Trickster's book

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Adventure Fantasy Fiction

This is a follow-up to the three other stories I posted last month, basically the fourth part of the main story.

Irk’an was the fourth son in the Torrath family, the son of Baron Victor, the head of the district council. Being the fourth child got him away from the heritage conflicts that he didn’t care about in the first place. His family was one of the biggest and wealthiest families on the west side of this megacity. 

The district he lives in was known for the brutal lifestyle. It is no place for the weak, the rules that built the area were meant only for the fit, the ones who can't adapt to the atmosphere around there suffer what’s worse than death, and that affected Irk’an’s life.

He was not only the youngest among his brothers; he was scrawny and pale with a weak body that can't resist the slightest change in the world around him, even though he was the weak and vulnerable link in the family, that can bring harm to his father’s name and reputation, he was the loved one to his parents and brothers too.

What he didn’t have in his body from strength and size, he replaced with knowledge, being a quick learner, and having a powerful memory that none of the family ever had. He was able to learn all stored wisdom in full volumes with his first read-through.

His father was feeding him all that he ever needs to know about the lands they live in, and the politics and history, trying to get a knowledgeable and wise leader out of him, that can free the land from its current situation.

His mother kept on praising and spoiling him, convincing him that he will lead this land to the light, and furthermore to the height that no one before him could ever dream of reaching. With the help of his powerful brothers, who never leave his back open to any stray and harmful wind.

He was home taught, never in need to attend any school, for those having nothing to give him more than what he actually has already. He was friendly to all people around him, making friends with the workers and maids, and with his lovable personality every single person he meets, he makes a friend with.

Years went by, and when he reached the age of twenty summers, he started leaving the district and traveling the land trying to accumulate all the knowledge and skill that the other districts lock up in their libraries.

In one of his travels, and when he was crossing the main bridge up in the north district, his eyes caught sight of two ladies by the river underneath them, he usually ignores the sight and continues in his way, but this time he asked the driver to stop the vehicle. 

The driver obeyed and turned to him to confirm the reason for them to stop; it is a first for the young master to stop the car in the middle of the road thought the driver, knowing he is strict when it comes to timing. The driver noticed the immediate change in the mood, a bliss wrapped his master with a smile covering his pale face, and turning to the side he was looking at the driver realized the reason.  

“Sir,” said the driver “do you want me to go ask and for them,” holding a smile on and trying to look professional when he was excited for his master is finally showing a genuine interest in the other sex, after all these years of him avoiding this type of situations and conversations.

“Ehhh,” said Irk’an looking all bashful, “what should I say to them?” and for the first time in this driver’s whole working career for him, he saw his master looking baffled and out of words. “You just have to be polite sir.” Adding “they’ll appreciate a compliment from a gentleman.” Irk’an answered, “you are right I’ll just pass by them and wish them the best for the day ahead.”

“Yeah, you can start with that for this time, for we have a meeting to attend, and you can drop by after,” the driver said that to release some of the stress the young master was holding.

“You are right, Yeah, Yeah,” said Irk’an, and with a deep sigh, he exited from the car, heading toward the girl, when his driver stood near the car watching over him.

“Morning, ladies,” said Irk’an with a smile on his face. 

“Who you calling ladies, boy,” answered the bronzed girl, and the one next to her, the one that caught his eye grinned with a beaming smile, that made her face shine even more.

“Eh,” mumbled Irk’an, “I’m sorry, I thought you are, eh, ladies.” added with timid looks on his face.

The bronzed girl burst out laughing, saying “you are a funny kid.” 

And with a smack on the back of her head, she stops.

“You look different. You are not from here, or anywhere near this land, huh?” The redhead added. “and you look rich,” while looking at the vehicle, “it seems like you shouldn't be here too.” 

“I saw you both sitting here alone, and I thought to myself let me pass by and drop a greeting, and maybe get to know these beautiful ladies.” After saying that, Irk’an thought to himself what have I said? They’ll make fun of me, he didn't finish that thought to be interrupted, “Hey kid you are lucky, Merna said you can come tomorrow. You will find us here early in the morning, and since we don't plan on training, you can tag along.”

His face glowed with a bright smile and “YES” he said, “I will be here. Thanks for inviting me,” He looked over her shoulder to thank the other girl but she was already gone. Standing next to her white horse and waving goodbye to him, he waved back.

And, on his way back the bronzed girl shouted “you forgot to ask for our names.” He froze in his place for a second, then turned slowly mumbling “yes.” 

She laughed and said to him “her name is Merna, I bet you missed it earlier, and Im her friend Aliyah.” waving him goodbye. “Till tomorrow, don’t be late.”

April 02, 2021 11:43

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