Friendship Happy Fantasy

The topic of this story has nothing to do with the story I could not find a topic that fit the story.

(workers) “He's been here for a year.” “I know but what can we do with him.” “I mean look at him who would not want that cute face just give it some more time.”

 (Bailey) I feel sad as I hear them talk about me and look at me. I wonder if  anyone would ever adopt me. As I chew on my squeaky  shark.

(workers) “I think we need to hire some more people to come in, because we are low on staff.” “Yes I think we do too.” 

(Bailey) The next couple of days there were new people coming in. I did not pay any attention to them till she came. The bells chimed as she walked through the door. With her wavy dark brown hair, and her  beautiful dark green eyes. I watched her while she was with her family. Well her dad and two babies a boy and a girl. Her dad gave her a kiss  then walked out the door.

(Mia) “Hi I am Mia and I want to volunteer at the humane society.”

(Bailey) my ears perk up as I hear those words.

(workers)  “you do! That would be great. I need you to fill out this form. Also how old are you?” 

 (Mia) “I am turning 13 in three weeks.”

(Workers) “perfect here is the form.” 

(Bailey) I watched  as she slowly moved her hand across the paper. Her dark hair kept on falling in her face And she moved it out with the other hand. The hand she does not write with.

(Mia) “hear I am done with the form.”

(Workers) “Ok thanks let me just look at this real quick. Looks good  let me show you around  and show you what to do”.

(Bailey) Yes she will get to see me and hopefully fall in love with me and take me home. First they go into the cat room. But then all of a sudden  someone takes me away. They said it is time for a bath and I tried to get away. They are two strong. 

(Mia) We go into the cat room. The cats are so cute there are some kittens. 

(workers) “Here are the cats and kittens. Here is their food and their bedding changes it once a week well we take turns. Ok now we will go to see the bunnies and guinea pigs.”

(Mia)  “Aww the guinea pigs and bunnies are so cute I really want a bunny or a dog”

(Workers) “Speaking of dogs we are going There in a minute. You know I think you should adopt a pet. It would be great if you did.”

(Mia) “I will  ask my dad if we can get a pet when I get home. We might end up bringing one home  tomorrow.”

(Workers) “Let's get back on topic so here is the bunny food and guinea pig food and there are some treats and chow toys. Then the bedding  which we change it probably twice a week it sometimes depends. Lets go two the dogs now”

(Mia) “Ok yay I  really want a dog like really bad.”

(Bailey)I have to get out of here. I know there must be an exit that is not locked.  Oh wait bingo I found an exit. I just got to figure out how to get away.

(Workers) here we go.

(Mia)  “aww the dogs are so cute.” But I feel like none of them are meant for me. But then…

(Bailey) yes he unclipped me so I can take a bath. I quickly run out of the room. He runs after me. I go down a hall then go down another there she is!

(Worker) “Hey get back here you bad dog.”

(Mia) He comes. I see him run straight towards me, his golden fer  bouncing up and down as he runs and his ears flopping. He jumps right on me and gives me a great big sloppy kiss. 

(Workers) “I am so sorry. Mia are you ok?”

 (Mia) “Yes I am great he is the most perfect dog ever! I want him so bad.” 

(Workers) “oh ok are you sure you are ok?”

(Mia) “Ya do you think you could save him for me until tomorrow because I know how fast animals go please.”

(worker) “Yes we can for sure  you can go home early so you can ask your dad and if he says yes you can come back later.” 

(Mia) “Ok thank you so much you are the best. I will be back later bud. One question: what is his name?”

(Workers) “it is Bailey.” 

(Mia) “That is a perfect name.” 

(Bailey)” I am finally with her. This is the best. She is so happy. She is talking to the workers probably about me. Maybe it is about how handsome I am.Wate she is leaving why is she leaving. What did I do wrong? They put me back in my cage and say they are going to give me a bath later.

(Workers) “We will give you a bath later bud.”

(Bailey) I feel so sad as I see her walk out the door.I wait and wait for her two come back. I know she will.

(Mia) I go home.  I can just walk to my house because I live really close. “Dad” 

(Mia's Dad) “yes hunny.”

(Mia) “I was wondering if we could get a dog. I have always wanted a pet and you know I am really responsible.” 

(Mia’s Dad) “I'm sorry but you can’t you know I don’t want any pet’s.”

(Mia) “But dad you won't have to take care of it I promise you won't have to do anything you don't even have to remind me to take care of it I will.” 

(Mia’s Dad) “I am sorry but no and that's final.”

(Mia) “hmf” I am so mad at him. I love the dog and he wont let me get it. I go to work the next day. I decided I did not want to go back yesterday because my dad said no.

