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"Sorry I'm late, but Kendall couldn't tie his shoelaces, and asked me to teach him."

Mary is like this. The two friends agreed to meet at Lexa's house to work on a school project together. The two of them combined could create marvels. Once, they made a working fountain, earning them an A+, the first team to do so on such a difficult assignment. The problem is, Mary is never on time. Lexa rolled her eyes. "You are ridiculous. You're lucky I swore to only use my karate with Master and in an emergency."

Mary blushed. It started at the tips of hr toes and quickly made it to her face. Lexa looks so pretty when she shows Mary her stances. Her red, fiery hair whipping in crisp coordination with the rest of her body. She's a purple belt. Mary looked down, feeling ashamed. "Sorry Lexa." she mumbled.

Lexa scoffed and twirled her wrist. "Whatever. let's just go upstairs and start."

This made Mary smile. Despite Lexa's tough exterior, she knew she was forgiven. Lexa had a soft spot for her. It's just the natural order of things, she always figured. "Mary!"

Mary hurried after her friend, who was already ascending the creaky, wooden stairs that led to the second floor. Mary sometimes feared they would give way, making the two of them fall in a pit of nothingness. Just the two of them. Mary tamped down the heat in her chest. She'd figure out what it meant later. Right now, they had a essay to write.

"Sorry I'm late, but there was a parade in town."

Mary stood in front of Lexa, panting, her blue bicycle helmet still on. You'd think starting highschool last week would make her more responsible. But no, she's still the same goofy kid who could crack Lexa's shell and cause her heart to beat in her throat. The two girls faced each other on the grassy field. Lexa suggested they come here to kick a ball around, just for fun. Mary had raised her eyebrow. "Since when does Lexa have fun?" she's asked.

Lexa put her arms over her chest, fixing her with a hostile stare. When she hit classmates with it, they'd tremble and back away, terrified. On teachers, their eyes would go wide with shock. If she has that look on her face, run screaming in the other direction. Mary burst into laughter. "Don't even try that, Lex. I'm immune to your looks."

Lexa slapped her forehead to cover her face. Not now. Please not now. Not when she had leverage. She turned her face. "Yeah, well maybe if you arrived on time, you wouldn't need to be."

"Sorry I'm late, but My mom's car broke down. I can't wait to get my learner's permit."

"So you can be late with a license?"

Freshman dance. Mary rolled up 45 minutes tardy, not her worst time. Lexa was standing with Andy Beragrez, the date her older sister set her up with. He kept attempting to hold her hand. Lexa kept them stiffly at her side. She'll be a black belt next month. He can wait. She was wearing a orange dress that matched her hair, going down to her ankles. It also brandished a pink bow, which Lexa despises. Her mother claimed it made her look 'cute.'

Mary has a plum dress on, down to her knees. Her hair is in a french braid, which swishes back in forth as her heels clack up the steps of the school. Mary shrugs. "What could I have done?"

Lexa pauses for a second. What would make Mary punctual?

"Beg the spirits for forgiveness for your crimes."

Mary chuckles. "Whatever you say, Captain. Now, come on, let's get to the dance."

Lexa looks relieved. She grabs Mary by the arm and drags her toward the doors. The sensation, although meant to be aggressive, was actually a sign that Lexa wouldn't dump her as a friend. Andy started pouting and lingering behind them. "Of course she holds her arm." he grumbled.

Mary ignored it. whoever this was, he didn't have a future with Lexa.

Lexa stood solemnly next to her sister, Annie. Her black skirt was brushing her bare feet. She refused to put on shoes that morning. The only good shoes she had were her Mother's old ones. She also wore leggings under her clothes, for no other reason than to torture herself when the boiling sun started beating down on her. Now, the grass tickled her toes and filled her lungs with a crisp scent. The afternoon wore down on her. Heaviness hung in the air. An unspoken form on respects. The only thing, the only person, that could break the silence of her mind creeped to the left of Lexa, and squeezed her hand. Lexa pulled it back, scowling.

