Drama Funny Thriller

January 20, 1959. 16 years, 10 months and 18 days had elapsed since that incident had happened. But I still remember it as fresh as the day. I was just crossing the street that lead to my house from the forest which I cross while coming back from school since the forest road is the only option at that time of the day. All shouting and cheering I was coming back home with a candy in my hand that I had bought from outside my school. Everything was normal until I realized hat i wasn't the only one walking back. I had a few stalkers around me. Surprising it was. A 12 year old casually walking back home is being stalked by a few strangers. Well who cares and i continued walking down my path without paying any attention to anybody.

With the scorching heat falling on my head and making me perspire ever more than before I started to increase my speed. Well those stalkers hadn't still left me as I was and followed me. "I seriously don't know why.. and who the hell they are?" I thought to myself. A little scared and nervous I was by this time. Well very unusual for me it was to be scared. I just wanted to reach home now. The same route started to feel longer and scarier and I was wondering that "WHY DOESN'T IT SIMPLY COME TO AN END?" Well now to notice, the no. of people or robots or whatever moving structure that was it simply increased my heartbeat. I was sweating from everywhere, felt like as if I had just come out of a swimming pool. All wet from sweat.

Suddenly.. there came some noise. I was scared to death, the noise came again, I turned around and looked... Oh, it was the noise that came from under my leg, I had by mistake stepped on a piece of wood lying above a few dried leaves. Phew!

Anyways, my peripheral vision became stronger and better than ever before. I looked sideways to check on my stalkers. They were at a distance but parallel to me. They kept walking at my rate but never came close to me, well that was the only relief I had. But why? Why were these creatures stalking me? Did they want money? I thought to myself, well I had none for other than the candy that I brought? Until and unless the distance between us is maintained I didn't mind. The ten stalkers had reduced to eight in number. Where did the other two go, I started to wonder. I didn't realize what to feel and how to react. Happy or sad or anxious, nervous, I was feeling all. Felt like I myself was like a movie going on. A lot of questions started to come to me. What if the other two had one to bring another four with them?

What if they jump on me from top? What if they pull me from somewhere under the ground where they have made a secret tunnel and take me away somewhere and get me married to a stranger. I looked very good after all, why otherwise would I have stalkers? Oh gosh! My brain was running errands and heart skipping beats. I finally amidst this big cloud of thoughts was about to reach on the main road from where my the street to my house was barely 5 minutes and my house was just around 7 minutes far.

Suddenly I heard a thud. Boom and it went. I thought now I'm gone for sure. These people behind me have started to trap me and these will be the last minutes of my life probably. Another thud and it went again. I turned around to see what weapons they had and to my surprise they, they weren't there. I could see nobody. I ran towards the main road and suddenly, somebody appeared in front my eyes... ALIEN! I told myself. I was being stalked by aliens. The extra terrestrial beings or creatures who come to earth once in a while to scare humans off and they were doing their job nicely. Please don't hurt me, I beg you. Please don't take me to your planet, I want to stay here only, I like it here on earth. Please, please and I begged them. Aliens, aliens I started to shout and suddenly that thing from in front of my eyes vanished. I was now a hundred percent sure that they were aliens and that they wanted to kidnap me. A poor, little human who was no harm to them. Suddenly all those other out of the shape, slingy aliens vanished from the woods and there was no trace of them. The candy in my hand had melted and so had its wooden stick. I rushed home and banged into the door asking my mother to women it at the instant. My mom was shocked to see me sweat and behave like this and asked what in the heavens had happened to me. Had I seen any alien? And I looked at her as if she was one. I told her the whole story from school to home and she thought I was joking. JOKING?? was I mad or what? I begged her to believe me and.. yeah obviously she didn't. I told a few people but none believed me. I mean was a fairy tale that was not to be believed? Seriously? Eventually even I stopped telling people about my incident. I didn't wanna become a laughing stock for them. Years passed and people forgot my story. Well I didn't, I COULDN'T.

Few days back one of my friends had returned to town from Europe where he shifted years ago owing to his farther's transfer.

He had some idea about this story and asked me to share it with him which after a lot of reluctance I did. He laughed and laughed so hard at my story that his stomach hurt me. I too felt like kicking him one in the stomach. I mean why'd he laugh so hard? I was a kid and I was scared fine. Just because he didn't see any aliens it doesn't mean there aren't any.

He finally stopped laughing and told me something that come as an utter shock to me. Well what I had seen that day in the woods and what I assumed to be aliens weren't aliens but were sensor generated holographic structures put in the woods in as a safety measure. In case there is any problem, one can go near this structures and press the help button on them so that they would receive help in 5 minutes. Once you are at a distance from them, this structures automatically stop being projected and the ones parallel to us start to come up. The structures have heat sensors and any heat in the 50 metre radius is automatically blown out in order to prevent fire in the woods. That was why my candy melted. Because of heat sensors. Oh my god! Seriously? Holographic structures and aliens? I was left truly speechless. Now even i'm laughing at myself. How could I be such a fool? I couldn't even imagine this. People were right. I was all crazy and mad and foolish to have thought of aliens coming to town but yeah

well one thing is for sure... I ain't eating any candy ever.

October 02, 2020 20:18

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Shae Greyfeather
22:06 Oct 11, 2020

Nicely written


Rinky Lotia
03:03 Oct 12, 2020

Thank you


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Jagdish Lotia
16:48 Oct 08, 2020

It is very well written.


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