(Workers) “So are you taking Bailey home?”

(Mia) “No my dad said no he said he does not want any pets.”

(Workers) “So that's why you did not come back yesterday.”  

(Mia) ‘“Ya I can’t believe him I hate him”

(workers) “I know  it is sad. I am so sorry you can’t take him home” 

(MIa) “I wish my mom was still alive. She would let me get a dog.” I just could not take it any more. I ran into the bathroom crying.

(Workers) “Mia are you ok?”

(Mia) “Can you please just leave me alone!”

(Bailey) She back I see her she came back for me  she is talking to the workers she looks really mad. All of a sudden she runs of crying I wonder why. Is she ok?  

(Wrokers) “Mia?”

(Mia) what I said I wanted to be alone

(Workers) “I just want to talk and make sure you are ok” 

   (Mia) “snif”  

(workers) “This is not really about bailey is it?”        

(MIa) “No it is not about bailey.”

(worker) “It is about your mom am I right?”

(MIa) “Ya sniff sniff. She died today well one years ago.”

(Worker) “AWW I am so sorry for your loss, what happened?”

(Mia) “She got hit by a car because of me. Crys She pushed me out of the way. It is all my fault she died. I ruined  her life and my familys.” I am sobbing really loud now but I don’t care.

(Workers) “I am so sorry you can take the day off if you want.” 

(Mia) “I think I am fine now you really helped  me. It felt good to talk about it.”

(Worker) “Ok back to work then when you are ready.”  

(Mia) “Ok I am.”

(Bailey) There she is back and she looks fine now. Around her eyes it is a little puffy. I really want to snuggle with her and give her hugs and kisses. 

(Worker) “You can snuggle with bailey if you want.” 

(MIa) “Ok”

(Bailey) She is coming right towards me. She opens the cage and I give her a big kiss. She says her name is Mia. I think that is a lovely name.

(Mia) “Hi bailey I don't think I have fully introduced myself. I am Mia.”

(Bailey)  Eventually she leaves me and goes to take care of other animals.

(Mia) My dad walks in the door. “Hi dad”

(MIa’s Dad) “hi hunny I was thinking and maybe I could meet the dog you were talking about and we could maybe take it home.”

(Mia) “Really!”

(Mia’ s dad) “Ya where is he all ready.”

(Mia) “I will show you.”

(Mia’s dad) “Wate one more thing. I am sorry I turned you down last night. You were trying to tell me that you are a responsible girl and can take care of a dog and I just  did not listen. I am sorry.” 

(Mia) “It is ok now can we go see Bailey.”

(Mia’s dad) “Yes and his name is bailey I like that name.”

(Bailey) Mai looks really happy and she is coming right towards me and her dad is too. Is this  finally it? Is she is going to take me home? 

(Mia) “Hear he is.”

(Mia’s dad) “He is such a cute dog.”

(Bailey) They let me out of the cage. I am so happy I jump up and down and give Mia and her dad a big kiss.

(Mia’s dad) “He is so  adorible.  I think you need to teach him some stuff.  You can keep him.”

(Mia) “you are the best dad in the whole entire world! I love you, I love you!”  

(Bailey) Mia is jumping up and down so I jump up and down and she says to me we are taking you home with us . Then I hear the words I have always dreamed of hearing. I love you, you are my dog forever. 

(Mia) “We are taking you home with us bailey. I love you, you are going to be my dog forever.”

(Bailey) I give her a big kiss and say I love you too.

The End

Hope you liked the story comet if you did and let me know if I did any thing wrong or spelled any thing wrong.

February 21, 2021 19:45

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15:02 Feb 22, 2021

Hi Ruby!!! I really liked this story and the way you had it in Mia's, Bailey's, Mia's dad's, and the worker's point of view so we know what all of them are thinking. There weren't many mistakes at all. I made this same mistake on the last story I wrote and Brooke pointed it out for me. The word "Ya" is fine being text like that but when you write it in a story you should be writing it like "Yeah" instead. As I said before I really like this story! I have a question. Do you want to be in a Reedsy cast story? If you do then copy and paste this...


Ruby Collins
17:09 Feb 22, 2021

how do o copy it or do i just cilic on the link i dot let my know because i don't want radom people to see my ansers and thanks


Ruby Collins
17:10 Feb 22, 2021

ops I spelled some things wrong


21:02 Feb 22, 2021

Your welcome!


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20:30 Feb 22, 2021

I"ll just email it to you. And nobody can see your answers except me.


Ruby Collins
20:54 Feb 22, 2021

ok thanks


21:03 Feb 22, 2021

Your welcome!


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