"Sorry I'm late," she whispered under the tones of crying and mumbling in the air. "But..."

This was the last straw. An anger overwhelmed itself in Lexa's chest. Like a water balloon, it burst. "Why are you late, Mary? Why don't you tell me?" She shouted.

Heads swiveled in her direction. Laid eyes upon the grieving girl who was taking it out on her friend. Poor kid. Mary saw pure fire in her eyes.

Annie tried to put a hand on Lexa's shoulder, but she swatted it away. No more holding back. she advanced on Mary, who was backing up.

"Why are you always late? Why can't you just be there for me? My mother is dead, Mary! And not even then can you care enough to make it on time!"

She shoved Mary, who stumbled back and fell on the grass. If she had landed just a few centimetres to the left, she would've hit her head on a tombstone, and cracked her skull. Good thing she moved in time. Lexa looked in horror at what she almost did. Mary, who brought her cookies when she was sick. Who watched her martial arts demonstrations with true interest. who let her cry on her chest when her Dad called three weeks ago. Tears sprang in Lexa's eyes. She gasped and ran. She didn't know where she was running, but it was away from here. She pushed through the throng of people that had gathered, knocking over her aunt Jenny. Ahead, was nothing but miles of graves. She did her best to avoid them, but one nicked her shoulder. Her knees threatened to buckle because of the speed she was going. Mary says that I run like I'm on fire she thought, passing a tree. Someone was calling her name, urging her to come back. The voice told her it was okay. She understood what Lexa was going through. Lexa didn't slow down.

"What's the point of this?"

Lexa was getting annoyed with the questions. "Mary, as much as I love you, you are terrible at arriving on time. If I take you, you won't have an excuse to be late."

"It's just a college tour."

"And now you'll make a good first impression."

"What's an impression worth if I don't keep it up?"

"No more questions."

Mary sighed. She looked out the passenger side window at the quickly-disappearing landscape. On Lexa's side was a lake. When they were young, they'd go to one of the beaches and play in that lake with their siblings. Once Kendall caught a crab and put it on Lexa's sleeping back. She was not amused, to say the least. "We turn off the highway up ahead." Mary reminded Lexa.

"I know. I grew up here too."

Mary shifted her gaze to the girl in the driver's seat. Her freckles were illuminated by the morning sun, and her red hair was pulled in a high ponytail. She sat up straight, eyes never shifting. Her seriousness cracked on occasion, but now was not one of those times. Especially since her mom's funeral was two months ago.

She was sitting under a chestnut tree at the edge of the cemetery, with legs crossed and eyes closed. Tears were still streaming down her face.


"I'm sorry."

Mary plunked herself down, leaning against the tree.

"No, I deserved it. I shouldn't've come late."

"Why were you late? I believe I interrupted you."

A flicker of recognition hindered in Mary's eyes. "Oh. Right."

She reached her hand in her pocket. A dress with a pocket thought Lexa. I need one of those.

Mary found what she was looking for. She pulled out a clenched fist and opened it for Lexa. On her palm was a silver, heart shaped locket. Lexa hesitated. "It's okay, take it."

Lexa took it. She clicked open the clasp. There were two pictures frames, one on each side. On the left, was a picture of the two of them the first day of middle school. Mary was wearing a cotton shift with flowers on it, smiling brightly. Lexa had on a green skirt and shirt, rolling her eyes but grinning. That was pretty much their whole relationship. On the right, was a piece of paper with two words written on it.


"I was late because I hadn't finished that."


Mary thought she was being attacked. A heavy object fell on top of her. But no, It was Lexa embracing her.

"You know me too well." Lexa murmured.

"I know."

