The Satellites Knew You Didn't Love Me Before I Did

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10:37 a.m

Y: I think we should pretend we’re

coworkers while we’re quarantined.

We’ll have our own offices and we’ll

communicate only through text.

I think it’ll keep us sane and won’t

make us hate each other by the 

end of this.

M: Babe, I’m in the next room.

I can hear you typing.

Y: Exactly. We’re coworkers now,

just until the virus goes away.

M: I do have a lot of work to do.

Y: Perfect! So I’ll be in the study and

you can be in the living room.

M: But, wait, I’m hungry.

Y: Ok, let me take a look at my calendar.

Yes, I can squeeze you in this afternoon,

we’ll do lunch.

2:12 p.m

Y: Can you believe that Nina brought

peanut butter brownies when she

knows that David has a peanut 


M: What are you talking about,


Y: I’m creating other coworkers,

like we work in a big office

building with cubicles!

M: Ok, um yeah Nina is the


Y: Well, calm down, she did come

to my bridal shower.

4:49 p.m

M: Wow, somebody plugged up

the toilet on the first floor

Looks pretty bad, yikes

Y: Honey, that was you

You should probably clean that up

before Richard sees.

M: I thought we were making

up stuff! Having a little back

and forth!

Y: Well you did not make up that

clogged toilet! Other people

have to use that, homey.


M: We don’t have a janitor in

this office?

Y: You know we had to fire Janet.

These budget cuts have been brutal.

M: It’s kind of scary how good

you are at this.

Okay, where’s the plunger?

Y: It’s in the supply closet.

8:51 a.m

M: Good morning! Has the

coffee hit yet?

Y: We’re getting there but really

there’s never enough caffeine! 

M: So true! I’m on my second


You think I could slip in

there and share my

presentation before I give it

to Richard at 10?

Y: I’m actually finishing up this 

spreadsheet right now and I have

a meeting with David at 9 

But I’m sure it’s great!

M: Really? I can’t come see


Okay, have a good meeting

1:09 p.m

Y: Article Link: The Virus Is Spreading!

I read this during lunch

It sounds like it’s gonna get 

worse before it gets better.

M: Oh god, it’s surpassed

humans as carries and

polluted the air! Did you see

they said we have to close

all the windows and doors?

Did you close all the

windows and doors?

Y: Yeah, I did

I just don’t get how we’re supposed

to know if we have it or not. Like the

people who have it haven’t shown any 

symptoms and we can’t leave to get


M: People don’t exactly know

what it looks like for the

infected but we're okay.

Y: Okay, you’re right

But we should get back to work.

M: Yeah, Richard would not

sympathize with this. I

think he’s part robot!

2:30 p.m

Y: Is my music too loud?

M: No, it’s perfect

I love this song

4:52 p.m

M: I thought this was weird

when you suggested it but

I think it’s actually worked

Like we’ve been so

focused on work that we

haven’t been stressing

about the virus and we

also haven’t gotten in each

other’s hair.

And we just “come home”

at the end of the night

and can just be together

Y: Couldn’t have said it better!

But I have to finish this up before the

deadline and I have a huge headache

Tracey is breathing down my neck!

M: Yeah, Tracey’s really been

on one this week! Like it’s

almost time to clock out,

come on!

Y: Honey.

M: Sorry, I’ll see you for


9:15 a.m

Y: Maybe we should have had lids

then it wouldn’t just be the two

of us all the time. We could focus

on them instead of our work and

not hating each other while under



M: Babe, I’m actually on a

conference video call

right now for my actual


10:29 a.m

M: Really thought you wanted

tupperware there. But you

know how long I’ve said I

wanted kids.

I just stopped because I

thought I would lose you

if I pushed too hard.

Y: I was just thinking about it. All the 

picture frames on my desk are you

and my parents and Abby. Which are 

nice but I stopped in to check up on 

Nina and her picture frames were full 

of all her kids. It was really nice.

M: Are you saying we should

start trying?

