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Under the big old banyan tree, you would find me here, all the time. Always alone sitting in deep thought. Wondering and being curious about the world around me. I believed in magic. For some reason, deep down, I knew that magic was real, whether others believed in it or not. If we do something for others, magical things will come to you. But, day after day, I’m not so sure anymore. Just because I believe in magic, somehow it changes the way people think and view me as a person. I wish they would just accept me for who I am. But no. That’s not the case, and it will never be. They all think it’s silly for someone to believe in magic. I think that is incorrect. People can choose to believe in whatever they wish for. It’s not others’ job to change the way he or she thinks. My own parents think that there is no such thing as magic. I thought siblings were supposed to support you, but no. My older sister thinks that magic is Disney shows, not real life. All my life, I have only wished for someone to support my beliefs. As time passes by, I too am not sure if magic, is real anymore. 

I have helped so many people, even if they haven't returned the favor. I have stood up for others, helped others for their homework and tests. I have been a helping hand for them, been there when they needed support from a friend. I have taught other people if they didn’t understand what the teacher taught us. Helped around the house for chores and always have been there for my sister. But this is how life repays me. Being bullied every time in school. Not having real friends. A sister who hardly even acknowledges me. Parents who make fun of me when I try to prove to them that magic is real. Well... I can’t say that I don’t have a friend because, I kind of do. It’s the old banyan tree up above the hill. Every day after school I sit under it and go on and on about my day and my problems. It’s the only thing in this world which listens to me without making fun of me. Sometimes, I even hear it talking back to me. This old banyan tree is there when I need it, and when I sit under its beautiful branches, I feel like the happiest kid in the world. I feel like I am comfortable, like I am home. 

Today is any ordinary day. Right now, I am on top of the hill, sitting peacefully under the old banyan tree. I carefully tilt my head up to see the beautiful sunset. Red, orange, yellow, pink, purple, blue. It was beautiful. I heard the little birds chirp and sing its evening songs. Dew drops fall on my forehead. Instead of wiping them off, I feel refreshed. I feel my hair and clothes blow in the wind as my skin feels so smooth and cool in the usual spring breeze. I look around to see beautiful petals of lovely flowers blossoming. I feel the ground so calm and wet. The green grass looks greener than before. Its lovely texture makes the ground so happy. I feel the gentle back and forth motion of the tree’s branches. It was swaying so graciously, like a ballerina twirling and spinning so beautifully. The music of the birds had made the branches dance. I hear soft little thuds on my hair and forehead. I feel something so smooth. I look up to see the leaves moving to the spectacular music composed by the little sparrows. I could see their smiles. I smelled the peaceful wind going through me. I felt home. 

Suddenly I heard a noise. Some rustling behind the bushes of the forest. I thought to myself, “No one goes to the forest, no one’s allowed to! Maybe a little squirrel had ran by. No need to panic.” I heard the same indescribable noise again. This time I just had to check on it to see what it was that was so mischievous. Hoping not to startle whatever was on the other side, I quietly crawled to the bushes and slowly moved the tall grass to spot whatever was on the other side. It was a big hole. “What did I hear then?” I kept thinking to myself. “Maybe I just misheard.” I thought. Suddenly, I heard a little baby rabbit crying, so loudly. I didn’t have the heart to just leave it to its doom. I wasn’t that kind of person. The hole was deep. I decided to carefully go down and slowly climb back up, hoping for the best. When I went inside the hole, I saw the little baby rabbit. I slowly, and quietly picked it up without frightening it. “Here you go, just like that. It’s ok, don’t be afraid, it’s just me, I’m not here to attack you, come on now.” I calmed it. The little bunny hopped on my hand, then I carefully climbed back up. 

Then I found a bigger rabbit, I figured it was the mother. “Oh no. Where there is the baby, there has to be the mother.” I recalled from my science class. I quickly dropped the little bunny slowly and moved back “I know you don’t understand me, but please! I didn’t do anything to your baby, please don’t attack me. Please, I’ll just go, and leave you two alone.” I felt scared but slowly kept going back. “Are you crazy my little child! No need to say sorry! You saved my child. Come home dear, would you like some carrots along the way?” the mother rabbit replied. “WHAT!! Oh, maybe I really hit my head. After I pinch myself, I’m just going to pretend I never heard that. Ok, 3...2...1... Ow! Ok, the rabbit never talked to me. The rabbit never talked to me. The rabbit talked to me.” “What do you mean little one! I am talking to you. Maybe you really starving. Come, follow me, I’ll give you some carrots.” the rabbit spoke again. “AAAHHH!!! How are you talking to me?? Why are you so nice? Wait a second, how am I understanding you! Oh my gosh! I need to tell mom and dad right now.  

