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“ Her heart was a secret garden and the walls were very high”

Rose had just borrowed her very first book from the newly built library across her house owned by her bookworm of an aunt yesterday.  Her Aunt suggested that little girls her age should read “The Secret Garden” for many girls could be as sour as Mary Lennox and they could learn from her, but Rose Waters was quite the contrary. Rose is a very responsible girl, an older sister to Mary Waters. Rose knew when to crack a joke or when to shut her mouth and she is known to the village as the top student of her class.

It was a sunny Sunday afternoon, Rose seated beside her grandmama as she silently read her book. It was her first big book to read and it had no pictures, so she read very slowly, reading word per word rather than reading sentence per sentence. After several hours, her grandmama has headed to slumber yet Rose still had her book opened even when the lights were dim and her eyes were beginning to red. But still, Rose was too interested in Mary Lennox and was excited for her to see Dickon!

“Rose? Rose? ROSE!”

Rose flinched as the voice interrupted Mary’s Meeting with Dickon. Rose slowly put down her book to see who owned the scary voice, but she regretted it. Rose eyes had met up with her Mother’s angry glare. Her mother had her eyebrows knitted and her eyes were enlarged, which made scared Rose gulp.

“Rose Waters! Why have you not gone to sleep yet?!”

Gulp. Rose’s throat itched as she was too afraid to speak, afraid that her mother would ask her again, she slowly raised her index finger and point it at her book. Her mother was struggling on trying to form the words for it was her first time scolding Rose, she would open her mouth just to close it again. She was delighted to see her daughter read but it was a school day tomorrow and it is late at night already. It was a school day tomorrow!

“ Rose , tell me you did your homework?”

Rose then remembered that she spent the whole day reading and she had forgotten about Monday and her homework. Her sight was getting blurry as her tears were threatening to fall. She was not crying because she did not answer her homework but she was crying because she knew her mother might confiscate her book, what a shame for Mary was close to meeting Dickon.

“Well you little lady clearly had not do your homework, I will forbid you to read that book until Friday night after school.” It was evident she did not do her homework just by looking at her tears!


The long awaited day has come, It was finally Friday and Rose could finally continue her book. She long for Friday to come and it was finally here! All Rose could do was read and read until Sunday has come and Her family was in the park to bond. After three days of binge reading her book, Rose was finally done reading the book. She talked to her grandmama how she loved Dickon, How Sour Mary had become a good girl and how she wanted to be a friend to Colin until she realized, Its Sunday… ITS SUNDAY!

Her aunt told her people could only borrow a book for one week, and one week did pass, yet the book was still in Rose’s hand and not back to her aunt’s library. Rose panicked, her hands were trembling and the wind sent shivers to her spine, Her aunt did also include that a large worm would eat the book If it was not returned after a week!

Rose will and certainly did not allow the large worm to eat her book.

“Mom, I-I have to go back to aunt’s library, I have to return this book!” Rose shouted to her mom, and before her mom could grab her and shout for her name, Rose bolted from the park as she ran and ran as fast as she could.

“ She made herself stronger by fighting with the wind”

As Rose continued to run, the wind danced around her and played with the hem of her chiffon dress. Her dress would fly with the wind and it bothered the little lady so much. She let out a growl as she punched the air ( yes she in fact punched nothing ) and continued to run whilst holding the end of her dress whilst holding her book in her right hand. Not only her dress that the wind played with, But the wind also played with her hair. Her long  raven black hair. The wind blew air to her hair causing it to sway in different places. As it continued to sway and sway, It covered her eyes, the strands of it pricking her eyeball. Rose decided that she needed to tie her hair, she then held the book using her mouth as she pulled the ribbon from her wrist and tie her hair in a low pony tail, her pony tail was not perfect, for she left some strands untied and a bulge was created at the top of her head but Rose didn’t care.

After what felt like a marathon on the side walks, Rose had to run across the street, with the busy honking cars, The pedestrian was too far away, so Rose rebelled and decided to run across right there, right now. She inhaled a big amount of oxygen as her right arm hugged her book tighter and closer to her chest. She ready her left hand to signal ‘stop’ to the cars and she bolted again.

Those drivers definitely stop their brakes in a matter of milliseconds when they saw a little girl running across the street. Rose looked at the cars and she saw some of the drivers bopping their head out from their window with confused and shocked faces. Rose cursed under her breath for she was embarrassed at what just happened, and she swore she would return her book on time next time, but she would have to return this book on time FIRST.

The cars went “beep beep beep” but to no avail did they stop Rose from running.

She finally crossed the busy road and was finally just ten blocks away from her Aunt’s library. She was smiling happily, until a lady, who was watering her front yard, splashed her! Luckily ,With her fast instincts, Rose threw her book far from her and unto the cement ground. Her aunt would be mad she slandered her book, but atleast its not wet! “you are kidding me…” Rose silently said that to herself as she saw that her dress, face, and hair was now wet…

“ I am so sorry about that!” The lady who was watering her front yard came up to her with regret on her face as she kept on apologizing to Rose, But Rose only smiled as she remembered her book was safe, So her young legs bolted again.

Finally, Rose arrived at her aunt’s humble library. She hastily opened the door as she tried catching her breath, to no avail she struggled to do that, Rose was heavy breathing and supported herself by placing her hands to her knees.

“ Rose Waters, Why are you so wet?”

Rose looked up as she saw her stout aunt looking at her with her nose scrunched up as she put on her glasses  and as her eyebrows knitted as she put her arms in her waist with force.

“ Aunt Frances, I am wet, but your book isn’t and im pretty sure the giant worm can’t eat it right? Right?” Rose stated as she handed the book to her aunt, who only laughed with glee.

“ Oh Rose Waters, you did a good job protecting this book but you borrowed this on a Saturday, now why don’t you read…. Ah Ha! This one” Her aunt went back to her desk as she pulled out another book before Rose could cry from returning an overdue book..  Rose read the title silently as it said  “ The little princess”. The title already made her excited, she could not wait to read it!

“ Now where is your library card? “

“ My what? Oh no….”

“ Where you tend a rose, my lad, A thistle cannot grow “

April 28, 2021 14:51

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Kelly Dennison
15:10 Apr 28, 2021

What a delightful read! You really captured the delicate concerns of a young girl discovering the wonders of getting caught up in a book for the first time! Nicely done! :)


Kiki Shanae
03:18 Apr 29, 2021

Thank you so much !


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Ryan Lm Colli
14:24 May 11, 2021

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Ryan Lm Colli
12:38 May 07, 2021

Please Join This: https://www.guilded.gg/i/LExWwMwp


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Great 3rd submission! The story was simple and sweet and entertaining, and I like the quotes at the beginning and end. If I had any advice, it would be to maybe add more imagery so that the story could appeal to the reader’s senses more, but other than that, awesome job!


Kiki Shanae
03:21 Apr 29, 2021

Thank you! and I will definitely follow your advice to improve my writing skills :))


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