"What Are We Going To Do?

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Adventure LGBTQ+ Fantasy

"What are you doing!?"

We broke the trance that we had encaptured ourselves in. For a moment I relaxed from the voice that had prevented what he was going to do. "Luan, what was that I was just seeing you do now?"

I got off of him, crawling onto the stairs and slumping down. My eyes traveled to the new voice in the room with curiosity. "I was not doing anything Lona, I don't know what you are talking about." It was a girl about the same age my guess as the male. She was remarkably beautiful. She had long cascading white hair that was twisted into the loose but neat braid. Her skin was as black as the night sky in a forest with no light. She wore a white pair of white pants, over her entire top -and most of her legs- she had on a baby pink knit poncho sweater. She had on a pair of tall golden boots that had stilettos heels with had tips of white. She moved swiftly with grace, and ease.

Luan got up onto his feet and bowed, "I swear."

I paid no mind to what they were even talking about as I admired the girl... Well, I guess I shouldn't say girl, I should say woman.

"Your lying to me." She took quick strides over to Luan and stared at him. She looked angry with him for some reason. Looking at her closely, she had the same pointed ears as Luan. It was present that she had the same blue-grey eye color in her eye, but it was in the opposite eye. In her other eye was this light yellow color it was like looking into a small star on a dark night.

Her angered face turned into one of happiness and she took a step back. "Aah, why bother getting angry at you when we both know you only lie the most then." She pulled off her knitted poncho and threw it up into the air. There were shining particles that surrounded it, with a warm flow of air it moved through the air with ease. The poncho landed on a chair like it was placed there by human hands. That relived what was underneath the baby pink poncho. It was nothing to be excited about, just a yellow shirt that matched the tip of her stilettos. "So who is he?" She pointed over to me with a curious look on her face. Luan turned his head to face me as I got up on my feet.

"Lona, this is Ash."

I gave her a smile and stepped down the golden steps, standing next to Luan. Then, I reached out my hand to her, "Nice-"

"I see what you were doing just now Luan." Lona hissed at Luan and glared at me from the corner of her eyes. "He is a human." Luan let out a loud laugh and shook his head. When he was done laughing he composed himself then cleared his throat. "I think your time in the top has made you go paranoid, he is not a human. He is just a fieldland elf that needs to learn to tap into his power."

She scoffed, "Really? You think I am going to believe that he is a fieldland elf? Brother, you are really something else." Her hand began to have this aura glow around it. "Where ever you found him, take him back. He is a human and both know that." She spat out, her voice beginning to echo off the high ceiling of the ground treehouse. "Sister, I am not going to fight you over this. But he can't get home and I wanna help him get there." Luan moved to stand in front of me with a protective stance.

'They are brother and sister?' I thought to myself briefly.

Lona's mood completely changed, the glowing aura around her hand disappeared. "Oh, so you're trying to get him back?" Luan nodded his head, "Yeah." She gave him a small smile then patted his shoulder. Luan didn't smile back at her, all he did was watch what she did. "Use, your fire magic on my arm and I'll report you for treason." Lona pulled her hand away from his shoulder, "Your the one who would be charged for treason, not me."

She stepped back and walked over to the chair that her poncho was laying on. She picked it up, "Well, If you were a real elf then I would have stayed to get to know you. But, I don't wanna be in the company of a human and get questioned about it by the high council." She pulled the baby pink poncho over her head and looked back at Luan, "I came to see you because the council got word that you were in the healer with an unknown creature. For once I thought you had a secret mate that had gotten hurt, but alas, that was not the case. How disappointing you are to me."

And with that, she was gone in the blink of an eye.

"You don't even have a mate yourself, Lona." He muttered through gritted teeth. I took a small step back and walked around him. "...What happened just now?" I didn't look up at him or anything, I just looked down at my hands which were holding each other. After a moment of silence, there was a loud sigh.

