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Funny Lesbian Romance

It was three o'clock, Jasmine would be here any moment, Shay was more nervous now than when she asked her out. who even does Valentines Day anymore? its so cliché, checking her reflection in the mirror one last time and making certain there was no lipstick on her teeth. Shay inhaled deeply, winked at herself in the mirror and moved confidently to her apartment door.

Jasmine was literally trembling with excitement , she had been openly crushing on Shay for months, so when Shay leaned across the counter of the coffee shop where Jasmine worked, licked her lips, winked and asked coyly if she could have anything she wanted? Jasmines' face betrayed her, when she blushed crimson from the boldness of the woman asking the question.

This very attractive woman standing in front of her had no idea of how long Jasmine had dreamt of this moment.

Jasmine responded by saying yes, everything you see is, currently available. making sure to lick her own lips while glancing to the side seductively,

Shay, not wanting to lose the moment asked Jasmine if she would like to have a drink with her after her shift on Sunday, which just so happened to be Valentines Day. Jasmine eagerly accepted the offer and they exchanged numbers. Jasmine couldn't believe that her crush had just asked her out! she was literally on cloud nine for the rest of her shift.

Jasmine knocked on the door. Standing five feet five inches with the body of a gymnast, Jasmines' pretty face was heart shaped and thick curly jet-black hair tumbled wildly around her shoulders, she was gorgeous. Her honey brown eyes reflected a bright white smile. She looked like an island Goddess, her nutbrown skin contrasting sharply against the jean jacket, white crop top and blue jean leggings she was wearing, In her hand she held a single pink carnation.

Shay opened the door, Dressed in a white tank top and form fitting Levi 501's with a wide brown leather belt and an oversized horseshoe belt buckle. Her short cropped blonde hair complimented her pretty oval shaped face and her deep cerulean blue eyes twinkled when she smiled.

At first sight, both women inhaled deeply, simultaneously breathing in the essence of the other. Neither was prepared for the reaction they would have upon this first encounter, it was electric.

Jasmine extended the carnation toward Shays chest and said, happy Valentines Day, running her fingertips along Shays ribcage as slipped past her into the apartment.

Shay Moved to the side and waved Jasmine in with a flourish and a bow, Bienvenida a mi casa, she said giggling nervously as Jasmines touch ignited every nerve in her body. Shays' heart was pounding, she felt the hot blood rushing to her face.

The apartment was darling, it was a tiny one bedroom with a huge balcony facing the pacific ocean and the beautiful Oregon coast.

Shay ushered Jasmine to an overstuffed chair facing the balcony and offered her a glass of wine.

Jasmine took the glass from Shay and placed it on a side table. Using Shays hand to help her stand, Jasmine pulled Shay into her arms and gently kissed her. Shocked that Jasmine was so forward, but openly pleased that the ice was broken. Shay gently Kissed her back and exclaimed that this was the best first date she'd ever had. Shay called up Eric Clapton on Alexa, and they sank together into the accepting softness of the overstuffed chair, listening to soft jazz and watching the snow fall on the balcony Jasmine and Shay talked long into the night slowly and methodically getting acquainted with one another. Jasmine opened up to Shay about how badly she had been crushing on her and how she couldn't stop smiling each time she took her order, Shay exclaimed she was surprised that Jasmine hadn't noticed how completely obsessed she was with her. Shay confessed that she didn't even drink coffee! that she only went to the coffee shop every day to see her, and on that day she had finally worked up the courage to see if Jasmine was even interested in her, she said I thought you were a lesbian but I wasn't sure, I was so terrified of asking you out! Shay exclaimed.

Jasmine laid her head against Shays chest and said , I have thought about you every day for weeks, almost holding my breath waiting for you to come in. Shay said I feel exactly the same way. The girls sipped wine and snacked on hummus and pita chips, feeding each other and finger tracing the outline of each others faces.

The atmosphere was dripping with sexual tension as the girls kissed and explored each other with their eyes and mouths the tensions rose higher and higher, each woman trying desperately to maintain, to not let their desires completely consume them.

Jasmine was afraid to give in, she wanted to explore all that was Shay, but she did not want to rush into a sexual relationship, especially on the first date, number one, she didn't want to set herself up for heartbreak and number two, she wasn't an easy lay.

Shay, sensing that Jasmine was getting nervous about how fast things were progressing suggested that they step out onto the balcony to watch the sun set on the water.

The snow fell gently and the air was cold and just brisk enough to bring the sexual temperature back down to simmer.

Around midnight Jasmine declared that she should probably get going. Shay, determined not to let this magical evening end, asked if Jasmine would like to go out with her again? Jasmine said I thought you'd never ask.

Shay said, How about breakfast then, how do you like your eggs?

Jasmine said I'm vegan. Shay said that's perfect, so am I.

This was the first of many valentines days for Jasmine and Shay, their love story continues to be written.

Never be afraid to pursue your dreams, you will never know what could have been if you don't try to achieve it.

Tanya Stingley



February 13, 2021 21:44

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1 comment

Alejandra Medina
16:51 Mar 17, 2021

Aww, this story was so sweet! I loved both of these characters and found myself wanting to read more about their relationship.


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