixies traveled on. Soon the minutes turned to hours. The sun was getting warm on Piper's wings, and beads of sweat streaked down her forehead.

"There! Timberwell is just on northern horizon!" Draco shouted, startling Piper out of thought. She sighed with relief when she saw the glimmering city only a few miles away.

"It is nearly dusk, we must fly quickly if we want to enter the city gates before they close." Draco warned Piper, starting to dive toward a stone bridge. Piper quickly followed.


The two pixies entered the city gates right on time. "State your business." a pixie soldier, who was stationed in front of the gate, ordered.

Captain Draco should the soldier his badge and stated, "My companion and I have come from the pixie village of Goldcrest, in Moon-Drop Woods. We must speak to the King, of private matters."

The soldier nodded, and responded, "I will grant you access but you will have to wait till dawn to speak with the King."

"Very well, come along Piper." Draco answered, strolling passed the soldier and into Timberwell.

The Captain and Piper traveled down the stone streets of the city, and were amazed to find so many lights and decorations covering each and every building. Fellow Pixies were also chatting with one another, and there was music echoing throughout the streets and walls.

"If it I didn't know any better, I'd say there is some kind of festival going on." Piper whispered. Draco nodded in agreement, and the two headed for the nearest tavern.

Minutes later, the Captain and prankster were sat down at a table, surrounded by many pixies who were talking and laughing.

Draco looked over at Piper and noticed that she seemed a little bit tense. "Are you alright?" he questioned, genuinely concerned.

"Yes, yes, I am alright. I just get nervous when I'm around this many people, and I haven't been to any sort of festival since I was a little girl." Piper answered.

Before Draco could question her further, someone shouted, "Captain Draco, is that you?!" Both Pixies' head turned toward the source of the shout, and they saw another soldier come stopping toward the table.

Draco's confused expression turned into a smile, as he recognized his buddy. "Wolf, good to see you old friend." he greeted, by standing up and slapping his friend's back, which made Piper jump.

"Who is this, lovely looking fairy you have with you, Draco?" Wolf asked, pulling up a chair, and sitting down at the table. Draco sat where he originally was sitting, and answered, "This is my companion, Piper."

Piper gave the newcomer a small smile and wave. "Not much of a talker, ain't she?" he chuckled. Draco grinned, shook his head, and responded with, "No, you should see her when she plays tricks though."

Piper tensed, and stared at the Captain with terror, but he gestured for her to calm down. "So, what brings you all the way here, Draco?" Wolf asked, not noticing the exchange.

"We need to speak to the King about a "private situation"." Piper answered, before Draco could respond. Draco glanced at her, and he could she was thinking, "You deserved that."

Wolf looked at Piper, and commented, "A sassy girl? I can tell, Draco, that this one has been a handful."

"You have no idea." Draco wanted to say, but didn't want to anger Piper than he had already, so he remained quiet.

"So, you need to talk with the king? I can get you two a private audience with him." Wolf continued. Both Piper and Draco's eyes lit up.

"Is there a catch?" Piper asked. "Ah, sassy and smart. Yes, in fact there is." Wolf grinned. The light in the two pixies' eyes dimmed, and Draco said, "I am sorry, my friend, but as of right now we cannot afford to pay you."

"I am not looking for payment, my friend. I just want you and your young companion here to join me for the party down in the town square." Wolf offered. Piper tensed again, and glanced over at Draco.

The Captain looked over at her, before shrugging, and answering, "We will join you, but I all we have to wear is the clothes we have on on now."

"That is fine. Come to my house. I may have things there you can borrow." he responded, standing from his seat. Piper and Draco stood up from the chairs as well and followed him out of the Tavern.


At Wolf's house, his wife, Maie, gave Piper a sparkling, Azure (shade of blue) dress, that also came with matching gloves. Maie also braided Piper's black hair. "You look gorgeous honey." she said, once Piper was finished.

"Do I really?" Piper question, examining herself. "Yes, you do. Draco tells me this is your first party in a long time, yes?" Maie replied.

Piper blushed in embarrassment, "He needs to stop telling people my personal secrets."

"Don't worry, sweetheart, you will have fun." Maie reassured her. There was a knock on the door. "We are finished, you may come in!" The door opened, and Draco walked through, wearing red and silver amour.

"Red does suit you Draco. Very nice." Maie complimented. Draco nodded, and said, "Shall we go Piper?" Piper nodded and raced to his side as they walked out of the house with Wolf toward the town square.


Piper was a nervous wreck when the entered the town square. So many people! "Try to relax Piper." Draco told her.

The Captain claimed a table, and said, "If you want to stay here that's okay. I'll be right back. Do you want some punch?" Piper shook her head, as she sat down.

"Alright, stay here." Draco ordered, before disappearing into the crowd of dancing pixies.

As Piper sat alone watching the dancing commence, she was reminded of the small parties her parents would take her to in their own village.

Before she could get too, deep in her thoughts however, she heard someone say, "May I have this dance?" She looked up, and saw a young male pixie, about her age, with sharp green eyes, and soft looking brown hair.

He was holding his hand out toward her, and had a smile upon his face; how could she not say yes? Nervously, she placed her hand in his, and she was gingerly pulled to her feet and led toward the rest of the crowd.

They started to slow dance together, and he said, "I'm Flint, and who might you be?" "Piper." she simply answered.

"You seem to be nervous. This your first time at a party like this?" Flint asks. Piper shyly nods, and said, "Haven't been to one since I was a small girl. I must warn you I am not a great dancer."

The last comment caused Flint to let out a snicker, and he retaliated with, "Well you are doing good so far." This time they both laughed. However, the moment was soon ruined.

Piper looked downward and saw what looked like an explosive. She pushed Flint away moment before it exploded.


A wave of heat and force slammed into Piper and she rolled across the ground. As Piper laid there, dazed and in pain, ringing and screams pounded on the instead of head.

Warm blood streaked down her cheek, and she could hardly breath. "Piper!" she heard a distant voice call.

Piper averted her eyes upwards and saw the blurry figure of Draco sprinting towards her. Moments later, the overwhelming feeling of sleep took over her body and drifted away from reality and into the dark.

To Be Continued...

May 10, 2021 02:53

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