"My 'oh so great and mighty' sister showed up rub something in my face probably. Possibly something about being on the elf council or something about a new mate she has. I don't even wanna know when it comes to a pain in my side like her." I looked up at him and laughed, "She is that bad?" He nodded, I watched this little piece of hair bounce up and down when he did so. It was really quite cute. "Thanks for telling me there was a piece of hair in my face." I watched him run a hand through his black hair making it even more of a mess than before. I looked down becoming flustered with my thoughts, "You can never keep your thoughts to yourself can you?"

He placed a hand on my head and patted it softly, "Haven't we already established that?" I back away and looked up at him. "Yep." He smiled softly, then he reached down and grabbed my hand gently. "Since you are going to be staying with me for a little while, you should get acquainted with someone who is very special to me." He turned around and started walking up the golden stairs, he held my hand tighter than before the more and more we got ascended. As he climbed higher I could hear the low rumble of what seemed like a snore.

"Please stay quiet." He said in a whisper as he pulled me around him. There was a huge red velvet curtain that hung in front of us, "Now, open it." I nodded slowly and placed my hand above where his hand was, where I slowly pulled open the curtain. Behind the curtain was an animal that was at least fifty times the size of a polar bear. I stared in awe at the creature who was a beautiful shade of midnight blue. It was a bird. Slowly, Luan pulled me into the room behind him and the curtain closed behind us leaving us in a dimly lit room with the giant bird. Even in the darkness, you could see white twinkles flicker off of its body like a million stars.

"Coco... Sweetie, wake up." I could feel the loud vibrations of the snores stop. Then there was a movement in front of me and Luan, "Hi little sleepy girl, how was your nap?" Luan spoke in a cooing voice that dripped with sweetness. There was a small chirp, and then a louder one. "I am going to turn the lights on now."

When they came on I was blinded by them, the room was just dark and my eyes had already adjusted. I covered my eyes with my hands which pulled Luan closer to me and I didn't even notice. When I put my hand down I then noticed how much closer I pulled him, I opened my mouth to speak but he covered it with his hand and shook his head. There was a loud chirp and I looked over, my eyes almost popped out of my eye sockets. It was even more amazing in the light.

Her head was littered with white, black, and glowing blue feathers. She had a rounded beak like an eagles that was white. Her body was mostly black with the exception of the glowing blue feathers and little white twinkles. She looked like her body was trapped in a consolation.

"Luan, why do you always wake me up when I am having the best dreams?" The bird is talking?! THE BIRD IS TALKING!? "Oh? You brought me a visitor this time?" I took a step back as her huge head got closer and closer to me. I could hear Luan laugh quietly, "I did, but he isn't used to seeing creatures like you Coronitha (coro-neath-a)." I watched as she moved her head away from me, then she curled up into a ball. Her head rested on the floor, "Luan, bring him over here and have him touch my head." The black-haired male pulled me over to her and forced me to touch her head right in between the dark purple orbs she had for eyes.

She moved her head away, "He is not human. There is not a single shred of magic in his body." She didn't sound mean about it, she sounded very calm. Moving her head closer to me she rubbed against my face with the soft flat part of her head. "He seems nice though. Are you keeping him? Does he have a name I can call him?" I let go of Luan's hand and wrapped my arms around her head. I felt my feet start to get pulled off of the ground and two hands get placed on my waist. I let go of the giant bird, my body was softly placed onto the ground but then I was pulled into a back hug. "His name is Ashton, but we are going to introduce him as Ash because it sounds like an elf name. He is a human who appeared here and they don't know how they got here. All I am trying to do is get him back home but with the snowstorm outside and the fact that I have to help him with everything it will take a while." Luan rested his chin on my shoulder as he leaned on me.

"Mm, that makes more sense. Well, you know I am always here when you need help." I looked down at the ground, "Now get out, I need my sleep."

There was a cold swirl of wind and the fires went out.

"What are we going to do?"

January 29, 2021 21:26

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