Drama East Asian Fantasy

At the east coast of china, there had the Dragon King named Yu Zhong. He was bad and cruel king of king among four dragon kings ruled the sea and oceans. He had four children. First son was Yu Gong who had the bad habits like his father and he was troublemaker every day. Second son was Yu Meng who was quiet and like to learn everything beyond the boundaries. He was such an intelligent child who can make his father Yu Zhong’s proud at every events held by heaven king. Third was the girl who had singing talent among the gods. The fourth was Yu Zhilong who wanted freedom every day. He was trying to go out the boarder of the kingdom. One day, he went to his mother’s room for requesting her to beg his father. Over an hour later, his mother accepted his request. Then, she went to his father’s room but a few hours later, his mother returned back to her room with sad news. His father already decided to send him away from his kingdom to the great teacher. He suddenly said “Mom, I don’t want to go there, please let me out and have fun for a month, I just want to look around the world outside kingdom”.  His mother was taking a little time for thinking and then she replied yes to him. But she said “remember you must come back when I sent Mofa (the guard) to you”. He said “okay, mom I promised”. Then, his mother was showing him the way to get out from the kingdom. At last, he got his freedom and then he emerged from the sea but the time was the night and the sky was filling with stars and there had the moon lit over the sea. He said “wow, so peacefully, now I made it”. He moved to the rock at the coast line by the sea then he was so into the moonlight. He didn’t notice anything around him. He was just staring at the moon and the sky its different scenery from the kingdom. He suddenly scented the peach flower scents near him and he felt someone was watching him behind. Then, he turned back to look at the shore. He saw a little girl with sparkling eyes who was staring at him. She wore a pink dress and her hair were black silky shine. There had a flower accessories on her head.  He didn’t know why she kept watching over him. So, he returned back to the sea for waiting her leave.

                     Chang Yue was walking around the shore at night with losing mind. She was running away from home because she had clash with her father who arranged her marriage via match maker. Suddenly, she saw something glittering from the sea and then she wanted to know what that is. So, she moved closer to there for checking out what is what. Then, she saw someone was sitting upon the rock. That person had long silver silky hair glittering at night time under the moon light. Then, the person turned to her and she realized that person was a man but she didn’t see the beautiful man like him before. So, they caught their eyes and starred each other much longer. An hour later, she saw he was naked so she think “he might swimming at night so he got naked”. When she was in her thoughts, she didn’t notice that strange person was leaving. She walked over there to get closer look and also for finding the person she saw before. She kept her steps more and more careful to go there because there are many rocks which were difficult to pass to go there. At last, she did it but she looked down and there was no trace of that beautiful man was still exist. The sea was being much calmer than before. After that she decided to go back home, suddenly she heard the strange noise behind her. So, she turned back and look over there. She was shouting out loud and eyes widen with surprise. There was the person who stood back to the big rock she stand. That person was the man she saw before. Her voice was too shaky but she hold her voice and said “who are you really I haven’t seen you before”. He smiled towards her and said “I am here for asking you a question”. She said “okay, go ahead”. He said “why are you here alone in this middle of the night? Then he told her “Isn’t it dangerous for you”. She said “I am running away from home because my father did something bad for me without asking my decision”. He was looking at her straight and said “father were doing sometime bad for their children without asking their own decision”. She looked at him back and said “yes, by the way are you running away from home too”. He smiled and get closer to her and said “what do you think”. Then he turned back to the moon and said “I am running away from my father but I had mother’s permission”. She sit next to him over the rock and faced to the moon and said “why are you swimming here at night”. He turned his face to her and get closer. She couldn’t move away from him because in her mind he was being familiar to her. He smiled again and said “I am not swimming here I am here for you”. She was being shy and her faced turn red and said “we hadn’t meet before why are you here for me”. He moved back to the moon and said “I know you didn’t remember me but please think back about last year’s lantern festival”. She watched him closely straight to his eyes and thought back.

                        Last year’s lantern festival she thought back and remembered that was being the great lantern festival for her whole life. Because she was being with her elder sister and brother. She saw the beautiful lanterns and the couples who were walking around the street and the funny things which can attract her mind. In the middle of the night, she was being separated from her brother and sister. She lost her road back to her family members but she hadn’t fear in her mind at all because she was so into the beauty of the lights and flowers. And then, she found the art place which can use to make custom lantern design. There she saw this strange man who was brightening beautifully under the lantern lights. They met and had conversation at there. She was following him all around because he told her not to worry about your family members, I will send you back to them”. She couldn’t escape from his words because she was being much happier with him. In her mind, she thought he’s from rich family like her. She didn’t realize how the times were passed. At last, she remembered he said he will come back to her for taking her with him”. At that time, she didn’t know what he meant. Now, she memorized him back and said “so are you here to take me with you”. He said “Yes, I am, I know you since you were a little girl who had a bright smile”. Then he told her “I came to human world often but you control me after I met you”. He told her all about his reality by showing his true form. He thought she were running away from him after she saw his real form. She saw a big silver dragon but this couldn’t change her mind. She was laughing at him and hugged his face and said “whatever you are, I already decide to follow you since I first met you, and in my mind I always thought I found you”. Then, he changed back to human form and said “will you regret about you chose me”. She said “No, I won’t, I was running away from home because I don’t want to marry other man, I only had you”. After their conversation end, he lightly kiss over her forehead and said “okay then, I will take you to my kingdom as my bride”. He continued “I never wanted any other girl of my world to be my bride, you are the one I chose”. During their conversation, her father’s men were caught them upon the rock but he grabbed her tight in his arm and going back down to the sea. They couldn’t catch her this time. They used more men to find her until dawn. There was no trace of her there.

                         On the other side, she was being happy with the person she was waiting for. The parents were accepting her as his bride but his father didn’t want to accept her still as his daughter in law. At the kingdom of dragon, she found her interested at there. She thought there were many different at dragon world but there had much more interesting things to learn and do. After their wedding he got his freedom there because he was married person now. Human and dragon world were connecting that way over the years like this, people sent the virgin girl to the dragon lord if there had suffer from drought. The dragon lord must take the girl they sent and try to put the rain over their place. So, he could go to the human world sometime because he married to the human girl. She wasn’t human anymore right after she married to him. The couple came out from the sea when it was being full moon or lantern festival. They watched the beautiful sky together forever.

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