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This is it!!!!

For some families, their biggest holiday would be Christmas or Thanksgiving. But for us, it is the last day of October. Halloween.

Today is a big day for my niece, Yami. She will be experiencing her first ever trick-or-treat. Over the last 4 years of her life, we have filled her with stories about Halloween, trick-or-treat, costumes, and the like. As a child who grew up with parents and aunts who were big fans of Halloween and trick-or-treat, you sure bet that all she ever wanted was to grow big enough to wear her costumes outside and knock at people’s doors and ask for some candy.

But another thing that makes her first time even more special is the fact that more than the candies that our neighbors would hand out to her, this would also be the first time that she will be able to go out into the world. First time to step out of our front door and see what this world has to offer.

Oh did I mention that we are a family of witches? Oops, my bad.

The story seems familiar, right? A family that could only come out during the spooky season, a ‘coven’ that has this sweet little girl, that sweet little girl being introduced as she prepares to take on the family legacy, the little girl that would save her family after fighting those monsters that threatened her family, blah blah blah. We are not like that. Not entirely.

Yes, we are a family. There’s me, Miyuki, my sister Shamida, my other sister, Izanami, her husband, Izanagi, and my niece, Yami. All of us are witches. Almost normal, except on Wednesdays, we were black; and we perform spells. A witch’s 4th birthday marks the awakening of her powers and protection. Thus, the explanation on why Yami would be stepping out into the world tonight. And yes, every birthday of all the witches in the world falls on October 31st. Nothing much would be changed when Yami goes out tonight. She would just be able to join us do spells on Wednesdays and she gets to protect herself on her own and of course, she would be able to see what the outside world is all about. Plus the candies.

Shamida and I will accompany Yami as she strolls around the neighborhood. Get to have some candies for us and a little introduction of the people who live around us for Yami. Our costumes for tonight are all well thought of. I’d be a cat, Shamida would be the slutty nurse, and Yami would be an angel. Just as she is.

5:30 in the afternoon and we are all dressed up and ready to go out. Of course, it wouldn’t be a birthday celebration without the involvement of photos. Yami’s parents did that honor. Every angle, every inch of Yami was well documented on the camera and would be printed out and soon be in a family photo album. Yami is aware of her background, she knows she is a witch but she couldn’t care less. All she wants is to have those candies for herself.

The three of us walked out the door at exactly 6PM and as veterans of this trick or treat scenario, Shamida and I both know who gives out the most delicious candy in this neighborhood. We first walked towards the Joneses, they give out the fudgiest chocolate chip cookies you can ever imagine. Also grabbed this time to introduce Yami to them. They also have this 5year old boy, Ben. Plans are already laid out for the playdates that they would have and babysitting opportunities for Yami. Good for her! I think.

Next, we went to the home of the gummies. The Gummy couple. They just moved out here a few years ago to start a family of their own but maybe they are taking their time or just enjoying the childless life while they can. The whole night dragged like this, knock, have some candy, small talk, then goodbyes. As we strolled around our neighborhood, a new family moves in. Of course, it was out of the blue because who else decides to move in at night? And we didn’t know about it?

Of course, as a family of girls, add a little spice since we are witches, we couldn’t contain ourselves but to get to know the new addition to our small town.

The house was a typical bungalow, something normal in our neighborhood. The family consisted of three girls, almost the same age as Shamida and I, around late 20s, and wait. Do they look like us?

As we walked closer, they called our names. OOF. Who the hell are these people?? Blonde, slender bodies, walking as if they all know what they are doing. Affirmative. It was our cousins. Tammy, Pammy, and Sammy. They all look the same. Identical almost.

The shock was obviously evident in our faces because they laughed before they told us what they are doing here in our town. Pammy casually told us that their town was sabotaged by another coven. She told that as if it was not something to be alarmed off and as if it was a normal occurrence. They said that they will pay a visit later tonight after they get settled. They acknowledged Yami and three pairs of candies magically appeared on their hands and they handed it to her. Yami accepted it, minus the bewilderness that Shamida and I are obviously showing. They went inside as they said their goodbyes.

Shamida and I knew that we wouldn’t be able to have the answers that we want to right now so we just continued on our stroll and decided to just wait until they show up at our house to fill us on what the heck is happening right now.

We finished the whole neighborhood and Yami was smiling from ear to ear when we got home as she saw the contents of her filled up pumpkin. Shamida and I also got our fair share of candies too so it was fun. What isn’t fun is the fact that our cousins are here and we do not know why.

Yami had so much fun that she insisted to sleep wearing her angel costume and have her pumpkin beside her. Shamida and I filled up my sister and her husband about the situation and they were of course alarmed as we all are. It was nearly 2am when Sammy, Pammy, and Tammy knocked on our front door and said,

“We are kinda doomed.”

Maybe Yami would be saving us after all. 

October 28, 2020 05:52

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Tim Law
05:21 Nov 05, 2020

Great first submission Angela. I need to know more about this family of witches and why why why the cousins have arrived. Yami sounds awesome... A pint sized power house of Wicca with some prophecy predicting her brave triumph...


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