Yaaay its Saturday I thought to myself as I rolled over in bed to get a good look at the small black alarm clock set in the middle of my night stand. It read the time 8 am. Every living breathing ten year old boys excitement no school today !!!

Just some good old fashioned fun!! Maybe today I will slay my first dragon . I grab the broom handle and dance down the hallway .,"RRRRAAAAHHH". There at the kitchen island sat mom drinking her morning coffee. The kitchen smells like strong coffee and hazelnuts. "Morning Jacob", mom says as she looks up from her

phone . " Morning ", I say back to mom. Mom is always busy working trying to take care of me you know since dad left.

Today mom has to work so I am allowed to have my friend Emanual look after me. He is amazing he's 12 . He loves adventure just like me and he is very responsible so naturally he won mom's heart.

Just then the doorbell rings its Emanual . I quickly run to the door and open it. "Goodmorning Emanual". I say enthusiastically . "Goodmorning Jacob ," Emanual replies. Okay boys mom says I have got to get out of here. I made some lasagna it is in the fridge for you boys for lunch. Have a wonderful day mom says and pats me on the head on the way out of the door. If you have any problems don't hesitate to call or text. Emanual and I grab the corn pops from the pantry we to fill our tummy's up so we can get outside and let our wild captivating adventurous day begin . Corn pops are only allowed when I have a babysitter mom says. I grab the milk out of the fridge and next thing you know we are enjoying every bite of that yummy not good for you cereal. Emanual says ok Jacob go and get dressed its pretty nice out today so lets go to the park. Park that is one of my favorite places in the entire world to go. The blue skies blanketing the green fields of magical opportunity except now the snow still covers the grass.Countless places to run and hide. The tire swings is a big pirate ship and we can make people walk the plank if we so desire. The monkey bars overlook a big mote with live crocodiles snapping at our ankles . Imagination is endless. Okay I'll be back in a minute. I dressed in my spiderman shirt cause well naturally he is one of my all time hero's and a pair of blue jeans. I grabbed my coat and put my boots mits and scarf on and out the door we went. The sun kissed my face as we left the house it was a beautiful mild winter day. Our house was about five blocks from Rutherford Park . Just a wonderful distance away. It gave Emanual and I time for catching up you know since the last time he babysat me. Have you seen the new Jurassic park movie Eamnual I said. Its out of this world its so amazing I almost threw my whole popcorn up in the air when the big gigantic tranasaurous Rex came out of nowwhere and bellowed out this incredible Roar. Emanual started to laugh no I haven't yet Jacob but I can tell from your reaction its a must see. We had just turned onto Carnabey Street just adjacent to the park, As we were walking I noticed a reflection of something shiny in the snowbank . I got closer to investigate, I brushed the snow away from the shiny object. Its an old black tin stuck in the snow. Emanual and I worked feverishly to get this tin unstuck from the snow. With one final tug I got it out but I pulled so hard that I fell on my butt in the snow . Which of course lead Emanual bursting out into uncontrollable laughter. I started laughing too. Its only my butt that's wet I said .It will dry. We decide to take the tin and investigate all of its contents at the park. As we got to the park we sat across from each other at the wooden picnic tables. The tin was tall and black with a golden colored lid. It had gold dragons painted on the outside with red fire blowing out of its nostrils. It was as big as moms red box of saltines she kept in the pantry to go along with our chicken noodle soup.

Wow I said as I looked it with amazement. Emmanual maybe there is hidden treasure in this can . We have to open it. I tried with all my might but I could not pry the lid off. Then Emannual said here let me try he pulled and he tugged but nothing happened. The lid on the black tin can was bent maybe someone had stepped on it in the snow cause nobody knew it was there. I've got an idea Emmanual said I will get a rock and smash the lid off. Ok I said and together we wandered around looking for a big rock . Found one I yelled it was buried under the big old spruce tree in the park that we nicknamed Big Ben. Emmanual turned the black tin on its side and held the top over the picnic table. I hung on to its body. Okay on the count of three I will smash this big rock on the top of the tin okay Jacob , Emmanual said. Okay Emmanual I said. One two three and like a giant bolt of lightening the rock came down and smashed the black tin so hard." Crack". And the bent steel lid flew about half a foot right up into midair and then landed on the ground. We did it, Hurray I yelled with accomplishment . Lets see what is in here I said. As we tipped the black steel box upright we gathered closer to peer inside. It was somekind of a white canvas bag stuffed tightly inside. Carefully we pulled it out . It looked very old. It had a long white string holding closed . We untied it and inside were an array of objects. A black and white photograph of what looked like a family. A man a woman and a small boy standing out on there front porch. I wonder who they were. We turned the photo over and it read Hanson's 1840. We both looked at each other wondering if this photo could really be from 1840. Next we saw a polkadot hanky. it was folded up into triangles. We carefully unfolded the traingles to reveal a pocket watch. Unbeleievable I said to Emanual. What is all this stuff ? I said. Emmanual said oh my gosh maybe this is some kind of time capsule from 1840's.With excitement we kept finding more and more things . A shiny army name plate reading the name Hanson. Could he have been in the war I wondered . At the very bottom was a very worn paper with some writing on it. It read to whomever finds this time capsule these are a few of our favorite things , from the Hanson's 1840.

It was really an lifechanging experience. Just as we were thinking of wrapping it up and going home I noticed small bump in the white canvas bag . I reached my hand in way over to the corner and pulled out a small wooden toy car. It was so neat it had round wooden wheels on it. Emmanual and I had the most amazing day ever, we packed up the time capsule and headed off for home. We just realized it was later than we thought and mom would be home soon in a couple of hours.

It only felt like a ten minute walk home from all over our exciting adventures that day . My face hurt from smiling ear to ear with happiness. Another thrill seeker's

Saturday spent with my Hero, Emmanual.

March 28, 2020 14:55

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Amany Sayed
19:40 Apr 05, 2020

I love the last sentence, it wraps the story up perfectly.


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Zilla Babbitt
22:15 Apr 08, 2020

Here for the critique circle :) Love this story! So sweet and kind of unexpected. You totally captured how Jacob idolizes Emmanuel. The only problem is grammar, I think. Like: Have a wonderful day mom says and pats me on the head on the way out of the door. I had to read a few of your sentences several times over to understand what you meant because there's no punctuation to speak of. "Have a wonderful day," Mom says, and pats me on the head on the way out of the door. A grammar reread is super easy and makes it way easier on the reader....


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