I ran like a cheetah chasing its prey. I fell and tumbled down the hill a couple of times, and even bruised myself. But none of that mattered. I just heard a rabbit talk to me. Nothing had to be crazier than that. Finally, I had reached home. I rested my hands on my knees and panted really hard. Sweat poured down on my face and I tried to catch my breath. Then I slowly knocked the door. Surprisingly it was my sister who had opened it. I dashed inside into the kitchen. “You cannot believe what just happened to me! I... my... the rabbit, it...it talked to me! I didn’t mean to, I heard it!” I told my mom and dad who were in the kitchen. My sister had also heard this. Here it came in 3...2...1..., a chorus of laughter. This time they were laughing non-stop. I felt so mad and ashamed. “I heard it! It asked me for carrots! Seriously, I’m not lying.” I reassured them, but they couldn’t hear because of their loud wheezes and snorts. I don’t what was so funny when I said that. “Did that rabbit invite you to its housewarming party?” my sister joked. My parents continued to laugh at that. I rolled my eyes and headed out the door, defeated. 

I went back to that exact same spot. I saw that hole again, but no rabbit. “Maybe they were right. Magic isn’t real. Talking rabbits aren’t real. What was I thinking!” I yelled. I heard a whisper, “Shh... come on! Don’t sulk, come I’ll show you something.” I kept hearing things like this. “Come on young one! Come, I’ll show you!” “Huh! Who is this, I don’t who you are, if you’re that rabbit...” suddenly I got interrupted. “That rabbit, no! I’m a squirrel. More specifically, Chip, the squirrel, it has a nice ring to it, don’t you think?” “Great! So first I hear a talking rabbit, and now I hear a squirrel named Chip! I think I need to get my ears checked.”  I saw a blur of soft brown fur and a large tail. “Wait, you’re real! What do you want, why are you here! Where do you want me to go?” I asked. “Come, I will show you. It’s in the depths of the forest. A place called Mystic Isles. There, you will see that magic was real this entire time. “Really? But, how do you know that no one believed me about magic? Were you spying on me?” I looked very harshly at that poor squirrel, but I was confused. “This old banyan tree is my home. So, I saw you every day.”  

“Wow. I didn’t know that. But, what about that rabbit I saw earlier?” I asked that Chip. “Oh, she is my friend. We’re neighbors. It’s just that there weren’t any trees left for me to start my family, and the closest tree to Mystic Isles is that tree.” Chip replied. “Is it! I never knew any of that. But, is it true? Can I enter the forest?” I asked Chip. “Of course, young one! Everyone is welcomed!” he squeaked happily. I stood up and slowly moved the vines back and there I saw it. The most unique place in Earth. Little mushroom houses. Logs and branches as roads. Fireflies were getting ready for night duty, baby bunnies, squirrels, beavers, gerbils, hamsters, all running down, playing with each other. The mothers were all getting their food by plants and trees. I could see the amount of water that they had collected. It was probably the rainwater and the dew from the leaves. I could spot some ponds by the side, but in their perspective was a river. Plants and flowers surrounded the little area. “I have never been in a place so magical like this! I... I can’t believe such a place existed!” I screamed with happiness and was flabbergasted. 

“Ah, that’s the problem with you humans. Never believing in the spirit of magic! But, you my friend. You were different from the others. Why did you think that no one else was able to enter here? Also, the true act of kindness you did, picking up the poor little bunny. My friend’s little daughter. She was only 2 months old! The trouble that little one gets into sometimes! It was a kind deed you did. That’s why the magic returned to you. If you keep this place a secret, you are welcome to come here. If others find out about this place, then they will start to reveal all the secrets by using... what is that thing called again… oh yes now I recall... technology. Then the media and newspapers will know about this and more and more people will try to ruin what is left of the Isles and put our species into danger. So, young lad, do you promise to keep Mystical Isles a secret?” “Oh, I promise! This is such a unique and... I am speechless. I have never been to a more magnificent place like this! Mystical Isles, wow! Such a beautiful name! I finally found a place where I belong. I knew magic existed.” 

September 13, 2020 02:15

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