Funny Adventure Bedtime

"Donโ€™t always nag at me," my mother shouts at me as I keep roaming behind her.

"I will be home for just a week, I have been working day and night for the past 6 months, please let me nag," I plead with her.ย 

"Okay, just for this week."

"That's enough for me!" My face brightens up. I love my family and especially my mother.

"The main door of the house is a little creaking," I complain to her.


"Do something."

"I wonโ€™t."

I get to complain about things only now โ€™cause Iโ€™m not far from the call from my boss.

My boss, who is a fat, bald man shifted his company to another country. I just wanna be here, watch Netflix with my family and enjoy the sunrise and sunset, but that isn't possible.

My boss would call me and blabber.

"Stop nagging and buy some vegetables now," my mother orders me.

"Yes, mom." I salute her and she gives me a long list. I get hold of the list and take my bike to the Vegetable Garden shop.

I stop at a huge building filled with vegetables. It has developed so much!

It was smaller than my house when I was a kid, but I still think I am a kid. Childish me!

I cross the road and bang!!!

A sign hanged on the wall smashes me on my face!

And my eyes close slowly and I am submerged in darkness.

Water splashes on my face. I slowly open my eyes and get up from the road.

Oh, no! My dress is stained!

My mother stands tall with a water bottle in her hand. She frowns at me.

I get up and follow her.

"Vegetables?" I ask her.

"I bought it. What an idiot you are! You can't even see what is in front of you," she scolds me as I listen attentively. I love her scoldings. They are a pleasure to hear.

She limps a bit, but she was always fit. Poor mom!

Nobody takes care of her except my sister who is in the hostel.


My mother opens the main door and lets me in.

"Ba ba boo." I hear the sound and my mouth opens up.

A baby is crawling on the sofa!

I take it in my arms and rotate like a merry go round. The baby laughs and slaps me on my face.

I deserve it! Shouldn't have swung the baby!

My sister, a tall woman with gorgeous brown hair and glasses walks down the stairs.

"You went into the living room just now. How did you come here without me seeing you?" She asks.

"I went to the vegetable shop now."

"That is what I am asking, how?" She asks again.

"Let me check the living room." I race through the stairs after giving the baby to my sister.

And there he is standing, me.

But he has less hair than me and his face was filled with wrinkles. He is wearing glasses too.

"Who are you?" We shout at the same time.

"What is happening here?" My mother is shocked to see both of us.

"I am your son, mom," he says.

"I am your roaming behind son, mom," I state my point.

"How did you come here?" My sister asks me.

"A sign hit on my face and my mother brought me home."

"Let's go to the sign again," my sister suggests and we all start walking out.

"Whose baby was that?" I ask my sister.


"But you weren't married. Wait, what is the year now?"


"I lived in 2015."

"That sign, sure is suspicious."

Older me said, "I remember the sign," and scratched his head.

The sign had a board at its side.

"Caution: time isn't in our control. You may be transported anywhere," my mom reads out.

"It is time for you to return. Meet you again," my sister says.

And I smash my head on the sign again.

I wake up after water splashes on my face.

Like a replay!

A handcuff is put on my hands. Instead of my lovely mother, there stand guys donned with blue uniforms and a badge, "Police."

"What did I do?" I ask them as they drag me into the jeep.

"You will know," a police officer says.


My mother is called. She panics a lot, especially in problems which I am involved in.

"What did I do?" I ask the police officers again.

"You have robbed the Morbidus bank."

"What? That's not true. I work for a software firm, why should I steal?" I ask them.

"You were caught in the security cameras."

"I didn't do it. I come to this city only once a year and I have only come now."

"Then who's it? Who is the exact copy of you?"

"Gimme some time."

"Yeah, we will give you time in the prison." They throw me in the jail cell.


A police officer enters my cell. His badge shows his name, Oliver Bekkles.

"Your time is over."

"Sir, I have got it."

"Who? Do you have an identical twin?" He laughs.

"No, sir. The sign near Vegetable Garden is a time machine."

"Okay, what does it have to do in this case?"

I narrate the whole story to him. He listens attentively.

"Lemme check and come back to you."

"Sir, can I also come with you?" I ask him

"Shut up and stay here," He hollers.

Before they get into the jeep, Jacky, another police officer, calls to me.

"You should come with us and prove your statement," he says and I get into the jeep with handcuffs on my hands.

We get down at the Vegetable Garden and Oliver takes a look at the sign.

The caution board wasn't there!

My face starts sweating and my lips tremble. Oliver buys an apple and throws it on the sign.

It didn't return!ย 

The police officers search the apple for a while and then Oliver says, "Handcuff him and we are going!"

"Time travel is an age-old desire for me," says Jacky.

"Then fulfil it today," I tell him.

Bang! Oliver's gone!

Bang! Jacky's gone!

"Take out the handcuffs!" I shout. Then the police officer standing beside me, ties my legs with a rope.

"Stay here." He goes and smashes his head.

ย Then I start to buzz and shake. I take out the phone using my mouth after many huffs and puffs.

"Have you done the job?" A voice yells.

"Boss, I have done the job." He would call me only in these situations.

"Great job! After a week, I will give you a promotion," he says and hangs up the call.

Promotion!! Not even important at this stage!

Then I shout, "Somebody help me."

Dozens of men and women approach me.

