Bedtime Christmas Fantasy

It all began in Pirate elf street. The day before Christmas, I and my family travelled to Canada to see my mother's grandma. We boarded a plane tho.

Ohhh i forgot! My name is Cee Jim and I'm sixteen years of age.

I kinda believe in goblets, spells and magic. I am the only child of my parents. I am loved by everyone i know and came across. My favourite TV program is F.r.i.e.n.d.s and my favourite actress from the program is Jennifer Aniston also known as Rachel Green in the movie. I prefer cats to dogs, yeah yeah. I am done with college.

Alllllllright peeps....

Back to the story...my great grandma's house is A to the MA to the ZING- Amazing!!

It was time for dinner. My mom served us, we gave thanks to God Almighty and focused on our meals. There was this cold stare that my great grandma gave me....more like I WILL POSSESS YOU stare.

After the heavy meal, i headed up to my bedroom. Mehn! I was stuffed. I could not even breathe.

I also could not touch my toes or maybe see my toes just like PO in KUNG FU PANDA...hahaha

As i opened the door of my bedroom, I felt something strange watching me.

Could it be Santa Claus or maybe the weird old great grandmother of Cee Jim?

I asked myself

I quickly entered my room and shut the door. I lay on my bed thinking about what I experienced right now. I tried my best to tell my mom but i couldn't move. There i was in my bed....FROZEN just like Anna of Arendelle in the movie, Frozen!! Fortunately enough for me, i slept off.....do not ask me how cause it felt magical.

The Following day(Christmas), my dad woke me up so earlyyyyyyy. He told me to prepare for Church. I quickly took my shower. I was about putting on my clothes when i saw a strange ring on my bed. The ring was made of gold, shun like the morning sun and looked magical. Out of curiosity, i quickly put it on and it vanished leaving a mark 'C' on my pinky finger. I was shocked to my bones but still brushed it aside as nothing.

As i headed downstairs to the living room, my great grandma held the same pinky finger and chanted:



Ring of power

Grant her wishes

So so so

Mote mote

It be.

I nearly passed out as she said those words. I wanted to speak but i couldn't. I wanted to shout but i held something seizing my voice. I then knew that my great grandma had bewitched me. I couldn't reason well again.

I cried out so loud but no one could hear me only the witch could. I wished her death and so it was. She was buried that day. Her last words were ONLY YOU. I was sad yet happy. I thought i was free.

At the Church, a black mass was conducted. I said to myself......so G.granny was a witch.....because how can the Reverend conduct a black mass for her. I don't really know about G.granny's own culture but just a Black mass was conducted. During the mass, i heard voices screaming, some were echoing. I told my mom I was scared. She did nothing but held my hand tight. It seemed that G.granny's spirit was floating because I do not know what could make anyone that scared.

That day, Christmas was horrible.

Weeks passed by and none of my friends came close to me. They avoided because of whatever their reason might be. My mom also began to fear me cause sometimes i would either laugh or look like my late G.granny.

My mom knew that my G.granny was a witch all along and she never cared to tell me. I was all alone in this hugeeeeeeee world of theirs.

I was a living soul in the land of the dead or better still, a dead soul moving in the human world.

I do not know the perfect word to but just know that i was just moving. It was as if i was being pushed. Something was pushing me. I could not stop marching to my doom...

I was scared to death but none of these seemed to bother anyone.

Once if i could remember, a lady in white called me and told me to break my finger to be free. I thought she was nuts so i didn't adhere to that. I could not even see her face. I just heard her melodious voice and knew that she was a female with a beautiful white gown. It seemed soo light, light like a feather or a piece of paper.

The other time a butterfly whispered into my ears saying...




I still did not listen. Like who listens to a butterfly or should I say a fly made of butter

Even if i listened to it, how will i break my finger

Wish for it? Nah.....bad idea.

That would bring a curse on me and maybe my entire generation.

Better i ignore the god damn warning.

I tried my best to speak but no one cared to listen. I wanted to tell my mom but i scared of what she will do to me. You dare not tell my mom nonsense.

Waking up everyday made no sense to me. I was tired, frustrated and worst of all...ANGRY.

My dad was great but I could not just tell him. I feared for his safety. I was threat to my parents, not only my parents to my friends, relatives and everyone in pirate elf street.

Was i a blessing or a curse, definitely a curse. How could i do this to myself. Why the hell did i put on the ring. I should have alerted my parents! Gosh i am so dooooomed for life.

One dreadful night, i wished for the ring to take all my problems away. Suddenly everyone on Earth vanished(died) leaving only me behind.

I was so happy till I heard a knock on my door.....

April 06, 2021 21:14

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Philia S
07:38 Apr 09, 2021

Hey Adaobi! I liked the story, but I have a few suggestions: I would suggest fixing the grammatical errors, like capitalizing...(Not really helpful, I know, but it sometimes gets mildly irritating) Also, the places where you have elongated the words like hugeeeee, I would suggest using exclamation marks or capitalization to emphasize. And, I think the ending is a bit unclear, like was it all a dream? or what? (Perhaps, I am being muddled here, but that's what I thought) Otherwise, the story is great! (Please don't let my comment discour...


Dobbie Iyke
16:31 Apr 09, 2021

Thanks! I'll work on that.


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Dobbie Iyke
16:32 Apr 09, 2021

Thanks! I'll work on that.


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Dobbie Iyke
16:32 Apr 09, 2021

Thanks! I'll work on that.


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