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*Update: Recent work stuff has left me unable to spend as much time on Reedsy as usual. I’m still here, though, and will get around to reading stories (and writing as well, hopefully) asap. If you find this development as annoying as I do, don’t worry, I am currently accepting donations (any amount as long as it’s over a million. Dollars. American, not Zimbabwean), so I can retire soon and do Reedsy full time. It’s a neat tax write-off for you as well. So, win-win. I’m a youngish (okay, fine, I’m 32… whatever) writer from South Africa I write for occasionally. Amazing fact: Historians have officially confirmed the identity of the knight who built King Arthur’s round table - Sir Cumference. **Update on the update: I have been overwhelmed by the contributions, we’re on track for retirement! This week’s top donors were: 1) Katina Foster ($7.02) 2) – 3) – Never forget what Helen Keller said about charity. I mean, I don’t remember what it was, but I’m sure it was sufficiently profound.