Maybe we should have this

conversation face-to-face?

Y: I’ll do you one better 

I’m kind of hungry, I could take

an early lunch…

M: I’m starving, let’s go

3:34 p.m

M: I can’t stop thinking about

this morning, it was like

another side of you

I love you, babe

Y: I love you too but Rebecca’s noticing

and has said she would call HR if you 

didn’t ease up a bit.

M: Becky? Come on, she loves me!

I’m always joking with her at

the water cooler!

Y: Well, sometimes it’s just uncomfortable

for some people.

M: Babe? Some people?

Y: Let's not do this. I have a headache.

I’ll see you later, I’m making soup

for dinner.

9:55 a.m

M: Article Link: It’s Getting


I’m getting worried, it’s

turning people and all

without a trace.

Y: All we can do is stay inside though.

And we have each other.

M: I just wish these people

didn’t have to die.

Y: But they’re not dying, hun. They’re

being reborn. 

M: I don’t think this is a good

time for your hippie hocus-pocus

crap. The number is justcgetting


Y: Maybe we shouldn’t look at the news

for a while? Take a break?

M: All we seem to be doing is

taking a break. Can’t we just

work in the same room or talk

in person for a bit?

It’s just a lot right now.

Y: I have so many emails to answer right

now. But maybe I’ll meet you by the

water cooler later?

M: We don’t actually have a water

cooler. Would that be the



11:20 a.m

Y: I’m sorry to do this over text.

M: Oh no, am I being fired?

Y: Honey, I’m so sorry but I’m leaving

you. I’ve fallen in love with David and

we’re running away together.

M: Wow, someone’s dramatic.

Haha, okay you got me.

Y: I’m serious. Being in the next cubicle

over has made us very close. 

M: Babe, what are you talking

about? This isn’t a good joke.

Y: He’s asked me to marry him and I’ve said

yes. Of course, you and I will need to get 

a divorce. I’ve emailed you the forms.

M: I checked my email - you

actually sent me divorce

papers! What’s going on??

Y: Don’t make this harder than it already is.

I loved you but now that love’s in the past 


M: You’re not in the study and the

window’s open. Where are


We’re still under quarantine!

The virus is only getting worse!

11:58 a.m

M: I’m not leaving to go find you.

But I will wait for you here.

12:26 p.m

M: How could you just leave like

that? And during a pandemic?

And for a made-up man named

David with a peanut allergy??

6:06 p.m

M: The news is saying the virus

has a drug-like effect on

people. Thoughts and acts of

grandeur. But it pitters out and

attacks their lungs then their


10:04 p.m

M: I can help your heart. Come

home. Richard is asking where

you are.

March 28, 2020 03:19

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Amany Sayed
23:17 Apr 18, 2020

Great story, and I agree with Peace, I wish I know what happens next! Do you have any advice for a beginer writer?


Emily Sperber
00:05 Apr 19, 2020

Thank you! I guess my advice would be probably what everyone else says and read; it's the only way you'll get a handle of story construction, language, and figuring out what you like/dislike. Also, making sure that you're writing things that you would want to read yourself!


Amany Sayed
03:03 Apr 19, 2020

Thanks so much!


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Peace Nakiyemba
22:39 Mar 30, 2020

I badly want to know what happens next! Does she come home? Was David really made up? This is a wonderful story. Very intriguing. I liked the flow of the texts, how she starts out with this idea of being coworkers and slowly but surely builds on it. You go through it without losing touch of that co-worker vibe. I really loved it.


Emily Sperber
21:00 Apr 04, 2020

Thank you so much! Yeah, I was a little worried about this one, how weird it was, but thank you for responding to it so well! It was really fun to write and I'm glad you found it intriguing!


Jubilee Forbess
16:26 Apr 15, 2020

Don't worry about stuff being weird when you write it! People don't get places by staying safe. Loved the story lots, good job!


Emily Sperber
19:34 Apr 15, 2020

You're totally right! And thank you for the kind words!


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