Name is Monk, Mames Monk

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Funny Adventure Fantasy

EARTH: Year 2055

We people were so bloody busy destroying our homes with extra-ordinary capabilities in torturing each other’s communities and putting blames on others, that we often neglected the forthcoming dangers for existence of human species on planet Earth. Blinded with craziness for more power, we created the biological problems that even the smartest community of scientists were unable to address, forget about finding the solution to earlier blunders we committed.

Yet, some of our own species have had a good heart and soul, who worked harder than ever to try and repair the damage. Named Agents were working hidden in the crowd, handling respective emergency political crisis situations. But, sometimes even the best could not survive negotiating a suicide bomber or defusing a nuke, and face of Earth had a bad makeup with the result of some very cunning fellows sitting on the top.


MARS: Year 3087.153

Earth survived the 2057 Meteor Rain and 2097 Solar Heat Waves but is now home to ruins of what existed as flourishing green and blue planet.

Many of us accepted our fate and decided to melt perishable bodies in the destruction caused by the bombardment of spatial bodies on Earth. Few others believed in divine powers and spiritually claimed their souls. Some joined the Space exploration and decided to find a closer human habitable planet.

Emergency situation is alerted on Mars that needs immediate attention. Astronaut who is also trained as Best Agent on job is chosen, who prepares for the first ever dangerous mission in Space.


Exploration of planet Mars came in handy. The solar heat waves caused the frozen matter inside core of Mars to melt, enough to produce water, oxygen, atmosphere and regenerated algae and bacteria, resulting in forestation on most of the planet’s surface making it habitable for humans. Though some chemicals and gases remain in its atmosphere, that may cause mayhem periodically.

Spaceflight finished its 136th flight to Mars and plans are in-place to reach Jupiter for accessibility and vast landscape.

New Launch to Mars is prepped for agent’s spaceflight. The mission’s logistics is already taken care of by the super high tech AI driven rockets, now controlled from remote observatory on the destination planet. T-minus-Ten: Scheduled flight takes off from Earth.


Spaceflight lands on the Extra-Terrestrial surface.

Alas, here no way one could wander around the jets, listen to their quirky deafning sound, and still be happy about safe landing, or take a corner for a quick smoke, or rush into arms of beloved after getting down the stairs from what used to be a safe jet propulsion aircraft.

After two hours of rigorous scanning and extensive security procedures, detailed scanning for intruders is completed by planet resident space crew.


Everything is at par, except when he utters his full name – “Monk, Mames Monk”.

ET staff is shocked with name ‘Monk’. They check his name and id on clearance papers, which is correct with his first name as James, back on Earth.

Agent Monk speculates on what may have gone wrong while landing at planet Mars. The ‘Other’ species try to understand his language, but in vain. Perhaps, a miscalculation during launch. He’s expecting an apology and wants to confront the mistake by the transportation department. Instead, he’s rushed to solve the mystery for E.T. species. There is no time to identify and rectify any system errors. Poor Little Classic Agent.

Now, at Mars you cannot wander outside, for the climate is not so human friendly, yet. All the buildings, stations, transportation – everything is protected and covered with titanium-based heat and corrosion resistant glass and carbon fiber unbreakable materials to sustain the harsh exterior environment.


Piercing the translucent facade, they enter Maxutlrazietique world, a highly organized society of celestial humans. It’s surprisingly technically sophisticated, even for spy agents. It takes a while for Monk to absorb and fit in.

With all his true senses and capabilities maximum security clearance, Monk tries to trace the BUG, but notices interesting patterns among the Bug’s traces, based on a video game children used to play in childhood, that no species other than a smart human from Earth would understand.

While on mission to explore, Monk is introduced with TARTAR, a highly intellectual spatial being from another planet. There is instant connection between the two.

Monk and Tartar make a good pair in tracing the Bug. Later, they find interest in each other. After all, Humans are a Species from Earth.

Tartar turns out to be a rare robotic species designed on Earth to act like humans. AI based celestial human. Monk is devastated.

Bug’s allies come close. Lots of BUGS are about to land on Mars with impact and cause massive destruction. There is not much time left.

Unable to Handle alone, Monk demands more Agents from Earth.

All species on Mars try their best to defend the newly inhabited home.

Monk makes a final effort to disclose what really happened, and how the Bug came their biggest enemy in spatial existence.

Bug overpowers all technology systems and plans to catch him fail once again, with no traces.

Monk is disheartened.


Monk tried to find ways to correct Bug’s entry on planet Mars. He has to go back into past, make the Bug disappear and prevent it from re-entry into Mars.

He also learns this is the only way to correct his name as the real person from Earth and restore his identity in order to safely return from the mission back to Earth.

Monk finds a solution. The only way through is by passing wormhole, that acted like an untraceable secret path for Bug’s re-entry to Mars.

Monk along with Tartar passes through the Worm Hole, and finally stops BUG from entering in first place in the past. Now, the species on planet Mars is BUG-FREE.

Monk’s identity is restored, which was distorted because of system failures caused by Bug’s mischief.

Humans and Species on planet Earth, Mars and Solar system are now more secure, changed, alerted, and residents are at peace, once again.

The E.T. at planet Mars bid farewell to Monk. aka Mames Monk, who heads to new mission.

A new horizon awaits.

February 19, 2022 04:58

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