Suspense Speculative Mystery

My vision was blurry and my memory was hazy. I awoke in what looked to be a cabin. It was dark except for the rays of sunshine that came through the small cracks in the wall. It had stopped snowing and the sun came to melt away the ice that plagued the ground.

My hands were bound but not tightly. I could get out if I wanted to. Whoever did this probably didn’t do it often. Whoever did this must have hated me. Whoever did this did it with malice.Β 

Someone's pure distaste for me landed me stuck. Here. In a disgusting cabin.

The cabin was ugly from what I could see. It looked like a regular cabin except it had been infected with moss. It had been made with logs that were now rotting. And I had been held inside. I wondered who would even have access to this. Who would have known there was a cabin here in the woods. I didn’t actually know if I was in the forest but that’s where most cabins are so I put the pieces together. I also didn’t hear any noise so I assumed I had been taken far from the resort. And to think a harmless trip would lead to this.

My body was either cold or wet, probably both. All I could remember from falling into the lake was the blackness that took over my vision and the cold that flooded my body. I could still feel the weight of however pushed me in on my shoulders.

I wasn’t scared, surprisingly, but I was mad. I know this sounds bad but I found this rather comedic. I found humor in my own suffering. I found it funny that someone would go through all this trouble to not even be here when I awoke in this horrid place.

I couldn’t shake off the fact that I had been here because of that stupid thing. That thing was the reason for this and I still didn’t know what it was. I guess curiosity did kill the cat but I’m not dead yet. I had still been thinking about how familiar the object had been to the one in my brother’s bag when I heard noises.

The rustle of leaves tore me out of thought. It could have been an animal looking for food or it could have been another human. It could be the person that took me. The person that nearly drowned me could be arriving and I was conflicted. On one hand, this had been good because I would get to see them but on the other, this person could want to kill me.

I heard footsteps followed by two male voices. They sounded young and cheery despite heading towards a cabin that held the girl they kidnapped. I heard a click meaning the doorknob had turned and the door would soon be opened so I pretended to be asleep. I hadn’t been scared before now because I was alone. Now I would have company that might just want me dead. My heartbeat quickened as I heard a pair of feet step closer to me.

β€œHow long are we gonna keep her here?”

β€œNot for long.” Both voices sounded familiar. My heart seemed to slow down at the thought that I may know these two people.Β 

β€œWhy did we take her again?”

β€œI just needed her to see something.” I knew who at least one of the voices belonged to and my heartbeat seemed to skyrocket. It turns out I did know the people who had attacked me or at least one of them. It shocked me that someone so close to me would ever consider doing this.

β€œAnd what exactly is that thing you need Claire to see.”

β€œJust something that I found near here.”

β€œCan you tell me what that thing is?”

β€œNo, because then I would have to kill you.”

I didn’t know who the second voice belonged to but they hesitated for a second before awkwardly laughing. I opened my mouth to speak but I was blindfolded. Someone had been too close and no noise came out of my mouth. I only got small sounds out that sounded like quiet screeches.

β€œR-” They didn’t hear me because no one responded.

β€œHold on I got to call someone.” Who would they be calling? I heard the click again and opened my eyes. I didn’t realize how tightly they had been shut until I opened them. There was still a sheer black cloth covering my eyes when I finally opened them. I could see him standing in front of me.

β€œRyan.” He heard me but didn’t respond. The other one walked back into the room.

β€œWhy isn’t there any service?”

β€œI don’t know, maybe because we are in a literal cabin.” He was mad at something. He only ever yelled when he got mad. What was he mad at? Was he mad at me? I never did like it when he got mad at me. It didn’t matter why he was mad or who he was mad at because I had been the one who got kidnapped. That meant he was the one who pushed me.

β€œWhy would you do this to me?” Again I was ignored but I kept speaking this time.

β€œI thought you were supposed to protect me but here I am. I thought that you were my brother. I thought you loved me.”

β€œI do love you.”

I laughed at his comment, β€œHow could you say that after this?”

β€œBecause I love you and will always love you, that's what brothers are for.”

β€œOh so brothers are for kidnapping and almost drowning thank you for enlightening me.”

β€œYou’re welcome.” He still had his snarky comebacks even in this situation.

β€œWe didn’t kidnap you, we just temporarily borrowed you.” The boy who was at the cafe was speaking. I finally figured out who helped my brother do this to me.

β€œHow do you temporarily borrow someone?” I was out of my constraints and took the blindfold off and nobody stopped me.

β€œLike what we're doing right now.” My brother said to me before grabbing my arms.

January 19, 2021 10:56

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16:32 Jan 26, 2021

Ha finally managed to decode that upside down text. victorius huh? XD YEah Jade is my fav too


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Amany Sayed
14:52 Jan 20, 2021

No please continue!


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This story is horrible so please confirm this thanks If you want me to continue this cus I know it ended kind of suddenly let me know and I'll try I didn't know how to end this so that's why it's kinda weird


Danny -
12:10 Jan 19, 2021

Yayy part 3 :)) I loved the ending, and lol don't worry I don't even know how to end my stories most of the time either. I love this series, aaaandd I'd be lying if I said I'm not interested in more parts....but like this is your story! Do what you want with it :DD


I wanna do a part 4 but I just don't know how I would continue it If I see any prompts that spark ideas then maybe I might do a part 4


Danny -
13:57 Jan 19, 2021

Cool :))


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Frances Reine
00:29 Jan 25, 2021

Please continue. You can't leave us with this, haha.


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