Lexa changed lanes to get ready for the turn. Not that she needed to. The quiet street was empty. Big houses dotted both sides of the road, reminding them this was a rich neighbourhood. Fancy vehicles sat in driveways. This car was Mary's parent's old one, nearly 7 years. It had a scratch on the rear left side, a light that didn't work, and a faulty engine. As if for emphasis, a strange sound came from the back. Two thuds and a wheeze. "What was that?"

Lexa asked without looking back.

"I have no idea. It's never made that sound before."

"You've got to be kidding me."

Another sound came from the machine, a loud bang. At the moment, the two of them were riding down a street with old stores on it. None of them were open yet. The car came to a sudden, bumpy halt, pushing the two teenagers forward. Lexa grabbed the dashboard. Mary wasn't so lucky. She hit her nose.

"Ow! What was that for?"

"It wasn't me."

A small trickle of blood started pooling from Mary's nose.

"Mary. One second."

She opened the glove compartment, removing some tissues.

"Squeeze your nose. Breathe through your mouth."

"I've had nosebleeds before."

"Just reminding you."

Lexa snatched her purse and unzipped it. "Let's see. wallet, keys, earplugs. Here we go."

She revealed her phone. Two years without so much as a crack. The expensive case did t's job. "I'm going to call a tow truck."

"Whatever you say." Mary agreed.

twenty minutes, and no truck. The sun had risen in the sky, taking its place. Life wasn't stopping for them. Mary snickered.

"What's so amusing?" Lexa asked.

"It's funny isn't it?"

"What's funny."

"You drive me so I won't be late, and yet here we are, about to be late."

"There's still time."

"That doesn't mean it won't slip away."

Lexa leaned back in her seat. "Maybe you are cursed."

"That's what I've been trying to tell you."

Mary curled up in a ball, bringing her knees to her face. Lexa thought she looked so childish when she did that. "You know, I was early for something once."

"Ha ha."

"No, I'm serious. When my mother was giving birth to Kendall, me and my Dad were there for hours before active labour."

Mary smiled. "Now it's a distant memory."

Lexa turned her head to her friend. Mary was smirking.

"Stop doing that. There's nothing to be happy about."

"Lex, I finally proved you wrong. We have the whole day ahead of us. I'm with you..."

Mary trailed off. Her face went red.

"What did you say?"

"Nothing. Hey look. My bleeding stopped."

she took the red cloth form her face, stuffing it in a plastic bag she used as a makeshift garbage.

"Hey." Lexa put a hand on Mary's cheek. "I'm glad I'm with you too."

Their faces were closer. Closer still. Until, at last, their lips were touching. A kiss to make up for those not given. A way to feel alive. They were in a bubble. one that fiercely protected them from the outside world. A buzz brought Mary and Lexa back to the surface. Lexa reached inside her jeans pocket and checked her cellphone.

"The tow truck is delayed." she frowned.

"I'm going to be late." Mary's voice was raspy, still unbelieving of what just happened.

Then Lexa said something that would change both of them forever.


July 06, 2020 14:07

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Jonathan Blaauw
12:43 Jul 16, 2020

Very nice! I like how you used colors a lot in your descriptions. All your descriptions, in fact, are brilliant. And the concept is very cool. Just one very small thing. The scene breaks weren't clear to me when reading, which led to some minor initial confusion. An extra space, or little star (*) or something like that would help, I think. But that doesn't detract from the story itself, which is very good. Well done.


Yes I noticed that after I posted it I thought I put more space. Thx for the advice.


Jonathan Blaauw
07:54 Jul 19, 2020

I, too, have only recently noticed that no matter how many spaces I try to put in, when I paste my story into that little box, they just disappear. So it’s not an oversight on your part and doesn’t take away from what is a very strong story. I can’t wait to read your next one.


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Elle Clark
08:09 Jul 12, 2020

I loved the idea for this! So lovely to see a relationship develop over time and I enjoyed their ups and downs.


Elle Clark
19:20 Jul 13, 2020

You’re welcome! If you’re interested and have time, feel free to check out one of mine.


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