"We can cut the rope, but what about the handcuffs?" one man asks me.

"Please cut the rope, I will take care of the handcuffs."

They cut the rope and I ran to a place I love! Home sweet home!

I ring the bell and my mother opens the door.

I walk behind her as she walks into the kitchen.

"Stop nagging behind me and go take a nap," she shouts at me.

"Mom, did you see my hands?"

"Oh, dear. Come here." She takes the hammer in her hand and smashes it against the handcuffs.

It breaks like a coconut.

"Thank you, mom," I say and go to my room.

Ring! I again buzz.

"Brother, are you near Mother?" a voice asks. Itโ€˜s my sister.

"How are you, Sis? Long time no talking and I am not near my Mother."

"Okay, do you know about her dream?"

"What dream?"

"Before she dies of cancer, she wants to go to the USA."

"That would be a lot of money!"

"Please do something. This is the first thing she is asking us."

"Okay, I will do something," I say and hang up.

I open my cupboard. I see the stacks of money on the shelves.

I should use this money for her!


I go to the sign and take it down.

I wonder where the police officers are wandering.

November 26, 2020 10:11

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The sign is a time machine... Not to be poke-around-y, but the sign isn't a machine. it's a sign. it's more of a time travel object. That was the only flaw I found, and the rest of this is really good, funny, and science-fiction-y. (Sorry for the made-up words)


05:09 Dec 06, 2020

Oh, I didnโ€™t notice that. Yeah, itโ€™s an object. Thank you so much for reading.


You're welcome! And yeah, I can understand calling it a time machine, because calling it a time sign might be weird.


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Julia Boddie
23:49 Dec 03, 2020

I said I would read this story like 2 or 3 days ago so, sorry it took me so long to get to it. I loved this story and will continue to read more of your work! I think it was very interesting. I especially liked the part at the end when she found the money.


12:10 Dec 16, 2020

Thank you so much!


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This was a very interesting story, and I'm so glad you came out with it because it's been so long since you made one!! The ending is great!!!!


15:13 Nov 30, 2020

Yeah, its been long. So I thought I had to write. Thanks for reading.


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07:26 Nov 30, 2020

Nice story! Itโ€™s very creative! I loved the ending! I do have one piece of advice though. At the start you wrote โ€œDon't nag at me always.โ€ The correct phrase is โ€œDonโ€™t always nag at me.โ€ Overall, itโ€™s a great story!


07:45 Nov 30, 2020

Thanks! Glad you loved the ending! Thanks for picking out! I changed it! Thanks for reading!


15:56 Nov 30, 2020

Youโ€™re welcome!


17:31 Dec 15, 2020

Hey Akshat! Just wanted to know if your would like to submit a story under 700 words in any topic for my talk show? It's optional.


03:46 Dec 16, 2020

Hi Keerththan! I have some questions first. What is this talk show gonna be about? When is this? How are you doing it?


11:08 Dec 16, 2020

Yeah, its gonna be like a podcast. I will ask for entries and read your stories or u can read it yourself. It doesn't have any other topic. It's on 22nd December but I need the entries in 20th December. I will do it from a site called podcast. There r more details in this https://forms.gle/wkbBjVGj7uAx1dJ87


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Ryan Lieb
00:10 Nov 30, 2020

Very imaginative story! Glad to see you're still at it. My only major advice on this one would be to try not to mix past and present tense. for example: "Take out the handcuffs!" I shout. Then the police officer standing beside me, tied my legs with a rope. first you "shout", in present tense, then the officer "tied" your legs in past tense. since almost all of the story is in present tense, "tied" should be "ties." I noticed a few others, would recommend going back through and finding them before friday. Keep at it!


04:25 Nov 30, 2020

Thanks! I proofreaded my story again. I found some mistakes. Thank you so much for reading!


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Tessa Takzikab
23:37 Nov 28, 2020

The story was a little hard for me to follow, but I think I got the gist of it: A kid is employed as a bank robber, and he uses a piece of sidewalk as a time machine which sidetracks the police. Is that right? I'm not sure if he knows he is a bank robber or thinks his job has more to do with software. I like the way you interpreted the prompt, but I am a bit confused by a few things. 1)While nagging is a thing that children are likely to do, we don't see any actual nagging in the story. 2)The dialogue bounces between easy flowing a...


05:43 Nov 29, 2020

Yea, you are right. But he does it unknowingly. Thatโ€™s just a distraction from the story. Glad you liked it. 1) Added some nagging. 2) Yea, it gets formal by the flow of the story. 3) I will change it. I will make it more concise. Thank you so much for the read and feedback.


Tessa Takzikab
16:05 Nov 29, 2020

Much better! I did notice a couple other small things, if you still have time to fix them. 1) I just wanna be here, see Netflix with my family and enjoy the sunrise and sunset, but that isn't possible. - This works, but we usually say watch Netflix instead of see Netflix. 2) "That siGn, sure is suspicious." - there's an extra capital here. 3a)"No, sir. The sign near 'vegetable garden' is a time machine." - if Vegetable Garden is the name of the store, take away the quotes and capitalize them 3b) We get down at the Vegetable ga...


19:36 Nov 29, 2020

Changed everything you said and glad you liked that line. Thanks for the timely feedback. I surely needed it. Thank you so much.


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