Adventure Fantasy Fiction

Write a story told exclusively through dialogue.

"Sarah, your back!" he said

"Well, it's been a long time," she replied

"Sit here, I was just making tea," said Joe

"So, how are ya?"

"I'm fine, what about you, where have you been?" he asked.

"Where have a been…uh."

Joe turned around from the stove to face Sarah and gasped.

"What happened to you?" he demanded

"Nothing... its"

"Your face, your hands! "he blurted

"Shh…. keep it down; they're sleeping," Sarah said hastily

"Did Warlock sent you somewhere?" Joe asked

"I… it's a long story, and you probably don't wanna hear it."


"You know it's top-secret, "she said

"What would you say if I turned up in your house, covered in blood and wounds?" he snapped.

"Oh…fine," she said in a defeated voice.

"Warlock sent Mina and me to recover a gemstone in the mountains of Vietnam."

"I knew it was Warlock," Joe said under his breath.

"It took us days to reach there, but we had to go through some vampires first."

"They did this to you," Joe asked.

"No, no, in fact, some of them were nice."

"But we had to convince them that Warlock sent us, and we mean no harm; when they finally understood, they told us to watch out for the trolls."

"Trolls? I thought those guys died ages ago."

"That was the problem; we didn't know about the trolls."

"I've heard that there are two paths, the short one has trolls, and the long one doesn't."

"We had to take a short way because it had already been ten days. And unfortunately, we found the trolls in the cave we had to stay. We tried our best to escape because trolls have a terrible history with us humans." 

"I'm guessing you escaped." 

"Hardly," she fretted. 

Joe looked at her with a confused expression. 

"Mina gave the leader of the trolls a gift."


"Yeah, she said it would make a good impression."

"What did you give? Twenty feet tall candies." Joe jeered

"Ha! she gave them the amulet of the god of war."

"Wow," said Joe softly.

"Mina told them we would come tomorrow with another gift. But that's when it all went wrong."

"How what happened?" Joe said quickly

"Their leader and another bloke broke into a fight."


"Anyway, the leader got his neck snapped, and the amulet was broken. There was no use, so we decided to take a long way."

"I'm guessing that was a mistake."

"Yeah, it was a cloud forest."

"Ah, short, and crooked."

"It was barren in the winter, you know, rotting barks, dried leaves, and worst of all that, it was quiet. Every tiny sound seemed like a threat. We kept moving when out of nowhere, a high tide of quicksand came down on us. Mina got out of the way, but I got completely sucked."

"So, I'm talking to your ghost?" said Joe

"The thing is that when I got in, it wasn't quicksand at all!" Sarah chortled


"Yeah, it was water! With all the tiny fish and stuff. Mina was totally freaked out. And guess what I found the gemstone under there!"


"But just when I was about to get back, a huge mermaid with tiger teeth and face like a corpse came right at me. Luckily Mina got me out in time, or my face would have ripped off."

January 15, 2021 14:38

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