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Welcome to the Bio Kingdom! ************************************** If you're reading this, please smile. Even a little one will do. Thanks. :) (Check the bottom of this bio, lol-) ************************************** Daily News(Directly from the Royal Palace): -The girl who can't write anymore. -Formerly known as Queen Philosopher. -Listen to this song while reading my story, "Sister", if you want to: **************************************** Interview with Philia: Who am I? Just someone who has a passion for reading, writing and music and also walking in nature to absorb the wild serenity it presents. But, most importantly, I'm a *in a very regal and wise voice* quesadilla, also known as Philia. I go by the pronouns she/her. **************************************** Shameless Promotion City: I would love if you offered honest feedback on my stories. And I would love to give you feedback, but you'll have to ask for it. :) ************************************** I read somewhere that smiling makes you feel somewhat happy inside. **************************************